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Domestic violence: “filing a complaint with others” experienced in freeing the voices of victims

Announced as part of the Grenelle against domestic violence, the measure entered into experimentation on Tuesday. It allows you to file a complaint by appointment, without going to a police station.

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How to help victims of domestic or sexual violence to take the step of filing a complaint? Today, only one in five files a complaint on average. Marlène Schiappa therefore confirmed on Tuesday 23 November the official launch of an experiment to develop “complaints from others”. The principle: move the police and gendarmes to a location chosen by the complainant. The experiment is launched for six months in Vaucluse, Pas-de-Calais, Sarthe, Morbihan, Haute-Corse but also in Ile-de-France, in two Parisian districts and in Saint-Denis.

The objective of this experimentation of the “complaint in other people’s homes” is to offer victims a solution other than the cold environment and the agitation of a police station or a gendarmerie to file a complaint. “The idea, explains Naïma Makri, responsible for intra-family violence at the Paris police headquarters, it is to promote the liberation of the victim’s speech, to put her in the most appropriate conditions so that she can denounce the facts that she has suffered. It can be at home, with a friend, a family member. Or another institutional place in which she feels comfortable, in which she is already followed: a place of care, the lawyer’s office if she has already hired a lawyer. “

Until now, the only alternative to the police stations was the hospital. This experimentation of the “complaint in others” is a measure of the Grenelle against domestic violence which works well, according to Naïma Makri. “The feedback we have from the victims is that they would not have gone through the door of a police station. Sometimes, some did and it did not necessarily go well, or it was. more difficult because they had to wait before being able to file a complaint. While there, they have an appointment, without all the hustle and bustle of a police station. They are in quieter environments. “

There remains the problem of the sometimes problematic reception of victims by the police. Hundreds of women had testified in October with the hashtag DoublePeine. The Paris police headquarters is committed to continuing the training of officers on the issue, also with a booklet to better support victims of sexual violence.

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