Do not take Omicron lightly, as it may increase hospitalization and death

Coronavirus cases in World: The whole world is troubled by the havoc of Corona at this time. Meanwhile, the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, has raised concerns. World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has issued a warning to world leaders, saying that the Kovid-19 pandemic is “nowhere to end”. The WHO chief cautioned against the notion that the new dominant Omicron variant is much milder and has eliminated the threat posed by the virus. At the same time, the possibility of increase in hospitalization and deaths still remains.

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The WHO has given this warning when some European countries are reporting new cases. Speaking during a news conference at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Tredos told reporters that 18 million new infections of the Omicron variant have been reported worldwide in the past week. He said that it is misleading that it is a mild disease. “Make no mistake, Omicron is leading to hospitalizations and deaths,” he said.

Omicron News: The number of patients in ICU starts increasing again, the mistake of considering Omicron weak can be heavy!

He warned global leaders that ‘with Omicron’s incredible growth globally, new variants are likely to emerge, which is why tracking and evaluation are important. where vaccination rates are low, as people are at manifold higher risk of serious illness and death if they do not get vaccinated.”

WHO’s emergency director, Mike Ryan, also warned that Omicron’s increased transmission potential is likely to lead to increased hospitalizations and deaths, especially in countries where fewer people are vaccinated.

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