April 21, 2021


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Discovered an intact spear tip after 3,000 years

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BrotherThe metal spear point is protected under the black sand of the beach, overcoming countless storms and tides from the Bronze Age to the present.

The intact Bronze Spear point was found on a Jersey beach. Image: Heritage Jersey.

Metal detector Jay Cornick found a copper-alloy spear about 35 cm long on a beach near Gorey village, Jersey island, England, Telegraph on 1/3 reported. The spear point looks so intact that Cornick thinks it’s just the tip of a modern fish skewer.

However, archaeologists at Jersey Heritage identified the spear point dating back at least 3,000 years using the method of dating with carbon isotopes. They also conclude that wood stains left in the slit of the spear point show that the handle was made of Acer campestre wood, a tree of the genus Feng, a common material used for the late Bronze Age’s hilt, handle, and weapon.

Experts have never found a similar spear point on the Strait Islands. Most of the spear points found here during the Bronze Age were much smaller in size and were broken and buried in the ground following an ancient rite.

“The spear point is a really interesting discovery for Jersey. It’s rare and unique in its size and integrity. This spear is completely different from everything we have,” says Olga. Said Finch, manager of the archeology department at Heritage Jersey.

This type of spear point is called Tréboul, after a place in Brittany (France). However, the spear point in Jersey is so large and sophisticated that it could be built for a certain ritual use, says Neil Mahrer, a conservation expert at Heritage Society Jersey.

Scientists believe that the spear tip is intact thanks to being protected under black sand, avoiding contact with air. It not only “survived” the construction of Gorey Harbor and medieval castle, but also weathered tides and winter storms for 3,000 years.

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