May 14, 2021

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Dinh Loc: ‘I aim at the image of a talented artist’

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Dinh Loc calls “Heaven gives birth to a couple” is an opportunity to develop a passion for singing, building an image of a talented artist who can sing, dance and act.

– What is your most special feeling after joining “God gave birth to a couple”?

– I feel very excited and excited to stand in a more special position, other than on stage, to do things for the first time in my life: holding the microphone singing, next to the wife dancing illustration.

I am also impressed with the other contestants because everyone has a good voice, not inferior to the professional singer. Not to mention, everyone is very serious about investing in their performance. The strongest opponent and I feel most shy about is Mr. Do An.

Thanks to Quoc Thien’s companionship and guidance, I can overcome the problem of breathing, breathing and transferring emotions in each song. This is also how I improve myself.

Dinh Loc (right) said the support from Quoc Thien helped him improve his skills.

– You once said how difficult it is to want to join in to experience the feeling of “dancing and singing”. From where did you get this idea?

– I am originally a dancer, so for sure each performance will include choreography. In addition, nowadays Asian and European artists, especially Korean artists are also focusing on choreography, I also want to direct myself to that image and style.

I love singing but don’t have the expertise to participate in singing competitions, so “God has a couple” is a pretty appropriate choice, not too heavy on vocals. I joined the show as an artist with a horizontal hand – a dancer – choreographer. This year is the third time the program has invited me, two years ago I missed the opportunity so this time I definitely participated.

I also want to build the style of an artist with many talents, promoting all of my own strengths. I always take advantage of and appreciate the opportunities that come to me, thereby doing my best. Each time I stand on the stage, I learn more, helping the dancer-choreography job to have more colors, ideas, and expand the relationship with my colleagues.

For example, before taking part in “Heaven gives birth to a couple”, I tried my best in the field of comedic performance in the “Humorous Couple” contest and fortunately won first place with my co-star Cam Ho. During the competition, for the first time, I used the advantage of choreography to make fun by trying to get creative with a variety of stage props, thanks to the interactive performance of co-stars to create strange and surprising poses. also humorous. This is a very new “color” of Dinh Loc.

The goal of my participation in the program is experience rather than achievement. Time and opportunity waited for no one, so I wanted to give myself a challenge, a new opportunity. Who knows, after this program someone will invite me to sing.

Male artist towards versatile artist image.

Male artist towards versatile artist image.

– How many points do you give yourself?

– I do not dare to judge, afraid of below average. If I score as a dancer going to sing, I see that I get 7 points, and a careful examination of my expertise should be … average.

– What was difficult and memorable during the training process?

– For me, the biggest difficulty is how to keep the air column while singing while performing choreography. I remember the memory of the first pitch, when I sang and danced half of the song, to the high notes, I drowned, so I raised my voice in a “uncontrollable” way. So the whole studio laughed so I just wanted to “bounce”. Fortunately, that’s just the part that runs the program.

After this time, I learned from my own experience, paying more attention to vocal techniques, especially the air column. At the same time adjust the strength as well as the choreography timing in a song so that the most reasonable. I told my heart to actively “practice hard”, both sing and dance a lot so that the experience wants to “bounce off” never again.

For him, success will come from relentless hard work.

For Dinh Loc, success will come from non-stop practice.

– As a dancer, the audience can only see the flashes on stage but cannot know the sweat and effort on the side, can you share about the hardships that you have gone through?

– In the old days, there was very little pre-performance, less than athletes’ salaries, but the passion for dancing was extremely strong, so I persisted with the job. I remember 10 years ago, when I was living in the Student dance group, every time I performed at Dam Sen Park, I received 50,000 VND, sometimes the monthly salary was more than a million. In addition, my appearance at that time could be said to be “dinosaur”, so it was a bit difficult to have an invitation to act because standing in the lineup was a bit oversized compared to the dancers at that time.

I also do not dare to mention the suffering, because anyone who chooses to become a dancer will also experience the hardships, sweat and tears, injuries … There is time that the body has to suffer to practice the flexibility of the body, sometimes when you are tired, you can’t go up the stairs because of the strength training of your legs … but because you love dancing, you still follow it all the time.

Recently, many TV shows have been more exploiting the field, so people can see the more righteous nature of the profession of dancers and choreographers. From the love of the audience, the dancer is also “easy to breathe” and is more recognized.

My luck is to have a wife by my side, to support and seize the opportunity to have Dinh Loc today.

Xuan Thao and Dinh Loc always support each other.

Xuan Thao and Dinh Loc always support each other at work.

– Can you share about the companionship of Mrs. Xuan Thao?

– To me, Thao is both a spiritual cheerleader, supporting in all aspects.

Previously, Thao was the one who invited me to join the “Dance Challenge”. At that time I was doing graphic design, it was quite busy so I refused. Thao signed up for both by herself and then casted together, passed the qualifiers.

Thought they would hold hands in the top 20 season 2 of that year. But in the end, I passed and Thao was not lucky, it made me a bit demoralized and did not want to take the test anymore. Thao said I would be angry if I didn’t take this opportunity and luckily I got the runner-up. During the process of participating in the contest, Thao was always behind, taking care of me at the studio, assisting with exam preparation. The next year, in season 3 “Challenge with the dance”, I changed roles to the back to join Thao to reach the runner-up title.

Our relationship is always like that, sharing and supporting each other to be able to accompany each other for a long time.

Originally a professional aerobic athlete in Ho Chi Minh City, Dinh Loc’s career was noticed when he decided to try in the dance competition. Challenges and dance steps 2013 and won the runner-up prize. Together with his partner, Dinh Loc – Xuan Thao achieved many successes and awards, including the champion. 100 seconds of brilliant in 2018 … Currently, Xuan Thao – Dinh Loc is the favorite dancer couple of Vietnamese showbiz.

Minh Tu (Photo: Dinh Loc)


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