June 15, 2021


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Diabetes patients are also at risk from these diseases if they have corona, be careful

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Corona is proving to be more dangerous for patients with diabetes. According to experts, diabetes patients need to be extra vigilant due to low-immunity as well as some other health conditions. Let us know which symptoms of diabetes patients may have to suffer two to four if they are suffering from corona.

The problem of skin infection or rash in diabetes patients is quite common. At the same time, due to irregularity in blood sugar level, diabetes patients have the possibility of itching to wound. According to experts, pneumonia is also a big risk for patients with diabetes. Due to the corona, patients are often given supplements and other nutrition, due to which the blood sugar level suddenly increases. This increases the risk of lung infection and pneumonia, including difficulty breathing.

Corona’s second wave has also promoted black fungus disease. Research has revealed that people suffering from low-immunity have the highest risk of black fungus when they have corona. Let me tell you that the immunity of diabetes patients is already weak, in such a situation, they are more likely to have black fungus. In such a situation, diabetes patients need to take special care of themselves and be more vigilant amid corona infection.


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