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Delivery man with a crashed dead bike in Lille: the driver of a heavy goods vehicle in police custody for “manslaughter”

A 16-year-old Deliveroo bicycle delivery man died Tuesday evening in Lille after an accident with a truck.

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The driver of a heavy truck was taken into custody for “manslaughter” Wednesday January 12, after the death of a 16-year-old Deliveroo bicycle delivery man, in a road accident Tuesday evening in Lille, France indicates North Blue.

Tuesday evening, at a traffic light in the rue de Saint-Amand, the 57-year-old driver restarted his vehicle when the light turned green and felt shaking, he explained to investigators. He got out of his cab and saw a man lying on the ground behind his truck. Passers-by called for help but they were unable to revive the cyclist.

The Deliveroo company confirms that the victim had a bag of his brand on his back and indicates that he was in contact with the police. The teenager, a minor, was under the legal age to officially work in this company.

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