May 14, 2021

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Covid-19: Which Hospital Bed Down, Where to Get Remdesivir Injection

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  • Increase in the number of corona patients across the country
  • All efforts from the government continue
  • Reduction of remdesivir injection
  • Large number of patients in the hospital

New Delhi: Corona virus has once again spread across India. The number of Kovid patients is increasing rapidly in major cities as well as rural areas across the country including Mumbai. For the second day in a row, more than 2 lakh cases have come to light in India. On Friday, the corona figure has reached 2 lakh 17 thousand 353. On Thursday, the figure had reached 2 lakh 739. The second wave of corona is said to be the most dangerous. As a result, the number of patients has increased and there is a shortage of hospitals.

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The number of patients in India has been steadily rising since February. This figure has doubled in the last 10 days. The way Corona’s patient population is growing has led to a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma donors and Remdesivir injections. It is alleged that the injections were blackmailed in several places.

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The government has issued strict orders to the citizens in this place. This injection should not be used at home. Remdesivir injection will only be used in the hospital. It will also be used for patients who are more ill. As well as those who need more oxygen.

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Many people have come forward to help people on social media platforms. Kovid is helping patients. There are some websites that provide information on Remdesivir injections and beds in hospitals. All information is being provided at this location.

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Many people can be helped with these websites and helpline numbers.

Cipla- [email protected]– 8657311088- Cipla can currently deliver Remdesivir injections directly to hospitals and patients. Here you will find all kinds of information related to Kovid. is the website of the Government of Delhi. Can track beds in this place.

Hetero – -04040473535 This website is made for Bangalore.

At you can find complete information about Ranchi.

[email protected] This site is for patients who have less problems and who want to talk to nurses and doctors.

You can take the help of these websites for plasma.

PlasmaLine – A community of brave-hearts

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