May 11, 2021

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Does Smoking Reduce Vaccine Effect? Know important thing

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Apart from following the Kovid-19 protocol, the only way to protect yourself from getting infected is to get vaccinated. Vaccination process is being accelerated due to increasing cases of infection. The government has announced that people above 18 years of age will be eligible for vaccination from May 1. Meanwhile, a common question is prominent among smokers whether smoking can be done after the vaccine is installed. So, what do experts say about smoking and vaccination, whether smoking and vaccination can happen together, you need to know such questions and concerns.

Can smoking be done after vaccination?

According to the World Health Organization, people who smoke are at greater risk of corona virus infection and therefore it is important to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Smoking also reduces lame capacity and increases the risk of becoming infected with many other respiratory diseases. It has been reported in many reports that smokers are at greater risk of getting infected with the serious consequences of Kovid-19.

Expert gave important information on social media

Nutritionist Dr. Vishakha has suggested on Instagram that people should not smoke after taking the first dose of Kovid-19 as it reduces antibody response against many vaccines. The doctor shared several posts on Instagram and told that if a person is going to get the vaccine, then what should he do. According to them, people should get six hours of sleep at night before getting vaccinated.

To reduce stress, a little breathing exercise is also important for people. Not only smoking but also alcohol consumption can weaken the immune system’s response against the vaccine. In this way, alcohol consumption must be avoided for three days before the vaccine dose is administered.

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