August 1, 2021

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Covid-19: How should be your mask to avoid corona virus, know

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If you have to be protected from corona epidemic, then wearing your mask is most important. However, it is very important to know how much your mask is capable of stopping the virus. Recent research has revealed that the transmission of coronavirus is also being done through air. That is why people are being advised to stay at home. According to experts, these days you should also wear masks at home. However, it is very important to know how capable your mask is to prevent the corona virus. Your mask is not loose and unfit. So it is important that your mask fit perfectly and if you are wearing a cloth mask, then you need to wear a double mask. Let’s know what our mask should be like to deal with the corona virus.

How corona spreads in the air
The coughing and sneezing of a person infected with the corona virus causes these virus particles. It spreads through the air. From the air, it reaches the body of another person. It has been claimed in the reports that if the infected person exhales, then breathing in the same air can also infect the healthy person from the corona. Therefore it is very important to wear a mask to avoid corona. & Nbsp;

How is a mask to protect against corona?

Surgical mask- You can wear any three-layer mask, these are the best. Large layer particles in the air are not able to reach inside us with the three layer mask. This surgical mask with use and throw is also useful for protection against corona.

N95 Mask – It is considered the safest mask. But use it without a valve. Any valve mask can be risky. This causes air to come in and out which can infect you. N95 masks are mostly used by medical staff.

Cloth Mask – Cotton cloth masks are very comfortable to apply. But keep in mind that this mask should be of three layers. You can use it after washing. If you do not find these masks safe, then you first put a cloth mask and then a surgical mask on it. This will keep you safe. & Nbsp;

There is also a handkerchief, towel or towel. Option – If you do not get into the crowds, then you can make two or three layers of handkerchief, towel or You can also use a towel. Take it in the house so that it does not touch hands.

Take these precautions when wearing a mask

1- The mask should be in which the nose, mouth and The chin should be the right cover. & Nbsp;
2- Have a mask that you don’t have to adjust again and again.
3- There is not much gap between the face and the mask after wearing the mask.
4- While breathing, air should pass through the mask, there is no problem in breathing.
5- Do not degrade the mask with hands repeatedly after wearing the mask. & Nbsp;
6- To remove the mask After 20 seconds you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap. & Nbsp;

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