May 14, 2021

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Coronavirus Symptoms: Such symptoms of Kovid-19 which are not common can be fatal, know them.

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Coronavirus Symptoms: Continuation of increase in symptoms of corona virus patients. Symptoms of corona are known, but some lesser known ones have also been revealed. Let us tell you that the increase in the case of Kovid-19 continues during the second wave of Corona virus and the process of increasing the symptoms has also started showing. The new variants of the corona are spreading more rapidly, so the diversity in symptoms is also evident.

Common and Unusual Symptoms
The new variants are more contagious for all age groups and pose an equal risk to all people. Common symptoms include first diarrhea, fever, loss of taste or smell, sore throat. Body aches and runny nose are included. But some symptoms like dry mouth, pink eye or conjunctivitis, no saliva, gastrointestinal symptoms and headaches are also being talked about now. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that direct contact with a sick person or air-borne transmission may be the primary cause of the spread of the corona virus.

Abnormal symptoms
The CDC advises that abnormal symptoms or any abnormal development should not be ignored and testing will be required. Some unusual symptoms include pink eye or conjunctivitis, hearing loss, deafness, hearing loss, earache, and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Liver, pancreatic and gallbladder pain along the gastrointestinal tract involved in the digestive system should not be taken lightly. Kovid-19 makes the gastrointestinal function inefficient in the absorption of electrolytes and fluids from the body. It can also cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis
According to research conducted in China, pink eye or conjunctivitis is a sign of infection. Eyes turn red, inflamed and watery when pink comes. The 12 participants who were infected with the new strain of Corona virus spoke of this symptom.

Oral signs
A recent report by the National Institutes of Health states that half of the corona virus patients suffer from oral symptoms during infection. Some symptoms include zerostomia or dry mouth in which the salivary gland of your mouth does not produce much saliva to moisten the mouth. This happens when a virus attacks.

Kovid Tong
Kovid tongue is another peculiar symptom that is becoming increasingly common. In this condition, the tongue may appear white and speckled. The body fails to produce saliva which protects the mouth from bacteria. People with this symptom may find it difficult to chew or talk.

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