May 14, 2021

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Corona effect: Google’s special doodle, appealing to citizens to get vaccinated

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  • Google’s special doodle
  • He appealed to the people to get vaccinated
  • Doodles had been realized before

New Delhi: The corona virus epidemic has plagued the world. The epidemic has created a dire situation and everyone is extending a helping hand. In this, now the tech giant Google has given a special message through a doodle on its homepage. Google has inspired people to wear masks and get vaccinated to protect themselves from the virus through doodles. Vaccination is being carried out all over the world, in which Google has appealed to people to get vaccinated through this special doodle.

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Even before this, many doodles were created for viruses

Even last year, when the country was facing a crisis, Google had created several doodles on the coronavirus theme. Your new doodle features a face mask over all the letters in your name. In addition, the dose of the vaccine and the bandage applied to the hand after vaccination have been shown. This special Google doodle is catching everyone’s attention.
In this doodle all the alphabets are seen dancing happily. Google is urging people to get vaccinated with the message ‘Get vaccinated, wear mask, save lives’. Clicking on this doodle gives information about how many people have been vaccinated so far, Vaccine Center, related news.

Doodle also acts as a vaccine tracker
This doodle from Google also acts as a vaccine tracker. Showing a map of vaccine centers in all countries. Google’s blog says, ‘Learn more resources to help you and your community. Always be aware and stay connected with us. We are ready to help in a new way. ‘
Last year, Google created a doodle in the form of ‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’, praising the work of Coronavirus.

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