May 14, 2021

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Corona crisis: Samsung provides Rs 37 crore to India

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  • The Corona crisis intensified in India
  • Help from many to overcome the crisis
  • Samsung announces Rs 37 crore aid to India

New Delhi: Samsung has announced that it will contribute Rs 37 crore to India’s fight against the current wave of Covid-19. This will help in providing necessary supplies to hospitals in various states of the country. Samsung will donate 3 million USD to the central government, as well as to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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In addition, in the past few weeks, Samsung will pay US २ 2 million for medical supplies, including 100 oxygen concentrators, 3,000 oxygen cylinders and one million LDS syringes, to help the tense healthcare system. All this will be given to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. LDS or low dead space syringe injection reduces the drug residue in the device, which optimizes vaccine use. Large amounts of vaccine remain in the syringe after use in existing products. This technology has demonstrated 20% efficiency and if the current syringe was giving one million doses, the LDS syringe could give 1.2 million doses with the same amount of vaccine. Samsung has helped to increase the production capacity of these syringes.

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Samsung will provide vaccine value to 50,000 eligible employees and beneficiaries in India, with the aim of saving their lives as soon as the vaccine is available. This will include Samsung’s experienced consultants, who work in retail electronics stores across the country. At Samsung, employee health, safety and welfare is our first priority. We have set up in-house facilities and teams across the country to provide information and benefits of medical supplies to staff and their families, as well as to help them benefit from hospital facilities and home care. In April 2020, Samsung contributed Rs 200 crore to India’s fight against the epidemic.

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