March 3, 2021

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Colonel Huynh Quang Tam: ‘VnExpress is the bridge for effective communication’

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During my 30 years in the fire protection profession, I spent more than half of my time following VnExpress. This is the electronic newspaper that I read first and most every day because it is fast, rich and exceptionally accurate.

Colonel Huynh Quang Tam in a press response in 2020. Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Fire Prevention Police Department.

In the past year, the Ho Chi Minh City Fire Prevention Police Department has accompanied VnExpress newspaper to publish news, articles and in-depth videos on rescue and fire prevention and fighting, helping people to better understand their profession, to convey. positive message to people. Newspapers are also a bridge to help the unit communicate information to the people in the most effective way.

What I am most impressed about in the newspaper is the comments and interactions of readers below each news, article. Those are positive comments or very loving compliments.

On the 20th birthday of the newspaper, I wish VnExpress will develop more to meet the needs of readers. It is hoped that the report will always accompany the Ho Chi Minh City police in general and PC07 in particular to convey information on activities and news about the positives and limitations of the force.

Colonel Huynh Quang Tam, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City Fire Prevention Police Department (PC07)


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