April 21, 2021


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Chinese warships appeared near where Taiwan tested the missile

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Two mainland Chinese naval vessels operated near the Lan Tu archipelago while the Taiwanese defenders conducted missile tests.

The Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology of the Taiwan Self-Defense Force held two missile tests at the Rescue Base in Pingtung District, April 7-9 and April 13-16. The agency announced the test took place in waters off southeastern Taiwanese islands, but did not announce the reasons and types of weapons used.

When the test was about to begin, two Chinese military ships appeared in the area, one of which operated about 66 km from the southwest coast of Lan Tu island at 5:00 am on April 8 (4 o’clock Hanoi). . A source in the Taiwan defense said this could be a reconnaissance ship of the PLAN’s Nanhai Fleet.

A Chinese naval destroyer was in waters about 130 km from the east coast of Lan Tu Island, moving northward before disappearing from the Taiwanese defenses’ radar, the source said.

Taiwan’s Tian Cung III anti-aircraft missile leaves its launch pad in a test. Image: NCSIST.

Major General Su Thuan Van, a spokesman for the Taiwan defense agency, did not give details and the Chinese warships’ operations in the area. General Su said the Taiwan defense “is closely monitoring the activities of Chinese military aircraft and ships”, asserting that “the current situation is normal”.

A former expert from the Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology said the Taiwan defense could fire the Thunderbolt-2000 long-range jet artillery during the April 7-9 test, then test the anti-aircraft missile. Thien Cung III April 13-16.

The Taiwanese defense’s arms test comes as the Chinese carrier-group Liaoning warfare takes place on the east side of the island. 15 Chinese military aircraft on April 7 also overwhelmed Taiwan from the west.

Experts say that this is the exercise demonstrating China’s intention to “tighten the grip” to surround Taiwan island from two directions, and at the same time broadcast a warning signal to the island and the US.

The Taiwan Self-Defense Forces area held missile and jet artillery tests (in yellow).  Graphics: CSIS.

The Taiwan Self-Defense Forces area conducted missile and jet artillery tests (yellow). Graphics: CSIS.

China has always considered Taiwan a province waiting for reunification, even by force if necessary. The Chinese military repeatedly dispatched aircraft to overwhelm Taiwan, the largest deployment took place on March 26 with 20 participating aircraft, marking a significant escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait area. .

Taiwan’s foreign agency leader Wu Chieu Tiep said at a news conference on April 7 warning of the danger of mainland China launching an attack on the island. “There is no question, we are ready to defend ourselves and will resist to the end if we need to fight. If we need to defend until the last day, we will do that,” said Ngo.

Nguyen Tien (According to the Focus Taiwan)


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