César 2023: “The Innocent”, “The Night of 12”, “En corps” at the top of the nominations

With eleven nominations on the counter announced on Wednesday January 25, including that of the best film, the feature film by Louis Garrel takes the lead in the race for statuettes. The only comedy nominated in the queen category of the competition, it is closely followed by “La Nuit du 12” by Dominik Moll (ten nominations), “En corps” by Cédric Klapisch (nine nominations) and “Paiction – Tourment sur les islands” by Albert Serra (nine nominations).

Is French cinema as dead as they say?

Louis Garrel on all fronts

With 690,000 admissions, Louis Garrel’s film was a great success despite the crisis in cinemas. A funny and touching popular comedy, “The Innocent” tells the story of Abel (Louis Garrel) who learns that his mother (Anouk Grinberg) is about to marry a man in prison (Roschdy Zem). Accompanied by his best friend (Noémie Merlant), the young man will do everything to prevent this union. Five-star cast and colorful dialogues, Louis Garrel’s first comedy is intended for all audiences, he explained to “l’Obs”, last October:

The sequel after the ad

“With “L’Innocent”, I hope to open up to the general public. I said to the team “let’s make a variety film”. Variety of registers: boulevard comedy, film spinning, robbery, etc. I was reading Frank Capra’s autobiography (“Hollywood Story”), he was inhabited by the idea of ​​“putting on a show”. There is that in “l’Innocent”, a desire for everyone to show off, to be entertaining. It’s a narrator’s cinema, not poetry. And if there is poetry, so much the better. »Louis Garrel: “I would have less pleasure playing a 40-year-old Parisian than Edouard Balladur”

To win the prestigious statuette for best achievement, Louis Garrel will compete alongside “Les Amandiers” by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, “En corps” by Cédric Klapisch, “La Nuit du 12” by Dominik Moll and “Paiction – Tourment sur les islands” by Albert Serra.

In the running as a director but also as an actor, he was nominated for the César for best actor against Jean Dujardin (“November”), Vincent Macaigne (“Chronicle of a passing affair”), Benoît Magimel (“Paiction – Torment on the islands”) and Denis Ménochet (“Peter Von Kant”).

Benoît Magimel: “A career as an actor is like a long-distance race. The road is long, but it is beautiful”

Appointments not really surprising

No real surprises in these 2023 nominations. In the running for the César for best actress, we find big names in French cinema, such as Virginie Efira for “Revoir Paris”, Fanny Ardant for “Les Jeunes amants”, Juliette Binoche for ” Ouistreham”, Laure Calamy for “Full time” and Adèle Exarchopoulos for “Nothing to fuck”. Not surprising, either, the lack of ethnic diversity among the nominees.

Feminism, desire, motherhood… A subtle dialogue between Virginie Efira and Rebecca Zlotowski

On the other hand, we are surprised to see in the categories of the best female and male supporting roles of the actresses and actors of the same film to compete. Among the women, Anaïs Demoustier and Lyna Khoudri are both nominated for “November”, as well as Anouk Grinberg and Noémie Merlant for “The Innocent”, facing the lonely Judith Chelma for “The Sixth Child”. On the men’s side, François Civil and Pio Marmaï, both nominated for “En corps” compete against Bouli Lanners for “La Nuit du 12”, Micha Lescot for “Les Amandiers” and Roschdy Zem for “L’ Innocent “.

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