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The Ministry of Transport proposes to handle 7 ‘hanging’ BOT toll stations

On May 17, the Ministry of Transport proposed to use state budget capital to buy back 7 BOT projects that have been backlogged for many years.

At a meeting with Government leaders on May 17, Mr. Le Kim Thanh, Director of Public Private Partnership (PPP) said that so far, the Ministry of Transport has handled 14 toll stations, the remaining 7 BOT projects have no solution, beyond the authority of the Ministry.

According to Mr. Thanh, in these BOT projects, investors have fulfilled their contractual obligations but have not yet been able to collect fees or have collected fees but experienced a decrease in revenue due to objective and unforeseen reasons or due to unforeseen circumstances. policy changes on the part of government agencies.

Regarding the authority to decide to terminate the contracts of projects ahead of time, Mr. Thanh said that BOT projects had previously been decided on investment policies by the Government, so the authority allowed to terminate project contracts before the deadline. under the Prime Minister.

T2 toll station near Vam Cong bridge was reacted by the driver about the location of the station. Image: Kowloon

7 toll stations belonging to BOT projects need to be handled, including: La Son – Tuy Loan toll station (project to build a road tunnel through Ca Pass); Bim Son toll station (payback for the western ring road of Thanh Hoa city, section Km0 – Km6); Km1747 toll station (BOT project to upgrade and expand Ho Chi Minh road section Km1738+148 – Km1763+610); T2 toll station (BOT project to renovate and upgrade National Highway 91, section Km14 – Km5+889).

Highway 3 toll station (BOT project to build Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi route and renovate and upgrade National Highway 3, section Km75 – Km100); Thai Ha bridge toll station belongs to the BOT project on investment and construction of the Thai Ha bridge crossing the Red River on the road connecting the two provinces of Thai Binh and Ha Nam with the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh highway; project to renovate and upgrade Saigon river channel from Binh Loi railway bridge to Ben Suc port in the form of BOT contract.

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh asked the Ministry of Transport and relevant agencies to urgently review and plan a solution to solve the problem, unable to let businesses that have invested hundreds of billion dong. causing the BOT to go bankrupt because the fee cannot be collected.

Minister Nguyen Van The assigned the Director General of Public-Private Partnerships to have a detailed report on BOT stations in May to submit to the Government to agree on solutions to remove and handle.

Mr Duy


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The first ‘green’ SEA Games – VnExpress

For the first time, Vietnam organized the Southeast Asian Games with many activities “say no to plastic waste”.

In mid-May, when many sports at the 31st SEA Games entered the final round, thousands of fans flocked to the competition venue to cheer on the athletes. At the same time, hundreds of volunteers were busy picking up trash and cleaning up the landscape to respond to the convention saying no to single-use plastic waste.

At My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, where many sports events take place with a large number of fans, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment set up a display area to exchange trash for gifts. Nearly a month ago, volunteers assembled this area with bamboo, an environmentally friendly material that could be recycled when the congress ended. The billboards are also printed smaller, for symbolic purposes only.

When exchanging trash, visitors will receive back simulated medals, key chains designed with plywood, environmental protection manuals, puzzles made from milk cartons or bags made from cloth. used.

Many fans exchanged trash for souvenirs. Image: Gia Chinh

With her two children watching athletics on the morning of May 17, Ms. Hoang Thu Phuong, 31, in Cau Giay district, Hanoi, went to the booth to exchange eight used water bottles for souvenirs as keychains. keys, ballpoint pens and bags made of used paper and fabric. If she collects more than 15 plastic bottles, she will exchange for a medal made of pressed wood, bonsai or a thermos bottle.

Phuong shared that she often took her children to watch sports activities, quite surprised that at the 31st SEA Games, trash could be exchanged for gifts. “I always teach my children to put their trash in the bin every time they go to a sport, but in many places it is not easy to find the trash. This idea is very educational because in addition to their own trash, children can pick up more trash. around to exchange for many gifts,” Phuong added.

The organizers always maintain about 50-100 volunteers at the venues with a lot of fans to pick up trash. Wading through the stands of My Dinh Stadium, picking up milk cartons and tissues, Nguyen Hoai Thu, a student at the University of Water Resources, said that she had participated in volunteering activities from the first days of the congress. “It may be harder to pick up trash than other activities, but you and I are always ready for us to have an environmentally friendly SEA Games,” Thu said.

Volunteers picking up trash at My Dinh yard on the morning of May 17.  Photo: Gia Chinh

Volunteers picking up trash at My Dinh yard on the morning of May 17. Image: Gia Chinh

In addition to the two activities above, the Organizing Committee also distributed handbooks to reduce plastic waste, organized propaganda convoys, and provided more than 100,000 aluminum water cans for all activities of the athletes.

Mr. Vu Minh Ly, deputy director of the Center for Communication of Resources and Environment, said that the decision to organize the green SEA Games was made more than a year ago when the schedule for the congress was fixed in the second quarter of 2022. Many meetings have been held to ensure that side activities bring practical results.

According to Mr. Ly, when going to support sports, people often use single-use plastic water bottles, many types of low recycling rate, while if buried, hundreds of years will not decompose. If replacing with aluminum cans, then collected and transferred to the production unit, it will be 100% recycled as new in just 30 days.

Hundreds of volunteers work together for the green SEA Game.  Photo: Gia Chinh

Hundreds of volunteers work together for the green SEA Games. Image: Gia Chinh

In the coming days, the Organizing Committee will expand the scope of the program of exchanging garbage for gifts and collecting garbage at competition venues with many attendees. “We hope that SEA Game 31 is an opportunity for international friends to know that Vietnam, besides its strengths in sports, is also an environmentally friendly country, aiming to reduce plastic waste,” Mr. Lee added.

SEA Game 31 was held at 37 competition venues in 12 northern provinces from May 12 to May 23 with more than 5,000 athletes participating. This is the second time Vietnam has hosted the Southeast Asian Games, the first time in 2003.

Gia Chinh


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Vietnam finishes early SEA Games 31 golf course – VnExpress

Vinh PhucAt noon on June 16, the home team soon ended their journey to find a medal on Par72 Dam Vac field when they lost the opening round of the team content.

The team section in a duel format consists of eight men’s and six women’s teams. The Vietnamese men’s team – Anh Minh, Khanh Hung, Nguyen Dang Minh met Singapore from hole 1, while the women’s team – Khue Minh, Le Thi Thanh Thuy met Malaysia from hole 10.

Minh won a match in the men’s team competition. Screenshots

Each pair of matches has three men’s matches, two women’s matches, of which one point is won, and 0.5 is a draw. Men’s team touch two points, women touch 1.5 points will win the right to continue, draw will play the extra hole, applied to the final.

The Vietnamese women’s team lost both women’s matches, both ended after 15 holes, of which Khue Minh lost 5 ups, Thanh Thuy lost 4 ups.

In the men’s branch, after Khanh Hung lost 3 ups, the match between Dang Minh and Anh Minh was not over yet. Dang Minh was one hole ahead of his teammates, leading Ryan Ang John through the first 10 holes. However, Singapore’s representative balanced the game on hole 11 and from there to hole 17 he was led back by 1 up.

When Dang Minh went to the green of the par5 18 hole, Anh Minh had just won a 2 up match against Hiroshi Tai Harahara. At that time, Dang Minh needed to eat the last hole to share points with the opponent to help the home team hope to enter the next round through the extra hole with Singapore.

However, this task is difficult to perform because Dang Minh’s ball is in the rough behind the green while Ang is on the front side of the green. The ball closer to the pennant than Dang Minh must chip and Ang put at least five meters from the hole. But from this distance, Ang still scored a birdie to beat Dang Minh.

The semi-finals will take place from 8am on May 17, with the men’s arm consisting of pairs Singapore – Thailand, Indonesia – Malaysia, the women’s branch consisting of Thailand – Philippines, Malaysia – Singapore.

In this year’s SEA Games golf, Vietnam sets the target of “in the top 10 in individual stroke play”. Yesterday, the men’s team exceeded the plan – Anh Minh finished sixth (point -5) and Khanh Hung finished T10 (even par) while the female team almost finished – Khue Minh finished first but 11th (point +6) .

Quoc Huy


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82nd day of hostilities: Britain says Belarus can hold back Ukrainian troops

Ukraine’s eastward advance may be delayed because of the Belarusian special forces across the border, in the context of fierce fighting in the Donbass region.

“The presence of Belarusian forces near the border can hold back Ukrainian units, making them unable to deploy for operations in the region. Donbass“, the British Ministry of Defense said in the update of the military situation on May 16.

The information comes in the context of the Belarusian military last week announcing the deployment of special operations forces to the southern border in three tactical directions, accusing Kiev of gathering 20,000 troops in this area, prompting Minsk to take countermeasures. response.

Russian rocket artillery hit a target in Kharkov province, northeastern Ukraine, in the photo released at the end of April. Photo: AFP.

“There is evidence that US-made counter-reaction radars have been deployed close to the border in the area Ovruch, northern Ukraine. The country is gathering about 10,000 troops in the direction of Rivnewith 6,000 people in Ovruch and 4,500 in Chernihivalong with artillery units equipped with modern American weapons and air defense forces,” said Belarusian Army Deputy Chief of Staff Igor Korol.

The Belarusian official added that Ukrainian forces have planted mines on the streets and bridges in the vicinity, and increased troops patrolling the border. “All of them are armed, there is a possibility of a provocative situation,” General Korol said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry today accused Ukraine’s special services of creating a fake scene to blame the Russian military for using chemical weapons in hostilities.

“Ukrainian special forces detonated a landmine that was buried with a ton of ammonium nitrate on a farm near the village of Mazanovka in the Oblast region. Donetsk this afternoon. The explosion created a toxic cloud about a kilometer high and spread to the Kramatorsk region. A similar action was carried out by Ukrainian security near the village of Dolgenkoye in Kharkov province on May 11, “the Russian Defense Ministry said.

82nd day of hostilities: Britain says Belarus can hold back Ukrainian troops

Russian mortar batteries participated in the war in Ukraine in the video released on May 16. Video: Zvezda.

The Russian military also announced that it had reached an agreement on the evacuation of wounded soldiers after negotiating with representatives of Ukrainian forces besieged in the Azovstal iron and steel factory in the southern city. Mariupol. “The ceasefire will be enforced during the evacuation, and the wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be transferred to a hospital in the nearby town of Novoazovsk,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on these reports.

Governor of the province Kharkiv Oleh Sinegubov announced that Ukrainian units had pushed back Russian forces from the outskirts of the country’s second largest city and moved closer to the Russian border.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry also released an image showing a Ukrainian military unit standing next to a border marker with Russia in Kharkov. On Facebook, the agency said that the 227th Battalion of the 127th Brigade of the Ukrainian army had approached the Russian border. However, Ukrainian officials did not specify how many troops were close to Russian territory and in what border areas they were fighting.

Russia has not commented on the information. Ukraine recently repeatedly announced a counter-attack, pushing Russian forces out of Kharkov.

Department of war in Ukraine.  Graphics: Washington Post.

Department of war in Ukraine. Graphics: Washington Post.

Lugansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai said the situation was “still complicated” as Russian forces tried to capture the town. Sieverodonetsk. Office of the President of Ukraine says clashes are taking place around the city Kherson in the south and Russian missiles hit many targets in the city Mykolayiv near.

After more than 80 days of fighting, the war in the Donbass region became a tug-of-war between Russia and Ukraine, especially in areas with difficult terrain. US intelligence director Avril Haines said both Russia and Ukraine “believe they can continue to make progress militarily, so we don’t see a viable negotiating path forward, at least in the short term, at least. term”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has so far recorded more than 6.2 million Ukrainians leaving the country after February 24, the time when Russia launched a military campaign to “demilitarize and de-fascistize”. Ukraine”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported a total of 7,564 civilian casualties in Ukraine, of which 3,668 died and 3,896 were injured, but warned the actual number could be much higher.

Vu Anh (According to Interfax, AFP)


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A series of upcoming destinations in Phu Quoc

Proposal, Vortex show, “Eagle Eyes” game, Hon Thom Paradise Island… are upcoming projects in Phu Quoc, promising to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Phu Quoc has recently been rated by many tourists as a city with many creative ideas with world-class architecture, resort, real estate and entertainment projects. In addition to the colorful miniature Mediterranean town in the South Island, the Sun Signature Gallery building designed by architect Bill Bensley as an art museum is also worth considering. In the near future, Ngoc Island will have more interesting new experiences, waiting for visitors to return in the summer.


One of the architectural works that attracts special attention of both Vietnamese and international tourists in Phu Quoc is Cau Hon, expected to be released later this year. The bridge is located in the heart of the Mediterranean town, a combination of three elements: architecture, structure and art. It is expected that when completed, the bridge is expected to look like a sculpture instead of a bridge over the sea.

Proposal with fancy architecture, full of romantic meaning will be released in Phu Quoc at the end of 2022. Photo: Sun Group

The bridge consists of two branches, each 400 m long, which is likened to two soft silk strips reaching out to the middle of the sea, approaching but not touching each other. The boundary between the two branches will be one of the top places to watch the beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc. With bold artistic design, inspirational story and construction materials, Bridge of Honour promises to become one of the new iconic works of Phu Quoc.

Show Vortex

Next to the Proposal, when completed, there will be an additional theater complex on the beach, where the Vortex show will take place. This is an art performance using modern technology with visual effects, light, sound, laser, smoke, fire and water, harmoniously combined with the art of storytelling. The show will take 5,000 spectators on the adventures of young Luigi and his friends to fight against a threat from space.

Show Vortex performed right next to the Proposal.  Photo: Sun Group

Show Vortex performed right next to the Proposal. Image: Sun Group

An entertainment spot for those who love challenges

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in the South Island is currently one of the leading entertainment destinations with a series of new and challenging entertainment games. Here, visitors can experience the immense ocean view, panoramic view of the colorful Dai Trung Hai town from the world’s longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car; or challenge yourself with a water slide at Aquatopia water park…

The game “Wrath Snake” just launched at this entertainment area also quickly attracted attention, being chosen by many people as a thrilling game full of challenges. This is also the first wooden roller coaster in Vietnam with a journey of nearly 900 m, 14 steep slopes and complicated spirals. The game promises visitors moments of challenge, suspense and excitement when conquering the elevated tracks with breathtaking views.

Mr. Brad Loxley, Deputy General Director of Sun World Operations said that “Wrath Snake” deserves to be one of the world’s leading slickly designed wooden roller coasters.

Rage Snake Game at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Roller coaster “Wrath Wood” at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park with unique wooden architecture. Image: Sun Group

In addition to the wooden roller coaster, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the sea and sky of Hon Thom from the “Eagle Eye” observatory with a 360-degree view, 120 m high, just launched on the occasion of April 30. In particular, another game expected to be released in June this year is “Tornacle”, promising to bring a new adventure for tourists when coming to the South Island.

Resort for the elite

Phu Quoc is famous as a resort with a world-class resort chain such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New World Phu Quoc Resort, Premier Village Phu Quoc…

It is expected that in December 2022, Ngoc Island will have another world-class resort project, meeting new and luxurious elements in terms of design, service and prime location, La Festa. Located between the center of the Mediterranean town and opposite the Bridge of Marriage, two projects invested and built by Sun Group, La Festa inherits the breath-taking beauty of the southern Italian coastal town of Amalfi and the Architectural works, high-class tourism around.

Luxury resort in Mediterranean town

A corner of the Mediterranean town in the South of Phu Quoc island. Image: Sun Group

Besides the attractions and entertainment mentioned above, the upcoming real estate project in Phu Quoc Hon Thom Paradise Island also attracts a lot of attention from both domestic and foreign investors and tourists. Visitors can move to Hon Thom by cable car across the sea, enjoy an upmarket lifestyle with an entertainment-resort complex with interesting and new experiences and luxurious and classy services.

Northwest of Phu Quoc, Bai Dai with clear blue water, golden sand and whispering waves, promises to become a vibrant destination when Sun Group invests in a complex of resort real estate and high-class commercial services. Sun Secret Valley.

“Sun Secret Valley carries the concept of moving with stillness, in static with movement with three distinct product types: shophouse, shop villa, retail villa. The Avenue is the first subdivision introduced with luxurious commercial colors, waiting for the future owner to come and discover”, a representative of Sun Group shared.

Nguyet Di


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Spacecraft lose power during total lunar eclipse

The first total lunar eclipse of 2022 caused power outages for solar-powered spacecraft from NASA, India and China.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft. Image: NASA

The super blood moon eclipse that took place on the evening of May 15 is an exciting sight for observers on Earth, but for spacecraft on the Moon, it is a stumbling block because all three are currently operating. Currently, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), India’s Chandrayaan-2 and China’s Jade Rabbit 2 self-propelled robot are all powered by solar energy. Because the Moon underwent a total lunar eclipse on May 15, lasting until the morning of May 16, the entire Sun-illuminated area of ​​the Moon will be in darkness when this satellite enters the Earth’s shadow. The spacecraft will not be able to charge the battery pack.

This is not the first time spacecraft have experienced a total lunar eclipse. Since the LRO began its mission in lunar orbit in September 2009, the spacecraft has experienced 11 total lunar eclipses, so the project’s team knows exactly how to prepare for the total phase. section lasts 85 minutes.

“As the LRO moves through a long lunar eclipse, draining the battery isn’t ideal, so we turn the devices off and wait until the battery pack can be fully charged before turning the device back on,” said Noah. Petro, a scientist working on the LRO project, said. “We also warmed up the spacecraft so that when it’s in the Earth’s shadow it doesn’t get too cold. We’ve done this many times, so it’s a well-rehearsed sequence.”

In fact, the preparations began a few weeks ago. The researchers activated the engine to adjust the trajectory to minimize time spent in the dark.

It is likely that the Chandrayaan-2 vessel also undergoes a similar sequence of processes. Chandrayaan-2 launched on July 22, 1950, 50 years after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. The ship had a total lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021. Similar to LRO, vehicles use solar cells and may have to be shut down during a lunar eclipse.

While LRO and Chandrayaan-2 are orbiting craft, Jade Rabbit 2 is a self-propelled robot that landed on the dark side of the Moon in January 2019 during the Chang’e 4 mission. Since then, the vehicle has explored the mouth. Von Karman crater. Due to its solar power, Yutu-2 cannot operate at night and loses power for more than two weeks at a time. Because a total lunar eclipse only occurs when the moon is full, in which the dark area of ​​the Moon is in complete darkness, the robot Rabbit Ngoc 2 has lost power before.

An Khang (According to Space)

Today the world welcomes total lunar eclipse and super blood moon


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Toyota Fortuner overtakes Hyundai Santa Fe in April

Toyota’s SUV model rose to the top of car sales in April in the high-rise segment D and E with 729 units, 15 units more than Hyundai’s models.

In the first three months of 2022, Hyundai Santa Fe leads in consecutive monthly sales with a gap compared to competitors in the same segment of SUVs/crossovers of size D and E. In April, sales of Toyota Fortuner sold 729 units, 15 units ahead of Santa Fe, rising to the top position and 235 units more than Kia Sorento in third place.

Compared to March, Fortuner sales in April grew by 11.8% and increased by 6.9% over the same period in 2021. Accumulated in 2022, Fortuner sold 2,761 cars, 1,040 fewer cars than Santa Fe. At the beginning of May, Toyota introduced a new version of Fortuner with improvements in safety and comfort technology, applied only to diesel versions, the price increased from 19-53 million dong.

Pushed to second place, Santa Fe sold only 714 units, down 487 units compared to March, equivalent to a decrease of 68.2%. Compared to the same period in April 2021, Santa Fe sales decreased by 20%. The reason for the decrease in sales was due to lack of supply and the same asking price for the channel from 100-150 million dong. Accumulated in 2022 of Santa Fe reached 3,801 units, up 25% compared to the same period in the first 4 months of 2021 with 2,847 vehicles.

Like its compatriot, Kia Sorento’s April sales ranked third, selling 494 units, a slight decrease of 6.9% compared to March. Accumulating the first four months of 2022, Sorento sold 1,783 units, down 28% compared to the same period in 2021. From mid-May, Kia removed two versions of Sorento, 2.2D Deluxe and 2.5G Luxury. Besides, two versions of 2.2 AWD diesel engine increased slightly in price from 10-20 million VND.

Mazda CX-8 ranked in 4th place with sales of 430 units to customers, down 125 units compared to March and down 21.1% compared to the same period in 2021. Like the competitors above, on 7th. In May, Mazda introduced an upgraded version of the CX-8, adding a 6-seat version, removing the Deluxe version and the Luxury one-bridge version, increasing the price by 20 million VND.

Ford Everest and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport stand at 5th and 6th respectively, with a sales difference of only 14 units. In April, Everest sold 226 vehicles, while Pajero Sport sold 212 units to customers. Everest’s April sales decreased by 54.9% compared to the previous month, accumulating in 2022 was 935 vehicles. In contrast, compared to March, Pajero Sport sales increased by 27.8%, the cumulative figure of 2022 reached 700 units, an increase of 53% over the same period in 2021.

Ranked at the bottom of the D and E-size SUV segment in Vietnam in April with two models VinFast Lux SA2.0 and Isuzu mu-X, with sales of 80 and 45 vehicles, respectively. Sales of Lux SA2.0 decreased as the Vietnamese automaker focused on electric vehicles and stopped producing internal combustion engine vehicles from 2023.

The D-size high chassis segment in Vietnam is divided into two groups according to body structure. The separate chassis group has Fortuner, Everest, Pajero Sport and mu-X, while the monocoque group has Santa Fe, Sorento, CX-8.

Minh Vu


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I hope you are gentle and kind

He was born in 1982, has a stable job, works in IT for a bank in Ho Chi Minh City.

Send me,

He doesn’t think he has to date ever, because his marriage is perfect. But in life, no one can learn the word “doubt”, and it wears on me. He is very sad, but still has to overcome to live and boldly end the pain.

Let me introduce myself: I come from the West, live in District 12, I live with my son. My son can take care of himself, he is very good. He is 1.73 m tall, weighs 88 kg, looks good, is a family man, likes morning coffee, is somewhat introverted.

I hope you are gentle, kind, with a good heart, live to share, care for people, accept my current life, of course I won’t let you suffer (laughs).

I hope you are serious in your relationship because I don’t want to waste each other’s time. I don’t know what to write anymore, I hope to receive an email from you.

Readers call 024 7300 8899 (ext 4529) during office hours for support and questions.


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Maintaining a reasonable weight is good for brain health in old age – VnExpress

Maintaining a healthy, stable weight can slow the risk of cognitive decline in old age.

As a person ages, cognitive health becomes more and more important. Study “time-stable BMI is associated with better cognitive trajectories in older adults” January 2022 in the US journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia indicates that the ability to maintain a healthy weight may be an important factor in brain health in old age.

Dr. Michal Schnaider Beeri from the Icahn School of Medicine, New York, USA, said, stabilizing body mass index BMI has a protective effect, reducing the rate of decline of a person. Perception includes orientation, attention, memory, speech fluency, language, and visual-spatial ability…

The researchers looked at nearly 16,000 older adults who had been screened for dementia over five years. The study found that people with a significant change in BMI (a 5% increase or decrease) were more likely to experience cognitive decline.

Beeri explains, when the body has a stable weight, it means that health indicators such as cholesterol or blood pressure are also better controlled, while these two factors are closely related to brain health. .

Regular exercise is good for health. Photo: Freepik

However, whether being overweight is harmful or beneficial to brain health in aging is still a matter of debate. Dr. Beeri said that in previous studies she and her colleagues showed that cognitive decline and dementia occurred more in older people with high BMI. For example, research shows that a large waistline is associated with poorer brain health in older women with type 2 diabetes.

Another study that followed more than 450,000 people with obesity over a 12-year period, starting in middle age, found an association between obesity and dementia in several age groups. In that study, people over 80 who were obese were less likely to develop dementia than those who weren’t.

The researchers found that cognitive decline and intellectual decline were more common in older people with high BMIs. However, there are still some cases where no link can be found, even the risk of dementia in the elderly with obesity is lower. Additionally, weight loss has also been linked to a higher risk of dementia.

According to experts, focusing on other goals such as being active, improving function and keeping a healthy weight helps control blood pressure and blood sugar.

Just 2 minutes of moderate to brisk walking every hour can improve blood sugar levels. Even just reducing the amount of time you sit each day can be beneficial. The most important thing to maintain health is that exercises must be maintained regularly.

In short, good brain health has nothing to do with being thin or fat, but rather a stable weight and physical fitness. Therefore, experts recommend that people maintain their weight and aim for appropriate, regular exercise. If you’re interested in a new exercise, talk to your doctor first to determine what activity is right for you and best for you.

Mr. Chi


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Malaysian coach: ‘If you want to go far, you must avoid Vietnam’ – VnExpress

Nam DinhCoach Brad Maloney affirmed that he will try his best to win Group B to avoid the possibility of clashing with Vietnam in the semi-finals of the 31st SEA Games men’s football.

Coach Maloney directs Malaysian players in a 2-2 draw with Singapore at Thien Truong Stadium on May 14. Image: Lam Tho

Highly rated, but Malaysia struggled to draw Singapore 2-2 in their third round at Thien Truong Stadium. With seven points, Maloney’s team remains top of the table. But, they will lose this position if they do not win Cambodia, while Thailand beat Laos in the final round.

In the post-match press conference, coach Maloney assessed: “I am quite disappointed with the result. We scored early, created many chances but could not take advantage. Anyway, a draw was not too bad, better than that. is to lose”.

Malaysia took the initiative and opened the scoring in the 4th minute thanks to Hakim. But just three minutes later, they let Singapore equalize. Maloney’s team was also forced to chase after Stewart cushioned the ball close to the goal to make it 2-1 for Singapore in the 78th minute. Thanks to Runizar’s goal in the 83rd minute, Malaysia regained a point and won the ticket. soon to the semi-finals.

On May 16, Malaysia met Cambodia. Coach Maloney will aim to win to be sure of the top of the group, avoiding the possibility of meeting the host Vietnam – the team that is leading Group A – in the semi-finals. “Avoiding the landlord is natural,” he admits. “Vietnamese players have good expertise, are cheered by the home crowd and a number of other advantages. If you want to go far, avoiding early contact with the host is the right thing to do. Such calculation is normal, everyone do”.

Before defeating Singapore, Malaysia opened the 31st SEA Games with a 2-1 victory over Thailand and then defeated Laos 3-1.

Lam Thou