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Sudden death after fasting to pray for Trump from Covid-19

IndiaBussa Krishna Raju, 38, suddenly died from a cardiac arrest after days of not eating or sleeping to pray for Trump to get rid of Covid-19.

Bussa Krishna Raju passed out at a relative’s home in Medak district, Telangana state, central India, and was declared dead at the hospital on October 11 by doctors.

According to friends, Raju, an ardent fan of US President Donald Trump, was shocked to hear that his idol and his wife were positive for nCoV.

“He spent many sleepless nights, fasted and prayed for President Trump to recover for the past 3-4 days,” said a relative of Raju.

Bussa Krishna Raju and Trump worship corner at home in Telangana state in February. Image: AFP.

Raju admires President Trump for his straightforwardness and assertiveness in protecting America’s interests. He caught the attention of international media last year when he hired 15 workers to build a 1.8-meter tall, $ 1,778 Trump statue in the house to worship.

The villagers believed that he should see a psychiatrist, but Raju insisted that this was a testament to his love for the US President.

Bussa Krishna Raju at home in Telangana state in February.  Photo: AFP.

Bussa Krishna Raju at home in Telangana state in February. Image: AFP.

“Every Friday I fast to pray for Trump to live forever. I also take a photo of him and pray before doing anything. He is like a god to me,” Raju once told the media. Indian communication.

In February, he pleaded with the Indian government to let himself see Trump when he visited the country.

The President of the United States announced that he had a CoV infection on the morning of October 2 and then went to the Walter Reed Army Hospital for treatment, before returning to the White House on October 5. Trump announced today that he was “completely negative” for the virus and is about to resume election events.

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Logistics costs – competitive challenges of Vietnamese agricultural products

Vietnam’s agricultural sector faces the problem of cost-cutting to increase international competitiveness in the face of the effects of Covid-19 and the impact of EVFTA.

Vietnamese agricultural products are facing fierce competition in international markets, especially price competition. One of the reasons for the price increase of Vietnamese agricultural products is logistics costs.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, logistics in the agricultural value chain accounts for 20-25% of the total cost, which is quite high compared to the average of 10-15% of countries in the region.

According to the Vietnam Logistic Report 2019, coffee is one of the commodities that is quite expensive when bringing products from the Central Highlands to Cat Lai port. The total domestic transport logistics cost in 2018 of this item is 35 million USD, approximately 10% of the total export value.

The farmer grows coffee. Photo: Phan Anh

According to experts, infrastructure and logistics costs are one of the issues that need to be resolved to increase the competitive advantage of Vietnamese agricultural products. In the context of global agriculture being heavily influenced by Covid-19, causing demand to decline, this problem must find a solution more quickly than ever.

The challenges facing the agricultural sector will be discussed by experts at an online seminar with the topic “Logistics costs for Vietnamese agricultural products – Challenging competition in international markets”, broadcast live. on VnExpress at 15h on October 13.

The program has the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Trieu Thanh Nam – Deputy Head of Trade Policy Department cum Head of European Market Group, Department of Agro-Processing and Market Development. The logistics and agriculture business side included Mr. Tran Duc Nghia – Director of Delta International Company Limited and Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Hang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Organic Farm Company; Vice Chairman of Vinapharma Group Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Creative Director of GMP Tadaphaco Pharmaceutical Factory.

Under the coordination of Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung – Private Economic Development Research Board (Section IV), the guests will focus on analyzing the context, as well as the impact of the supply chain breakdown of Vietnamese agricultural products. South, which goes into depth on the loss during harvest and transportation. In addition, representatives of ministries, sectors and businesses frankly assessed the lack of linkages between agricultural products and logistics, and standard agricultural preservation technologies and techniques. From there, find solutions to reduce logistics costs and increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Readers can ask questions of the speakers in the comments.

Pham An

A series of webinars on agricultural issues is one of the activities of the AgriFair Online Agricultural Fair. The events will focus on discussing urgent topics, many businesses, readers interested in the agricultural sector. This is where managers, experts and businesses find solutions to agricultural – agricultural – market problems and future business development scenarios, especially the transition scenario. industry number change.

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Nearly 6,000 billion VND inaugurated at the Cancer Hospital

HCMCThe most modern Primary Oncology Hospital in the South with 1,000 beds, invested nearly 6,000 billion VND, inaugurated on October 12.

The hospital started in June 2016, with a construction area of ​​nearly 5.6 hectares at Road 400, Cay Dau Hamlet, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. The highlight is the 10-storey main building, two basements, with an emergency helipad on the roof. After more than four years of construction, the work began to hand over partially to the hospital.

Primary Oncology Hospital 2 viewed from above. Image: Quynh Tran.

According to the roadmap, the 2 Primary Oncology Hospital operates in phases. From October 2, the examination area and the emergency department began to receive new patients with follow-up examination. In early 2021, the outpatient treatment area, accelerated radiation therapy. It is expected that about 6 months later, the rest of the boarding departments and functional rooms will fully operate.

Doctor Diep Bao Tuan, Deputy Director of Oncology Hospital, initially received about 400 visits each day. More than 100 medical staff are working here. It is expected that after transferring all patients from the main hospital in No Trang Long street, Binh Thanh district, to facility 2, the inpatient treatment capacity will reach 1,000 patients, daily outpatient examination and treatment 4,000-5,000 patient. More than 1,600 doctors, nurses, and technicians working at facility 2.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Director of the Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh said, together with the City Children’s Hospital, Primary Oncology Hospital 2 are two medical facilities under the Department that were newly built and invested. modern, most advanced technology today. These two hospitals are on a par with the developed countries in the region, have advanced management and operating mechanisms, provide medical examination and treatment services, and transfer technology and train high-quality human resources.

“With high quality facilities and human resources here, cancer patients will be cared for and treated in the best environment,” said Mr. Binh.

Technicians operate on the most modern biochemical and immunological testing system, with a capacity of 3,600 samples per hour, fully automatic and 24/7 continuous operation.  Photo: Quynh Tran.

Technicians operate on the most modern biochemical and immunological testing system, with a capacity of 3,600 samples per hour, fully automatic and 24/7 continuous operation. Image: Quynh Tran.

Oncology Hospital is a grade I specialist hospital, in charge of medical examination and treatment specialized in oncology. The hospital is assigned by the Ministry of Health to direct the line, in charge of the southern provinces. Every year, the hospital manages more than 20,000 records of cancer patients.

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Anonymous in the V-League 2020

The push of some pillars to Hai Phong after relegation creates suspicions that Quang Ninh will give up the race in the V-League 2020. But in fact, they are the biggest unknown.

There is nothing to expect in the mining team after the first phase closes. They drew two consecutive matches after the V-League rematch for the second time. Before that, they only won two matches when facing relegation teams Da Nang and SLNA. But at the beginning of the second phase, a 3-0 victory over Binh Duong brought a scary message from Quang Ninh to the ambition to win the team.

Since coming to the V-League in 2014, excluding the first season when it was a fledgling and insufficient financial resource, Quang Ninh has always been in the top 5 for the last five consecutive seasons. Last year, they did their best, when they finished third. In terms of stability over the same period, only Hanoi is better than them. With that experience, the method of making football is relatively methodical, the fact that Quang Ninh has declared the championship probably does not surprise anyone. But that’s why the surprise happened when they drastically changed their forces recently.

Quang Ninh (green shirt) can determine the outcome of the race above the championship. Image: VPF.

But it seems that Quang Ninh has a different calculation method. Take two matches with Binh Duong that took place at Cam Pha Stadium recently as an example. The first match in round 12, phase one, the two teams drew 2-2 when Quang Ninh shot a lot of goal, but did not achieve high efficiency. In the rematch, in the first round, phase two, the Cam Pham team only shot the ball four times in the right direction, but scored three goals, and kept a clean sheet. This is the second consecutive match, the defense of Quang Ninh did not accept a goal, after the match with Saigon FC at the end of the first phase.

It can be seen that “pushing” the players on the attack line to go elsewhere does not affect the play style that coach Phan Thanh Hung wants. Quang Ninh focuses more on reinforcing the weak points in defense. Meanwhile, they have seven victories, equal to Saigon FC and Viettel, the gap with the two teams ranked above is just more than losing a win.

Only meeting Saigon FC, Viettel and Hanoi in the last three rounds of phase two can be considered as favorable for teachers and students Phan Thanh Hung. The next match, they will kick at Ha Tinh Stadium, then go home to play two consecutive matches, against HAGL and then Ho Chi Minh City. According to a favorable scenario, after these three games, Quang Ninh will have at least two more wins, surely keeping a place in the top 3 before kicking the “final” matches with the strongest candidates. Then, anything can happen.

Quang Ninh’s silence makes the championship race more dramatic, it reminds people of the story of Danang in 2012 and Quang Nam in 2017.. Those are the teams that are still believed to have ties to Hanoi by elected Hien. Quang Ninh was also classified into what is known as a “five-team alliance”. After Saigon FC was elected to transfer to the new owner, Quang Ninh is expected to follow in the footsteps of Da Nang and Quang Nam to the championship. So, maybe this will be the best time for the mining team to reach glory.

To be fair, no team is confident enough to clap their chest as stronger than the current Quang Ninh. Saigon FC had a seventh victory of the season, against Ha Tinh, but teachers and students Mr. Vu Tien Thanh had to hold their breath until the last minute to know for sure they had all three points. Sai Gon FC left Ha Tinh – the weakest team in the top 8 – 18 goal kicks, compared to their 12 times, of which nine were on the right track. If goalkeeper Pham Van Phong does not play well, Saigon FC has been divided. Viettel had a strong victory over HAGL with a score of 4-1, but it was a match that their opponents played very mediocre. Holding the ball a lot but did not put enough pressure on Viettel’s goal, the mountain town team received goals from situations that were not too dangerous. The current performance of both Saigon FC and Viettel is difficult to be better than Quang Ninh.

Only Hanoi FC is still the opponent that every team wants to win if they want to win. When Nguyen Quang Hai got back to himself, even if the opponents gave up their forte, put all their strength into defense like the Ho Chi Minh club did in the last match, it could only be postponed, not impossible. prevent the defending champions’ finishing blow.

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Amnesia after leaving Covid-19

After being infected with nCoV in March, Michael Reagan completely lost his memories of his 12-day vacation in Paris, even though the trip had only happened a few weeks earlier.

“I looked at all my pictures in Paris, trying to remember. We went to a Madonna show, to the Eiffel Tower and to the Tomb. And I don’t remember anything, no memories left. “Anyway,” said the 50-year-old vascular specialist.

During the summer months, there was a time when Mr. Reagan turned on the kitchen to make eggs and then negligently walked by, taking his pet dog around the street. Returning home, to find the pan was already hot on the stove, he panicked and has not cooked since.

A similar case happened with Lisa Mizelle, a veteran nurse at the urgent care clinic. She got nCoV in July. After recovering from the illness, she realized she had forgotten the routine of testing and treatment, and had to ask her colleagues about terms she knew well before.

“I left the room and did not remember what the patient just said. I was scared to think that I was working, feeling like I lost my memory,” she said.

Reagan and Mizelle are just two of many patients with “Covid Brain Fog syndrome” (Covid Brain Fog). Symptoms include memory loss, confusion, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and slow grasping of words. This condition interferes with the work and day-to-day activities of people who have been infected with COV.

Scientists are still uncertain about the cause of Covid-19 posterior brain fog. The syndrome affects even people with mild nCoV infection, without background disease, with very different manifestations. The most reliable theory is that it arises when the body’s immune response to the virus doesn’t stop working even when the patient is cured or due to inflammation in the blood vessels affecting the brain.

Nurse Lisa Mizelle often forgets the procedure of examination and testing after being infected with nCoV in July. NY Times

Many people with Covid-19 hospitalized due to respiratory problems also present themselves confusion, delirium, and impaired mental function while under treatment. Research published October 5 indicates that these people have a higher mortality rate.

However, the scientific understanding of the post-Covid-19 lingering brain fog is quite limited. A French report in August of 120 patients admitted to hospital showed that 34% had dementia, and 27% had difficulty concentrating months later.

In the Survivor Corps survey, a group that connects 3,930 people who had previously had Covid-19, more than half said they had difficulty concentrating. It is the 4th most common symptom out of 101 long-term and short-term physical, mental, and psychological conditions reported.

“There are thousands of people with this disorder,” said Dr. Igor Koralnik, head of the neurological infectious diseases department, Northwestern Medicine Hospital. The impact of it on the workforce will be significant.

Mr. Reagan spent 5 days in and out of the hospital. In the early days of his recovery, he continued to work as a consultant for a company that made stents and heart catheters. But symptoms like finger tremors, convulsions, and distraction soon appear. This means “there’s no way I could have surgery or teach a doctor how to sew an artery in that condition,” he said.

Sometimes, in meetings. Dr. Reagan forgot words. He had to take some time off. “I felt like an idiot,” he recalls.

Nurse Lisa Mizelle contracted nCoV in July. After she was discharged from the hospital, she still cared for six patients on her own at the Huntsville clinic. But recently, she has been unable to work alone because of her slow thinking, or dizziness, and always needs colleagues on her side.

“Sometimes, I try to be clever so that the patient doesn’t notice. Nobody wants to see my doctor have brain fog. It’s very scary,” she said.

Dr. Michael Reagan looked at pictures taken in Paris to find memories.  Photo: NY Times

Dr. Michael Reagan looked at pictures taken in Paris to recover memories. Image: NY Times

“Brain fog” in general remains a mystery to the medical community as the symptoms are diverse. “The simplest answer is that people’s immune responses are still being activated,” said Dr. Avindra Nath, head of the nervous system infection department at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. persistent after the first infection subsided. This reaction can cause inflammation in blood vessels or cells. The released inflammatory molecules become toxins, especially for the brain.

According to Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, who has experienced Covid-19 sequelae, small strokes can cause a number of phenomena, including “Alien Hand Syndrome” (AHS). ). The patient cannot control the movements of his or her hand. This could be the problem that Dr. Reagan had, preventing him from continuing with surgery.

Another theory is the autoimmune state, “when antibodies mistakenly attack nerve cells,” says Dr. Serena Spudich, head of the department of neurological infections, Yale University School of Medicine. Symptoms such as numbness and tingling limbs can occur when damaged nerves send false signals to the brain. Some people with brain fog still have heart and lung problems. This also aggravates neurological symptoms.

Experts recommend that people experiencing this condition see a doctor to rule out other conditions and treat neurological. They don’t know whether symptoms go away with time. Some patients think of alternatives or temporary rehabilitation exercises. Mr. Reagan began walking to random locations near his home in Lower Manhattan on the advice of his doctor. He wrote down the instructions and read them many times before leaving with his dog.

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Donation artist to help Central people

Ly Hai and his wife donated 1.3 billion VND, H’Hen Niê donated 50 million VND to help the Central people in the midst of storms and floods.

Minh Ha – director Ly Hai’s wife – said after about 20 hours of calling, she received more than 1.3 billion VND (until the morning of October 13), and expected the amount to continue to increase. The calling program lasts one week. After that, her couple and a monk will come to the heart of the flood in Quang Nam, Hue … to give 1,000 gifts.

Minh Ha said: “I was thrilled when the audience transferred 50 thousand dong and said, ‘How much is there in my account, I support you'”.

The army evacuated people in flood areas in Huong Tra town, Thua Thien – Hue today 10/10. Image: Vo Thanh.

On the morning of October 13, the couple Thuy Tien – Cong Vinh called on the audience to head to Central. The singer said he could not sleep because he kept his eyes closed and saw a flood in his head. She asked a younger brother to work in the flood-centered areas of Hue, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri. After contributing enough money, she makes plans to go from place to place to help people.

H’hen Niê said that when she heard her best friend – runner Le Hang – plan to raise, she donated 50 million VND. Miss said, a difficult year due to the influence of Covid-19, especially for the poor, but sadder when the Central people continued. to cope with floods and rains, difficulties piled up. She said: “Of more or less hearts, we decided to support with our hearts and emotions.”

On the evening of October 12, singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan and his group of friends contributed more than 100 million VND. This morning, he and his team will gather the trucks carrying basic necessities to Quang Tri to share them with people in districts and communes that are isolated by floods. The singer is waiting for the list compiled from the local government. Model Le Thuy – a native of Quang Binh – said that this year’s birthday, she urged relatives and friends not to give gifts, turning into money for her to support the Central people. After having donated enough, she bought rice and then went directly to Quang Binh to distribute it to the people.

The couple Ly Hai - Minh Ha volunteered in the Kho village, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong in September. Photo: Le Tuan.

The couple Ly Hai – Minh Ha volunteered in K’Ho village, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong in September. Le Tuan.

On the evening of October 12, storms in the Central region made 23 dead and 14 missing. Flooding caused 176 communes and wards, nearly 95,000 households were flooded from 0.3 to 1.8 meters, nearly 46,000 people were evacuated. According to the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, on the evening of October 12, typhoon Nangka increased by one level, the strongest wind was 90 km / h (level 8-9), 290 km from the Paracel Islands to the Northeast. . Due to the influence of typhoon No. 7, combined with cold air, from October 14 to October 16, heavy rains in the North and North Central region with a total of 150-350 mm of rainfall / time, some places above 400 mm / batch.

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Soon complete the organizational apparatus at Ton Duc Thang University

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam requested units directing Ton Duc Thang University to urgently complete the organizational and management apparatus to facilitate the development of the school.

On 10/10, the Government Office announced the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam after a meeting with many related units on a number of issues of Ton Duc Thang University.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor; Ministry of Education and Training; Judicial; Ministry of Home Affairs; Central Propaganda Department; Central Propaganda Committee; Congressional Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children.

After listening to the delegates’ opinions, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam concluded that Ton Duc Thang School is a public higher education institution. All activities must comply with the law in general and the regulations on higher education, public servants and public employees in particular.

Currently, Ton Duc Thang University does not have a School Council, many leadership and management positions are not strengthened. Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor need to direct the school to urgently complete the organizational and management apparatus to ensure and facilitate the school’s development.

The Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Education and Training to establish a delegation led by a deputy minister with the participation of relevant agencies to review and consider the implementation of the Higher Education Law on the establishment of the Association. school and consolidate leadership and management positions; on that basis, there are conclusions and implementation guidelines.

Ton Duc Thang University is located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Manh Tung

Earlier in September, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Universities and Colleges of Ho Chi Minh City announced disciplinary decisions to the individuals and collectives of the Party Committee of Ton Duc Thang University for the term 2015-2020. Mr. Le Vinh Danh, Rector of Ton Duc Thang University, was removed from all Party positions.

Mr. Vo Hoang Duy, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee; Ms. Pham Thi Minh Ly, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Inspection Committee of the Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Bac, Party Member; Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang, Party Committee member, was blamed. The Party Committee of Ton Duc Thang University was warned.

The Executive Committee of Ton Duc Thang University for the term 2015-2020 has 10 people, with Mr. Danh as the Secretary. Rector of this university is only Rector Le Vinh Danh, vice rectors have ended their term from the end of March.

The above move was made after the HCM City Party Committee Inspection Committee checked when there were signs of violation against the collective of Ton Duc Thang School’s Party Committee for the term 2015-2020 and personally Mr. Danh. According to the inspection results, the school’s Party Committee was determined to loosen the leadership, direct and supervise the implementation of political tasks, especially important issues that greatly affect the development orientation and operation of school and staff work.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Inspection Committee, this group also loosened the leadership, directing, so that the school leaders violated the principle of democratic centralization, so that some key officials of the school made incorrect statements. lack of standards, seriously affecting the reputation of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

Mr. Danh is said to have shortcomings and violations such as: directing the construction and promulgation of working regulations and school regulations and regulations with incomplete content, not adhering to the Party’s and the legal regulations. the law.

In addition, Mr. Danh is also believed to have many violations in the management of finance, assets, approval of investment projects … This rector signed himself to issue a resolution to end the term of the School Council. and vice principals, extending their term by themselves to principals, contrary to regulations on content, order and authority.

Ton Duc Thang University, formerly known as Ton Duc Thang University of Technology, was established in September 1997. The school was founded and managed by the Ho Chi Minh City Confederation of Labor, then switched to a semi-public model, then publicized and transferred to the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.

Regarding the Party organization, the Party Committee of Ton Duc Thang University is directly under the Party Committee of the Universities and Colleges of Ho Chi Minh City (under the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee).


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Build smart cold storage for Western agricultural products

After Tra Vinh, a chain of 5 smart cold stores will be deployed in the Mekong Delta to seize opportunities to export agricultural products to the EU.

Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee and Vietnam Green Start-up Fund have just started a smart cold storage in Binh Phu commune, Cang Long district, Tra Vinh province. This project belongs to the framework of connecting resources to support export-oriented start-ups in European and Middle East markets.

Smart cold storage in Tra Vinh has an area of ​​10,000 m2, investment scale of more than one million USD, equivalent to over 24 billion VND. In which, funding capital is 887,781 USD, local cash reciprocal capital is 149,717. Funding funding is from the FinExpo Committee (Belgium). All construction materials and machines are imported from Belgium.

This cold storage uses IoT sensor technology to regulate and monitor the environment of agricultural preservation through remote control; automatic registration, detailed control of products (type, origin, quality, size, homegrown name …).

This technological process aims to preserve the freshness of agricultural products, maintain quality for a long time, meet export standards and help customers easily trace the origin, … In addition, cold storage is equipped with Solar energy system will help save electricity, cost and protect the environment during operation.

Ms. Duong Thi Bich Diep, Chairman of the Vietnam Green Startup Fund, said the fund is looking for optimal locations to build a chain of 5 smart cold storage in the Mekong Delta region. The project of building a chain of 5 smart cold stores is implemented in parallel with the program to support farmers to improve knowledge, science and technology, seed support, microbiological fertilizers, finance … meet international standards.

After EVFTA officially comes into effect, the export tax of vegetables, tubers and fruits from Vietnam to Europe will be at 0%. This opens up many opportunities for Vietnamese agricultural products to compete in the EU market. “However, in order to boost the growth of agricultural exports to leading markets such as Europe, the Middle East … we must overcome weaknesses in production, raw materials, storage, processing and logistics. “, Mrs. Diep said.

Currently, the project of Vietnam Green Start-up Fund has connected with the supermarket system Co-op Mart, Tanifood fruit and vegetable processing factory … to promote domestic consumption in parallel with connecting distributors. export distribution. The big partner just accepted to join is Green Yard, one of the agricultural distributors with operations in 25 countries and annual sales of 4.18 billion euros.

“We consider Vietnam an important trading partner, especially when EVFTA is approved. This will create a great competitive advantage for Vietnamese agricultural products in the European market,” said Mr. Frédéric Rosseneu Green Yard’s director of global business development, said.

Dieu Tung


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The former White House chief of staff said Trump was dishonest

Former White House chief of staff, General John Kelly, once told friends that President Trump was dishonest and frail.

“His level of dishonesty amazed me. Dishonesty, pragmatism in all relationships, more pathetic than anything else. He’s the most flawed person I’ve ever met. in my life, “said General Kelly, CNN reported on October 16.

White House chief of staff John Kelly attended the meeting between President Donald Trump and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in May 2018. Image: Reuters.

The comment will appear on a special CNN news program titled “The Insiders: A Warning from Former Trump Officials”, scheduled to air on the evening of October 18. In the program, a number of former senior government officials such as White House national security advisor John Bolton, former expert at the Department of Health and Civil Services Rick Bright, or former general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security US John Mitnick will explain why they think Trump is not suitable for the presidency.

Kelly’s comment has received the approval of many former government officials who also appeared on the show.

Olivia Troye, former top adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, said that President Trump knew about Covid-19’s impact on America since mid-February but “he didn’t want to hear about it, because of concern. the biggest thing on his mind is the vote. “

Elizabeth Neumann, a former Homeland Security official, criticized Trump for not condemning the white elite theorists after the first presidential debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden at the end last month.

However, talking to NBC on October 15, President Trump confirmed that he condemned the white man theory of superiority. “I condemn the white supreme theory, okay?” The White House boss told host Savannah Guthrie. “I have condemned the white supreme theory for many years.”

Kelly, who left the White House in controversial circumstances in January 2019, has occasionally criticized President Trump since his resignation. In June, after the death of colored man George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and President Trump’s reaction to anti-racist protests, Kelly declared that Trump “was the first president. he sees no attempt to unite the American people. “

Vu Hoang (Follow CNN)


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Kim Jong-un pledged to build 25,000 houses in 5 years

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pledged to support storm-affected areas and build at least 25,000 homes over the next five years.

During a visit to the Komdok area in South Hamgyong province, one of the most affected areas in North Korea, Mr. Kim regretted the situation of over 50-year-old houses in which people live. Called the military to launch a more ambitious construction plan, state news agency KCNA reported today.

According to KCNA, the North Korean military’s construction activity has reached 60%, with at least 2,300 homes in Komdok. The “revolution” in the construction plan that Mr. Kim called for will begin with the construction of 25,000 homes over five years, with the start of next year scheduled for January.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un surveyed the Komdok area, South Hamgyong province, on October 13. Image: KCNA.

The North Korean leader’s local visit comes after he appears to have cried while giving a speech to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Labor Party on October 10. Analysts say Kim Jong-un’s public tears, which rarely happens, shows the level of pressure he is facing.

“People have put their trust, as high as heaven and as deep as the sea, in me, but I have not always responded worthy of it. I am really sad because of this,” said Kim, adding. that his efforts “are not enough to help people get rid of the difficulties in life”.

Last week, Kim launched an 80-day campaign to achieve goals in all areas ahead of the North Korean Labor Party congress in January, where the five-year socioeconomic development plan will be decided.

North Korea is going through a difficult year, both facing international sanctions and the impact of anti-Covid-19 measures, along with many major storms that swept the country.

Luster (Follow Reuters)