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Dizziness after sex is a potential health risk? – VnExpress

Dizziness after sex has many causes and some are relatively benign, but can also potentially lead to heart problems, blood pressure, and stroke.

According to the sheet Medical News Today (USA), dizziness after sex is usually not a serious underlying health problem. In most cases, dizziness is caused by overexertion, thirst, or hunger. People who experience dizziness after sex may also experience dizziness at other times such as exercising, standing up too quickly, etc. However, frequent, intense dizziness can be worrisome. , especially with other accompanying symptoms.

Here are the possible causes of dizziness after sex and how to prevent it.


According to the American Heart Association (AHA), dehydration can sometimes cause blood pressure to drop. Dehydration, even when mild, can cause other symptoms, such as dizziness, weakness, or fatigue. A person can become dehydrated if they do not drink enough fluids before or during sex.


Hunger lowers blood sugar which can lead to dizziness, lightheadedness, tremors, fainting. After the “love” is over, you may suddenly realize the feeling of hunger. However, frequent hunger or dizziness is also a symptom of diabetes. Therefore, you should see your doctor for a diagnosis.

Change your breathing

Sexual arousal can make you breathe deeper and faster than usual. These changes can lead to a decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, also known as hyperventilation. Some potential symptoms of hyperventilation include: dizziness, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, anxiety, fainting.

Breathing slowly and deeply often relieves symptoms of hyperventilation. However, people who experience anxiety or panic attacks are often unable to breathe deeply. If you constantly experience this condition, you should share it with your doctor for appropriate intervention.

Change posture or position

Orthostatic tachycardia causes a person’s heart rate to increase suddenly when changing positions or standing up too quickly. An increased heart rate can make a person feel dizzy and even faint. Other symptoms of orthostatic tachycardia include dizziness, heart palpitations, tremors, chest pain, and nausea.

Some people notice these symptoms when they change positions during sex. Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is not usually dangerous, but it may be necessary to see a doctor to make sure there is no underlying heart problem.

Hormonal changes

The hormones and neurotransmitters that produce a temporary intense feeling of euphoria can lead to dizziness in some people. Others may experience dizziness as the body returns to normal. The brain also releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of desire, excitement and happiness in “love”. If you take drugs that mimic dopamine in the brain can cause dizziness as a side effect.

High blood pressure

Sex can raise blood pressure. High blood pressure causes dizziness. If “love” for a long time or intensely makes you feel short of breath and when the love rate cools down, the heart rate will return to normal. You or your partner are concerned about the risk of high blood pressure should visit your doctor to have your blood pressure measured and examined.

Men often experience dizziness after “love”. Image: Freepik

Lower blood pressure

Sex causes emotions to run high, stimulating the vagus nerve that transmits information between the brain and the rest of the body. Overstimulation of this nerve temporarily dilates the vessels, which, in turn, lowers blood pressure. Doctors call this vasomotor syncope. Some possible symptoms of vasomotor syncope include dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, shivering, feeling hot, seeing dark spots in the eyes, fainting.

If a person has vasomotor syncope, their blood pressure usually returns to normal relatively quickly. Without fainting, it can take several minutes to fully recover.


A stroke occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the brain, due to a blocked or leaky blood vessel. A stroke during sex is rare, but it can happen. Some people at higher risk include the elderly, have a history of heart health problems, or have had a stroke. Sudden, severe dizziness that doesn’t go away could be a warning sign of a stroke. There are also other symptoms such as inability to move limbs, distorted mouth, slurred speech, confusion, loss of consciousness… When you see a person having a stroke, call an ambulance immediately to reduce the risk. serious complications and death.

Heart health problems

Dizziness after sex is usually not serious. However, it can sometimes be a sign of a heart health problem and is more common in people with one or more risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, a family history of pain Heart.. Heart health problems can cause chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, frequent dizziness, lasting more than a few minutes, after exercise…

When you feel dizzy after sex, you can narrow down the potential causes by asking yourself if you’re hungry, drink enough fluids, feel anxious or panicky, have a history of high blood pressure or no heart health problems. In addition, you should note whether the dizziness disappears quickly or persists, occurs every time you have sex, or very often.

Dizziness after sex usually goes away on its own without medical treatment. But if the condition persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, you should see a doctor. Get emergency medical help if dizziness is accompanied by numbness or weakness on one side of the face or body, chest pain or pressure, or pain in one arm.

Kim Uyen
(According to Medical News Today)


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Students tell stories about scientific research through STEM education

For the first time, a separate forum for students from urban to rural areas to introduce STEM activities at their own school.

The 2022 STEM Festival with the theme “Overcoming volatility” opened on the morning of May 20 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and Technology and more than 10 bridge points in the provinces of Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Lao Cai, Ha Tinh… share and introduce STEM-oriented learning and club activities.

Speaking at the opening of the festival, Deputy Minister Le Xuan Dinh said that STEM education evokes passion for creativity, discovery, combining “study and practice” to gather and acquire new knowledge through practical experience. . This is the advantage of STEM education when young people receive knowledge by themselves.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Xuan Dinh spoke at the event on the morning of May 20. Image: Tung Dinh

According to the Deputy Minister, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a great disturbance in teaching and learning space, with significant challenges, but students and teachers have made great efforts to overcome this change. adaptive action. “This is the reason why we chose the topic Overcoming volatility, in order to create a forum for sharing experiences, honoring the efforts of teachers and students on the journey of finding and expanding knowledge,” said Deputy Minister Dinh.

He said that the interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach through STEM education is an appropriate approach to improve the knowledge and skills of digital transformation for young people. This year’s festival is a very meaningful event in the context of digital transformation with the goal of rapidly developing digital access capacity for the community, especially young people in remote and mountainous areas and organized organization in the form of open source”, the Deputy Minister said and hoped to spread the spirit of STEM festival to units, students, across the country, thereby building a young innovation ecosystem for students. young bamboo shoot generation”.

Sharing practical experiences, Le Khanh Linh, a literary major from Nguyen Tat Thanh High School for the Gifted (Yen Bai Province), said that she pursues her passion for science. Linh shared, this determination has come since her father got sick, making it difficult to travel, always worrying about wanting to do something. Linh developed the E-FAS device to assist with travel after hundreds of failed tests.

The female high school student many times thought “collapsed” when the finishing machine broke the circuit, pulsed error and had to start from scratch.

Linh said, it was only when I saw my dad put the device on his leg and move more easily, that I realized everything was worth it. “Joining the STEM club has helped me to have a scientific research topic, but more than that, it has helped me express my love to my father,” Linh said.

Le Thuy Linh, class 9A1 at Pho Lu TT Secondary School, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai presented at the 2022 STEM Festival. Photo: Tung Dinh

Le Thuy Linh, class 9A1 at Pho Lu TT Secondary School, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai presented at the 2022 STEM Festival. Photo: Tung Dinh

Le Thuy Linh, class 9A1 of TT Pho Lu Secondary School, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai said that she was very honored and a little surprised when the group’s representative presented at the festival. Thuy Linh shared, STEM activities in mountainous provinces like Lao Cai are as exciting as big cities. There, she and her friends joined the STEM Robot club – a club established at the beginning of each school year, including students from grades 6 to 9.

Members will be able to participate in STEM activities in recycling and scientific research, including programming robots. Through STEM activities such as training in programming, the combination of science, math and engineering knowledge has helped form products that express creativity. These include monitoring and alerting devices for environmental quality for people with asthma; garbage classification system using artificial intelligence (AI), or experimental kits to learn the optics-light well; automatic body temperature measurement and hand washing machine; Decorative pattern is recycled from plastic waste.

From the bridge at Ky Anh High School, Ha Tinh, two students Le Anh Tuan Bang and Nguyen Van Tinh said that STEM activities at the school apply integrated knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve problems. solve real problems. The group shared about projects such as a multi-purpose boat for aquaculture, a voice-controlled robotic arm for the disabled, or an automatic Covid-19 test sampler. All projects won high prizes in the national technical innovation contest.

From Trung Vuong Secondary School (Hanoi), Nguyen Luong Bang (14 years old) shares STEM experiences from the perspective of city students. Early access to STEM with father is an information technology engineer and mother is a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. “My parents are both knowledgeable about STEM, so I am given the opportunity to learn and explore,” Bang said.

Nguyen Luong Bang (14 years old), Trung Vuong Secondary School (Hanoi) shared at the event.

Nguyen Luong Bang (14 years old), Trung Vuong Secondary School (Hanoi) shared at the event. Image: Tung Dinh

The student right from middle school has participated in more than 10 domestic and foreign projects. I experienced and learned about automatic control systems, electronic components, connected electrical circuits or programming using mBlock software when participating in a traffic light system design project. Designing night lights, automatic pet food machines or participating in international STEM summer camps, learning programming in smart home design, learning how to create artificial intelligence products are some of my experiences. via.

However, Bang said, there are still some challenges such as not having in-depth access, few opportunities to access the natural environment outside the city and the need to balance between studying, resting and doing STEM research. .

And La Thi Huong, Hanoi University of Science and Technology shared a touching story about the road to passion without roses. Ninh Binh schoolgirl is the second child in a family of four sisters whose father is intellectually disabled, born deaf, and her mother is in poor health. Right from high school, Huong showed an interest in science when turning her bedroom into her “first workspace” – where she made her own telescope from a water pipe. Summer vacation in 11th grade, Huong cycled 20 km to the city to apply for an apprenticeship at a billboard and furniture factory to earn money to support her family. Here, Huong was exposed to heavy mechanical machines, saw actual CNC machines that helped her learn how to build a complete system.

From the original designs purely mechanical, the female students progressed to combining electronics and programming and then launched products. Thanks to her passion and efforts, Huong participated in national science competitions, participated in robocon contests… “There were times when it was difficult at home, I thought I had to drop out of school, but thanks to the help of teachers at the school. University of Science and Technology and sponsors have helped me continue to pursue my studies and passions”, Huong said. Huong’s story touched many attendees.

From the beginning of the American bridge, Nguyen Bao Ngoc, a doctoral student in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley – a former student who won high prizes in international STEM competitions told his journey to pursue science. The path opened when she studied heavy metals in To Lich River and received a scholarship to study abroad. After that, Ngoc continued to pursue research on burning rice straw to quantify and solve CO2 emissions globally…

Associate Professor Huynh Quyet Thang, Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, said that connecting universities with high schools in supporting career-oriented STEM education for students is essential. He said many professions change, requiring young people to prepare well in terms of luggage, in which to change their approach to thinking. Hanoi University of Science and Technology has implemented STEM model activities since 2018 and wants to connect with high schools – where it plays an extremely important role.

Mr. Thang proposed coordination such as organizing tours for students to experience career orientation, joining scientific research groups of lecturers, mixed labs (high school students and students in 2-3 years). “The coordination between schools needs to start from the smallest things,” he said, saying that connection is a solution to promote education and bring benefits to the community.

STEM Festival was first held in 2015. This event is held annually on the occasion of Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18). The festival aims to popularize and raise social awareness about STEM education – a modern educational model that has been deployed in many countries around the world.

Nhu Quynh


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Ly Nha Ky wears a princess dress on the red carpet of Cannes

The beauty chose an outfit inspired by lavender by designer Do Long. This flower symbolizes love, fidelity, lipstick, lightness and sophistication of a girl, bringing luck, peace and harmony to the family.

The actress coordinated the dress with the same jewelry set as Paolo Piovan – a long-standing Italian jewelry company. Accessories include earrings 49,000 euros, necklace 37,000 euros and ring 25,000 euros.

During her long trip to Cannes, she brought 43 suitcases with her. The actress said that she invested in costumes and jewelry carefully… at a cost of up to billions of dong.

In order to finish the dress before Ly Nha Ky’s departure, three skilled craftsmen worked for 675 hours. In particular, the most difficult thing is to manually attach thousands of crystal stones, creating eye-catching effects when moving.

Cannes is a prestigious film event in the world, first held in 1946 in France. This year the event takes place from May 17 to 28. Last year, the most important prize – the Palme d’Or – was awarded to the work Titane.

Ly Nha Ky tries on clothes for Cannes

Ly Nha Ky tried on hundreds of costumes for Cannes 2022 before the departure date. Video: Characters provided

Ly Nha Ky was born in 1982 in Vung Tau, is an actress, film investor, businessman. She is known for her roles in “Kieu Nam and the giants”, “Love lasts forever”, “The wind is against the season”, “Cold summer”… She used to be the Vietnam Tourism Ambassador for the 2011-term period. 2012.

Photo: Joyce Nguyen, stylist: Trang Gentle, makeup: Quan Nguyen, hairdo: Pu Le


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Roll-on deodorant to reduce armpit sweat?

In the summer, the skin under my armpits sweat a lot, so it’s very inconvenient. Ask your doctor for advice on a deodorant roller that both reduces odor and reduces sweat. (Hoang, 25 years old, Hanoi).


Deodorant rollers are often divided into two types based on ingredients. The first type is called deodorant, which contains active ingredients such as triclosan or chlorhexidine, which act directly on the skin’s bacteria and often contain fragrance to help minimize odor. The second type is antiperspirant, which contains compounds of aluminum or zirconia, which temporarily block the pores of the armpit area, helping to reduce sweating.

The nature of sweat in the armpits has more protein than sweat secreted in other locations, so they are easily broken down by bacteria on the skin and create an unpleasant odor. To use an effective armpit roller, you need to understand your body condition. Underarms do not sweat a lot but still have an unpleasant smell, you should choose a deodorant roll-on. If your armpits sweat too much, you should use antiperspirant underarm roller.

In particular, the active ingredient in deodorants such as triclosan or chlorhexidine is actually an antibacterial substance, so bacteria can create resistance. After a period of use, this type of product may lose its effectiveness. Rolling armpit with antiperspirant usually does not occur this phenomenon.

However, prolonged use of deodorant is also a factor that causes dark underarm skin due to friction. Do not roll too many times a day to clog pores. Dry skin before use.

Children in puberty, the skin barrier is relatively complete, not easily irritated by common chemicals. If the child does not have a history of allergies to the ingredients in the deodorant, you can give it to your child as needed. In case of sensitive skin, use antiperspirant deodorant.

In addition, should wear loose, non-tight clothing, breathable and absorbent fabric. Limit eating foods that can increase the smell of sweat such as garlic, onions, cinnamon, anise… to reduce odor and sweat in the armpit area. Should remove or shave off armpit hair to avoid excessive sweating, causing clogged pores, folliculitis.

Master doctor Le Minh Chau
Department of Dermatology – Skin Aesthetics, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City


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FPT Online pays 80% dividend

FPT Online will pay dividends in 2021 at the rate of 80% in cash in June, which means shareholders who own each share will receive VND 8,000.

This decision was approved by the annual general meeting of shareholders of FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company (FPT Online) at the meeting on the afternoon of May 19. With nearly 18.5 million shares listed, the company is estimated to spend about 148 billion dong from undistributed profit to pay dividends.

FPT Online is one of the few companies on the stock exchange that pays cash dividends of approximately par value. In the past three years, the dividend rate of this company has ranged from 130-200%.

The high dividend level is maintained by FPT Online in the context of steady growth in business results year by year, despite the impact of Covid-19. Last year, the company recorded revenue of VND 608 billion and pre-tax profit of VND 276 billion, up about 2% and 8% respectively over the same period.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai, Chairwoman of FPT Online’s Board of Directors, said that the company pursues a service expansion strategy, focusing on the strength of the digital platform to find new sources of revenue. Many products and services were launched such as the eBox online experience-sharing platform, the Online Fair virtual exhibition, the Vaccine website, the tourism opening, the V-Car data system, the data journalism product. Covid-19… has reached hundreds of millions of users, partners and customers.

This year, FPT Online’s management has set a target of 760 billion dong in revenue and 332 billion dong in pre-tax profit, up 25% and 20% respectively. This is the highest profit record in the history of this business. Expected dividend rate is not lower than 50%, ie each share will receive at least 5,000 VND.

According to Ms. Hai, the pandemic’s developments are still unpredictable in the long-term and Vietnam’s economy is also under a lot of pressure when fuel prices are high and inflation adversely affects growth. However, the company has prepared appropriate response scenarios on the principle of taking advantage of every opportunity. New product launch speed will be faster and stronger to take advantage of opportunities, not to miss new revenue waves. Digital transformation will also expand and deepen to optimize and automate publishing and business activities.

FPT Online was established in mid-2007 with the strategy of being a leading digital advertising media company, applying technology to the field of publishing media. FPT Online is an advertising operator, accompanies with VnExpress, Sao Paulo e-newspapers, operates the VnExpress Marathon series…

On the stock exchange, FOC stock of FPT Online today increased slightly to close to the price range of VND 130,000. Compared to the closing session last year, this share price has increased by more than 8%.



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Party and State leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

Leaders of the Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front laid wreaths and entered the mausoleum to pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and offer incense to commemorate heroes and martyrs, on the morning of May 19.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc; National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue; Standing Secretary of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong; Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Do Van Chien; former General Secretary Nong Duc Manh; Former National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An… attended the visitation ceremony.

Leaders of the Party and State pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh. Image: TTX

A visitation ceremony on the occasion of the 132th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19). The delegates expressed gratitude, respect, and memory of President Ho Chi Minh for the cause of national liberation, reunification and construction. The delegation’s wreath bore the words “Eternal gratitude to the great President Ho Chi Minh”.

After that, the group went to lay flowers and incense at the Monument to Heroes and Martyrs on Bac Son Street.

In the morning of the same day, the delegations of the Ministry of National Defense, Public Security, and Hanoi came to lay wreaths, pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and pay tribute to heroic martyrs.

Write Obedience


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The Thai rattan bridge team rides a double-decker bus to visit Hanoi – VnExpress

The 32-person athlete and coach of the Thai rattan bridge team toured Hanoi on a double-decker bus after winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal.

Hanoi City Tour double-decker bus tour departs at 10 am on May 18, takes the group through 15 places of Opera House, Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoa Lo Prison… and stops at Quoc Tu Giam Temple.

The delegation stopped at Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam to visit and listen to explanations.

After an hour of tour experience, Team Leader of the Thai Rattan Bridge, Mr. Pairoj Archarungroj shared the joy and excitement of visiting the city. He used to come to Hanoi 10 years ago, but now the streets are very modern, more beautiful and with many green trees.

“It’s been a long time, but I still remember Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, pho, delicious food. This trip brings an interesting and meaningful experience to our coaches and athletes after a period of intense training and competition. straight past,” he said. After the 31st SEA Games, Mr. Pairoj Archarungroj will return to Vietnam and travel to Da Nang with his family because of the good impressions.

Head coach Veeras Na Nongkhai said that this was his first visit to Hanoi and was very impressed because life in the city seemed to be completely normal after Covid-19. “Hanoi’s streets are full of green trees, clean and beautiful, the weather is also cool and sunny. The monuments, attractions, streets we passed were crowded, everyone was radiant and happy. What a positive energy,” he said.

The double-decker buses are labeled to serve the 31st SEA Games. Visitors all wear conical hats, both to avoid the sun and partly to promote Vietnamese culture.

The double-decker buses are labeled to serve the 31st SEA Games. Visitors all wear conical hats, both to avoid the sun and partly to promote Vietnamese culture.

Male athlete Jirasak Pakbuangoen thanked the host Vietnam for the thoughtfulness of the host Vietnam in organizing the SEA Games. He also said that he finds it interesting to see the ancient and modern beauty of the city, along with learning a part of the culture when visiting and listening to explanations about the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam. During the trip he took many photos.

“We are happy because we had time to compete with teammates, compete in big sports events and have the opportunity to experience Vietnamese culture. We had a great time playing with professional organization. Hanoi’s business,” he said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy Director of Yen Vien Bus Enterprise, said the unit ensured hygiene on the bus, arranged staff to serve international guests, and added many backup cars to serve this event. “SEA Games 31 is a big event in Vietnam and Hanoi, through which we want to contribute to promoting the image of the country, its people and hospitality,” he said.

The double-decker bus experience tour of the Hanoi Transport Corporation is free to visit for delegates, coaches, athletes, international journalists attending the 31st SEA Games. This is one of the experiences of Hanoi serving for regional sports festival. From May 12 to now, there have been many large groups of visitors to experience.

Lan Huong


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‘Blockchain HR is not commensurate with the speed of development’

According to Mr. Cai Dang Son – Director of Product & Engineering Navigos Group, Vietnam does not have a blockchain training school, so the industry is always in a state of “thirst” for personnel.

Leader Talks on the topic “Blockchain human resource shortage” took place on May 17 with the participation of Mr. Cai Dang Son – Director of Product & Engineering Navigos Group (owner of Vietnamworks InTECH – employment brand) information technology industry on and Mr. Nguyen Huu An – Co-Founder and CTO of SotaTek Technology Joint Stock Company

At the beginning, Mr. Son pointed out the general picture of the technology human resource market. He said that human resources in the industry are being sought because the current demand for technology application and digital transformation in businesses is huge. In which, banking, insurance, and finance are the fields that are actively recruiting in recent years.

The recent development of blockchain technology has also made many businesses always in the position of “hunting” for talent. Despite the great demand, the industry’s supply of human resources is still limited. “The limited supply leads to a high salary for personnel in this industry. They are willing to open their wallets, but many units are not sure to recruit the right people,” said Mr. Son.

Citing a real-life example, Mr. Son said, the team of programmers always have high remuneration. The probationary salary is equal to 100% of the official salary, 26 days of annual leave, and MacBooks for employees are some of the policies Navigos Group is applying to its team of programmers.

Speakers participated in Leader Talks on the morning of May 17. Image: Screen capture

Explaining the reason for the shortage of personnel in the blockchain industry, Mr. Nguyen Huu An Co-founder and CTO of SotaTek Technology Joint Stock Company believes that blockchain technology and its applications have only been popular and attracted the attention of the community since 2017. Within 5 years, it is very difficult to establish plans. Programmer can learn all the basic knowledge of this technology.

In addition, Mr. An said that, at present, there are no schools or specialized training courses on blockchain technology, so self-study is still mainly leading to a shortage of highly qualified workers in the industry. The number of projects skyrocketing also leads to a situation where demand is greater than supply.

In the face of a shortage of human resources, Mr. Cai Dang Son said that raising wages to attract talent is only a short-term measure. What businesses should do is focus on training programs, improving skills and knowledge for programmers. The risk of this process is that employees can “jump jobs” when they have mastered the skills to move to higher-paying units.

To limit this situation, businesses need to create links with employees. “Enterprises should play a role in guiding the career development of their engineers. This will bring a long-term commitment from two to three years. Otherwise, personnel is easy to leave. after a year of being proficient in the job”, a representative of Navigos Group shared.

Programmers or technologists should also think twice about pursuing attractive salaries in the blockchain industry. Because according to Mr. Son, blockchain like many other technologies will come to a recession. If you focus on chasing the salary and forget about developing other core skills, it will be difficult for HR to go far in their career.

Personnel operating in the blockchain field also face many challenges. Speakers participating in Leader Talks said that staying in the industry is not easy. First, the amount of knowledge, concepts, and models in blockchain technology is many, difficult to access, and difficult to understand for the majority. Personnel who want to learn in-depth must start from equipping them with basic knowledge of technology right from the time they are in school.

Next, the blockchain industry in Vietnam and in the world is not really complete, there are not many guiding documents, techniques have not been unified into standards. Personnel working in this industry must accept being “white mice”. “Because they are the first to contribute to perfecting the technology, programmers have to accept failure, do it later, and rebuild it many times,” said Mr. Nguyen Huu An.

In addition, maintaining a professional conscience is also a big challenge for personnel in the industry. According to the speakers, blockchain is anonymous, the legal regulations are not clear, making it easy to turn it into a tool for profiteering. “A lot of ghost projects, sucking up investors’ capital and then disappearing also stem from the greed of programmers and the team who can’t keep their conscience with the profession,” said Sotatek leader.

According to Mr. Cai Dang Son, working in the technology industry is very stressful because technology is constantly innovating, requiring employees to follow and constantly update knowledge. He believes that, to face challenges and succeed in the blockchain industry, self-knowledge is important for each individual. The Navigos Group representative advises developers to actively research through foreign documents, participate in many workshops or talk to many experts in the field to get a more detailed view of the industry.

Besides, personnel can refer to the technologies that are being commonly recruited through Vietnamworks InTECH. With the diversity of positions and ranks being recruited on Vietnamworks InTech, Mr. Son believes that human resources in the technology industry will not be restricted in terms of age, qualifications or gender. “The current recruiting units only care about the candidate’s problem-solving skills and self-study. It doesn’t matter which school or degree you study, because new technologies are constantly evolving in this field,” he said. Son commented.

Hoai Phuong


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Roland Garros waits for news of Nadal

“King of clay” Rafael Nadal is expected to fly to Paris today, but the possibility of playing at Roland Garros remains open due to a recurrent injury.

Nadal suffered a foot injury in the match against Denis Shapovalov in the third round of the Rome Masters on May 12. He has been training at his academy in his hometown of Mallorca for the past few days and is scheduled to take a flight to Paris today, May 18. But, the Spanish media said that Nadal is still not fully fit in his forte Grand Slam and will reevaluate himself after training sessions in France. He had previously missed six weeks due to a rib fracture and played only five games since the start of the clay season.

Nadal is just the fifth seed at Roland Garros this year, below Djokovic, Medvedev, Zverev and Tsitsipas. Image: ATP

“Honestly, we are impatient about the case of Nadal,” said Roland Garros director, former tennis player Amelie Mauresmo. Eurosport May 17th. “We can only wait for him. I have watched Nadal in Rome. He knows his injury better than anyone. It is an injury that has followed him for many years. We need the greatest tennis player. This court is played on. Nadal also understands what Roland Garros means to him. It would be a huge loss if Nadal is absent.”

Nadal has never missed Roland Garros since his first appearance at the tournament and won in 2005. He holds a record of 13 championships in 16 appearances. Last year Nadal reached the semi-finals, losing against Novak Djokovic in four sets. This is Nadal’s first year at Roland Garros without a title on his forte court.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper AS On May 16, Nadal admitted he was in a hurry to return to play after a six-week break. He said: “Perhaps I was in a hurry. Attending two Masters 1000 tournaments in a row after recovering from injury is a risk. At this age, I have to accept playing with a body that is no longer the same.”

Doctor Angel Ruiz Cottoro, who understands Muller-Weiss pathology of the foot, will take care of Nadal at Roland Garros. The professional advisor of the 21 Grand Slam owner is still former tennis player Carlos Moya. In 2020, Nadal once lost early in the quarterfinals of the Rome Masters, but then won Roland Garros without losing a set.

“Nadal always learns to come back from injury,” said former world number one Mats Wilander. “Nadal’s career proves that he has no limits. I often compare Nadal to the fastest and most fighting horse. Nadal only stops if his legs can’t move. One day he gets injured. will stop him from coming on. But for now, I think Nadal has overcome this injury to play well at Roland Garros. He knows how to take care of himself for the most important tournament of his career.”

Vy Anh (according to Marca)


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Motorbike hybrid car costs 6,600 USD

NetherlandsSquad is a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle, with a solar-powered roof, removable doors, and batteries that can be swapped out in minutes.

Squad (Solar Quad) aims to bring an affordable solar car and the Solar City Car two-seat electric car is the product. The car has a basic design, with large windows, an exposed anti-roll frame, and personality rims. The roof is where solar energy is absorbed, and the car owner can remove the door if desired.

Squad with compact design, large glass doors, and exposed anti-roll frame. Image: Squad

Solar panels on the roof of the car can help you travel 20 km per day. This number is impressive because according to Squad, urban cars in Europe only go about 12 km per day on average.

In winter with little sun, users can rely on a battery pack with a flexible design, changing from a low battery to a fully charged battery in a matter of minutes. The removable battery can be charged via a residential power line, and helps the vehicle to travel up to 100 km per charge.

The vehicle length is only 2,000 mm, making parking easier.  Photo: Squad

The vehicle length is only 2,000 mm, making parking easier. Image: Squad

For an affordable price, the design and equipment are also minimalist. But the car still has a digital clock, and an air conditioning system. The driver even has a phone holder, and uses the smartphone for navigation and infotainment.

The car has two electric motors placed behind, with a capacity of only 5 horsepower. Top speed is also modest at 45 km/h.

The dashboard design is different with cup holders and laptop space.  Photo: Squad

The dashboard design is different with cup holders and laptop space. Image: Squad

The vehicle length is only 2,000 mm, which is equivalent to the width of an SUV like Toyota Land Cruiser or Ford Explorer. Therefore, in a normal parking space, Squad electric cars can park horizontally or vertically without affecting the surrounding.

Squad electric car is expected to go on sale in 2023, with a starting price of 6,600 USD. Currently, the Dutch car company has received a deposit and plans to produce a more powerful version, with 4 seats and a maximum speed of 70 km / h.

Two-seat electric car costs 6,600 USD

Squad’s easily removable car door design. Video: Squad

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