The Gospel which founds fraternal correction

The text. “If your brother has sinned, go and take it between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you’ve won over your brother. But, if he doesn’t listen to you, take one or two people with you (…). If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the Church; and if he also refuses to listen to the Church, let him be like a pagan and a tax collector to you ” (Matthew 18, 15-17).

The context. Jesus delivers this device of fraternal correction as his disciples question him on how to access eternal life. He preceded it with the parable of the lost sheep (“If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine to go and find the one that has gone astray? “). Then comes the deployment of this “disciplinary procedure”.

The chapter concludes with the absolute necessity of forgiveness. This narrative organization demonstrates “The theological necessity of doing everything to find the lost one” on the rule, analysis Daniel Marguerat (1). “The rule does not prescribe what to do about the sinful brother, but what behavior to adopt. The seriousness of the sin committed is not the decisive criterion, but the safeguard of the fraternal bond ”, believes the theologian.



Saturday and Monday

Saturday from the 29e week in ordinary time (Lk 13: 1-9)

“The people reported to Jesus the matter of the Galileans that Pilate had slain …” We would think we were reading the newspaper that tells us about massacres, building collapses, storms, droughts, so many evils caused by the violence of nature or of men who daily kill innocent people and bring astonishment, pain, unanswered questions.

Where is God? And if he is the omnipotence of love, why does he not stop the terrorist’s arm and the unleashing of the wind? It is very difficult for us not to look for a hidden fault in the victims and a ” God’s will “ to punish. But God has done his work of creation by withdrawing and he is fully by our side, helplessly watching the suffering of humans, with infinite pain in the measure without measure of his infinite love.

“But if you do not convert, you will all perish likewise. ” These people who perished, who perish are simple sinners, like us. If we believe that Jesus is God-with-us, then let’s convert, turn to him; to turn away from him would be a certain death of our inner life. And let us have confidence, because God is patient, infinitely, he gives us time. If we are attentive, we recognize the discreet signs of his presence, he believes in us and in the fruitfulness of our life.

A sister of the Carmel of Frileuse

Other texts: Eph 4, 7-16; Ps 121.


Monday from the 30e week in ordinary time (Lk 13, 10-17)

There are a lot of symbolic elements in this text. So the woman is “Linked” by a “Sick mind” and Jesus the “Detach from this link”. The term for this deliverance (v. 15) is the one used when we “Untie his ox or his donkey” (v. 16). Her infirmity, moreover, keeps her in a position which condemns her to look at the ground. It forbids him the vertical position, this mark of humanity which allows the word to be well heard, to the gaze to see well, to foresee, to discern, to anticipate. His relationship to others and to the world is therefore heavily altered. She is prevented from looking up, towards the sky, which represented the place of the divinity. Besides, as soon as she is healed, she raises her praise to God. She perceived that it is not she who “stands up”. The verb, in fact, is in the passive. It is therefore through an Other that she “Is rectified”. This “bent” woman here becomes the symbol of a crippled humanity, deprived of any relationship with God and yet called by him to deliverance. The term that says this “bent” position often meant, at the time, all the “bent” of society, the poor, the weak, the oppressed. They have not disappeared today. Come join those who live withdrawn into their “I”, those who are “closed” in their solitude, those whose “down-to-earth” gaze reduces their existence to materialism … May God straighten them out when life brings them back “Curve” and lift their eyes to the hope that He offers.

Michel bertrand

Other texts: Eph 4, 32 – 5, 8; Ps 1.



Tour de France 2020: Tadej Pogacar, a kid made history

“We witnessed the birth of a great champion”. In all languages, Greg LeMond comments on the feat of Tadej Pogacar, Saturday, September 19, who stole the yellow jersey from his compatriot Primoz Roglic. The American is particularly well placed to judge, he who, in 1989, snatched victory for eight seconds from Frenchman Laurent Fignon in the ultimate time trial, thus offering the United States the second Tour de France of their story.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

Sunday, September 20, it is Tadej Pocagar’s turn to brandish the first Slovenian bouquet, in front of the president of his country, Borut Pahor, expected on the Champs-Élysées.

Rather, we expected Roglic on the Champs-Élysées

At the time of his triumph in 1989, Greg LeMond was 28 years old, the age of maturity it was thought at the time. Tadej Pogacar will blow out his 22 candles this Monday 21, after having achieved one of the greatest sporting exploits of recent years.

→ READ. Tour de France 2020: Tadej Pogacar wins the 20th stage and takes the yellow jersey

Last year, we thought we had seen everything with the coronation at 22 of Colombian Egan Bernal, who seemed set to crush the big towers under his wheels. Victim of a mysterious back pain, Egan Bernal abandoned the 2020 edition along the way. Leaving the field open to a 100% Slovenian mano a mano between Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar.

On the Champs-Élysées, we expected rather the “old” Primoz Roglic (30 years old), almost a minute ahead of the time trial of La Planche des Belles Filles on Saturday 19. Everything was in place to tell again and again the great adventure of this former ski jumper, deprived of titles by the aftermath of a spectacular fall and knocking late on the door of a cycling club to learn everything about cycling. “Its story has almost become a national legend”, Slovenian journalist Polona Bertoncelj told Thursday September 17 in The cross.

Sport, a Slovenian diplomatic weapon

Two days later, the story is quite different. It perfectly illustrates the desire of Slovenia, a country of 2 million inhabitants, to carve out a place for itself in the world thanks to its athletes, first skiers or basketball players, and now cyclists.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

Tadej Pogacar is the pure product of a detection policy put in place by his federation at the beginning of the 2010s. Spotted at 10 years old during a stress test as hundreds of them were then organized in schools, this child of the middle class – her mother is a French teacher and her father is an industrial designer – is immediately taken care of by the best national coaches.

Founded by the Slovenian Andrej Hauptman, currently sports director of the UAE Emirates team, of which he wears the colors, the young Tadej has never betrayed the hopes that were placed in him. Winner of his first national race at 13, of the famous Tour of the Future, the antechamber of champions, at 18, he began to wreak havoc in the professional peloton in 2019. Last year, he won , at 20, the Tour of the Algarve and the Tour of California. As well as three mountain stages in the Tour of Spain, with third place in the final classification, won by Primoz Roglic.

A form of recklessness

As much as Roglic is reasonable and frugal with his efforts and his words, Pogacar is chatty and always inclined to attack. A form of recklessness, undoubtedly dictated by the absence of obstacles on his young course, allowed him to multiply the solitary blows, when his eldest remained well sheltered from his teammates, protected by his powerful Jumbo-Visma team.

→ ANALYSIS. Tour de France 2020: Roglic-Pogacar, two Slovenians at the top

Upon arrival, on Saturday, the youngest had a kind and visibly sincere word for his elder: “I have enormous respect for him, he is a friend, and I am sad for him”. While projecting in a rather relaxed way. Of course things will change but I want to stay the same, train and run with the same mindset. I’m just a kid from Slovenia with two sisters and a brother. I like to have fun, to appreciate life in its little things ”.


Like Cadel Evans in 2011

By stealing the yellow jersey from an opponent the last night before the finish on the Champs-Élysées, Tadej Pogacar took the wheel of Cadel Evans. The Australian had played the same bad
Luxembourgish Andy Schleck’s turn in 2011. Here too, the Tour de France was played at the end of a time trial, organized around Grenoble, on the Saturday before arriving in Paris.



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Tour de France 2020: Tadej Pogacar wins the 20th stage and takes the yellow jersey

Reversal of the situation one day before the final of the Tour de France: Tadej Pogacar dispossessed Primoz Roglic of the yellow jersey, this Saturday, September 19, by winning the time trial of La Planche des Belles Filles, the 20e stage of the Tour.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

In the standings, the young Slovenian (21) from the UAE Emirates team is now almost a minute ahead of his compatriot before the last stage, in principle without impact on the general classification.

If he won the Tour, Pogacar, who will celebrate his 22nd birthday on Monday, would be the youngest post-war winner. Pogacar was 1 min 56 sec behind Roglic, who had been wearing the yellow jersey since leaving the Pyrenees (9th stage), in this 36.2-kilometer time lapse.

Situation reversal

Such a reversal of the situation had not occurred in the Tour since the memorable edition of 1989, when the American Greg LeMond had dispossessed Laurent Fignon of the yellow jersey on the last day in the “Chrono” ending on the Champs-Elysées.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

Roglic, 30, has consistently lagged behind Pogacar. From 13 seconds to the first intermediate score (Km 14.5), the gap increased to 36 seconds at the foot of the final climb. In the classification of the stage, Pogacar pushed back the second, the Dutchman Tom Dumoulin, to 1 min 21 sec, according to an unofficial timing.



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Clément Giraud, the first miracle worker in the Vendée Globe

They say it’s a victory to be at the start of the Vendée. »With a happy face, Clément Giraud cheerfully takes up this phrase very often heard on the quays of Sables d’Olonne as the start of the round-the-world solo approaching, non-stop and without assistance. And in the small game of comparisons of the skipper’s galleys, the Toulonnais is undoubtedly the big winner of this year 2020, while the 9e edition of the Vendée Globe, which will be kicked off by Christian Prudhomme, the boss of the Tour de France, on November 8 at 1:02 p.m. sharp.

→ ANALYSIS. Vendée Globe: “We couldn’t imagine a start without an audience”

Setting up a Vendée Globe project is often an obstacle course. You have to build, buy or rent a boat, find sponsors, set up a technical team to prepare the machine, manage hazards, ensure stewardship and paperwork, etc. So, when everything goes wrong and the pitfalls multiply in the last months, it becomes mission impossible. Yet Clément Giraud did so despite a cascade of bad news almost never seen in the small world of ocean racing.

“I experienced what the navy has always experienced, recounts, serene, the 39-year-old sailor. Since the dawn of time, we have fought to arm boats, to find crews, etc. It is the daily lot of sailors, we had perhaps forgotten it a little. I had the misfortune, or the luck, to live an adventure of sailor… on land.

” It’s magic “

Perfectly launched in the preparation of the Vendée Globe 2020 and ready to take the start of the Jacques-Vabre transatlantic race, Clément Giraud sees his boat go up in smoke along a quay in Le Havre on October 21, 2019. Three weeks later, his boat major sponsor throws in the towel. A state of emergency is declared to find a new budget, but containment freezes everything in March. Due to lack of time and money, the boat could not be repaired. But Erik Nigon, another sailor in need of euros, reaches out to him and the two men join forces during the summer.

To still be able to hope to be at the start of the Vendée Globe, the skipper who grew up in the West Indies must complete a solo qualification course. This was done in July at the helm of Erik Nigon’s boat. ” We were able to bounce back thanks to the whole team and our partners, explains Clément Giraud. I met Erik, who allowed me to qualify and then gave me his boat. I don’t know if it’s a miracle but in any case life is well done.

But one problem – one more! – remains: the Vendée Globe regulations require that a skipper take the start with the boat he had at the time of registration. Clément’s was eaten away by flames … ” When my sponsor let me go, I said to myself “I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, and we’ll see”. Erik lends me his boat then I do the Vendée Arctic-Les Sables (he ranked 16e, Editor’s note). There I was told that I was sportingly qualified. So I officially requested an exemption to run the Vendée Globe with another boat than initially planned. And it was granted to me in August.

Derogation, new partners …

Since then, Erik Nigon has given up sailing around the globe to join Clément Giraud’s team. He is also expected to be his replacement skipper in the event of a new last minute glitch. ” Our project is to transmit and share, insists Clément Giraud. Our strength, with my family, my wife and my children, is people. In the good sense of the word. That’s what gave me courage and helped me get out of it all. We’re doing an amazing thing. We don’t need to publicize it, we feel it, we see it, we live it.

→ READ. In sailing races, the wind is money

Seven weeks before the start of a Vendée Globe that the Var sailor hopes to complete in less than 87 days – ” the boat record »- all the lights are finally green with the recent arrival of two major partners, La Compagnie du Lit and Jiliti, who now give the boat its name. ” Clément Giraud is a warrior of the seas, a sailor with real values. Being by his side was obvious, tell Éric Romedenne, President of La Compagnie du Lit, on the skipper’s official website. His fights will not be in vain. “

Reinforced by all the hardships of recent months, the Toulon sailor warns: “ Within my team, considering everything that has happened this year, I think I can say that we are ready for anything. “ Even to forget October 21, 2019. To put behind them definitely twelve months of hardship concluded with a big smile.



Tour de France 2020: Kragh Andersen wins the 19th stage, Roglic still serene

At 24 hours before the meeting of La Planche des Belles Filles, the Danish Soeren Kragh Andersen removed the 19th stage of the Tour de France, Friday, September 18, in Champagnole (Jura), without any consequences for the general classification led by Primoz Roglic .

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

The gap between Roglic and his runner-up Tadej Pogacar remained the same (57 seconds). In this duel between Slovenes, he barely leaves a zest of uncertainty on a hypothetical reversal of the situation before the arrival on Sunday in Paris.

A second success in a week

For the stage victory, Kragh Andersen preceded the Slovenian Luka Mezgec by almost a minute, who settled the first chase group ahead of the Belgian Jasper Stuyven. Long before the arrival of the peloton, some seven and a half minutes from the winner of the day.

Kragh Andersen (26), winner of Paris-Tours in 2018, scored his second success in a week after winning the 14th stage in Lyon last Saturday, also solo. And also the third of the Sunweb team, who came to the Tour with the sole objective of hunting down stages.

The transition stage at the exit of the Alps, towards Franche-Comté, gave material, under the heat, to a long solitary breakaway of the French Rémi Cavagna, a teammate of the green jersey Sam Bennett.

Sagan muzzled

Gone in the first few minutes, as if he wanted to justify his nickname “Clermont-Ferrand TGV”, the Auvergnat delivered a time trial, with favorable wind, on the often straight roads of the first part of the stage. He was controlled remotely by Peter Sagan’s Bora team, which gave him a maximum advantage of 3 minutes, and was joined 115 kilometers further by a trio of counter-attackers (Rolland, Cosnefroy, Rowe).

40 kilometers from the finish, the race was unbridled despite a general regrouping operated by the formation of Sagan. One group (Naesen, Rowe, Bauer, Mezgec, Van Avermaet, Trentin, Sagan, Bennett, Devenyns, Kragh Andersen, Arndt, Stuyven) formed in two stages as they approached the last 30 kilometers.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

The peloton did not insist as many teams were represented at the front by their sprinters. After a first try by the Italian Matteo Trentin, Kragh Andersen attacked 16 kilometers from the line and widened the gap on his former companions, tangled in their tactical calculations.

Sagan couldn’t do anything. Deprived of a teammate in the final and closely watched by Sam Bennett, who ran exclusively in defense of his green jersey, the Slovak ended up resigning himself.

Saturday, the only time trial of the Tour is contested over 36.2 kilometers between Lure and La Planche des Belles Filles. The route, flat or on an uphill slope, ends with an ascent classified in the first category to reach the Haute-Saône station, on the eve of the Champs-Élysées.



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A 2020 Tour de France dominated by Slovenia and Colombia

The French atomized, the Italians scattered, the Belgians overwhelmed. These three nations, totaling 54 victories out of the 106 completed Tours de France, have not been at the party since the start of the Tour de France. Among the great traditional cycling nations, only Spain saves the honor, far from the Colombian and Slovenian headliners who are vying for the first places in the general classification.

With five participants – including one of the main favorites, Primoz Roglic, and a closely guarded youngster, Tadej Pogacar – Slovenia was well represented at the start of Nice. But neither Roglic nor Pogacar then seemed able to crush the competition as they have been doing for two weeks.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107th edition

This did not fail to unleash the enthusiasm of the supporters. “In recent days, we’ve seen lots of flags on the side of the road, it’s crazy, said the yellow jersey on the evening of the Loze stage. It gives extra strength. I don’t know what’s going on in the country, but I hope they enjoy it. “

The yellow jersey firmly attached to Slovenian shoulders

Last year, it was the yellow blue blood red flags that had arisen, saluting the exploits of the Colombian, Egan Bernal. But the young prodigy is not able to double the bet this year, eliminated by a mysterious back pain. Mourning a nation where “Cycling is one of the rare points of agreement in a divided country”, according to Emmanuel Hubert, boss of the Arkea-Samsic training which has three Colombians in its ranks.

Miguel Angel Lopez on the revival for Colombia

Bernal out of service and Nairo Quintana handicapped by a nasty elbow injury, the Colombian banner has lost its splendor. It is worn by Rigoberto Uran, 33, a regular in the Top 10 in the big towers and by Miguel Angel Lopez, 26, also subscribed to the rolls of honor. Son of a very poor family, this pure product of the work of Colombian detectors, who crisscross the country in search of new nuggets, has however taken a further step after winning the formidable stage of the Loze pass, this Wednesday, September 16 .

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

If we can speak of a Colombian school, with a strong federation founded in the 1930s, Slovenia is a newcomer in the field of cycling. The national sports are rather basketball, handball and especially and skiing, in all its forms: jumping, alpine, nordic… It is moreover thanks to images of a spectacular fall that Primoz Roglic, then jumper in skiing in the national team, made its entry on YouTube.

With its 2 million inhabitants, including 1,600 licensed, ten times less than the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes regional league alone, Slovenia has only two professional Continental-level teams (2e division). Colombia is much more provided in terms of clubs and teams, but struggles to impose high level events in the international calendar, mainly due to its geographical location.

However, these two nations come together in an inglorious field, that of doping, where they collect suspensions from professional riders. In this sad exercise, none of the big names of the 2020 Tour, whether Slovenian or Colombian, has ever been mentioned.



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Tour de France 2020: Roglic-Pogacar, two Slovenians at the top

“The story of Roglic and his famous phone call, we tell it several times a week in one form or another on the air. It has become a kind of fairy tale with us ”, explains Polona Bertoncelj, reporter on the Tour de France for RTV, the Slovenian public television.

Primoz Roglic has to pay for his bike

The story is indeed beautiful. It begins with a phone call from a ski jumper who has just retired from the national team, having decided to exchange his skis for a bike at 22. On the other end of the phone, the correspondent’s name is Andrej Hauptman and he is a coach of one of the main Slovenian clubs, where the young man is claiming a place.

Rejected of course, but with a consolation ticket in the form of an impossible condition: the young Roglic, since it is about him, is well authorized to line up in certain minor races under the colors of the club, to condition of buying a bike and paying for your own trips … The equivalent of 5,000 € per year.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

The rest is known, since the future yellow jersey of the Tour de France will collect the sum, will take roustes for two years in the local races, before learning the basics of this new profession very different from that of springboard jumper: it is necessary learn to ride in a peloton, to feed in the race, to rub in a final. From fall to fall, he ended up standing out from the crowd, to the point of turning pro and winning a stage in the Tour of Italy in 2016. Finally justifying the hopes that he alone had for his future.

This stubborn and lonely course largely explains its behavior during the race. He’s just smiling after a win and stingy with comments in front of the cameras. “He’s a guy who has learned to calculate everything, including the energy spent in the rare interviews he gives”, explains journalist Polona Bertoncelj.

This does not bother this Slovenian family they met Thursday, September 17 at the top of the Col des Saisies, all dressed in yellow. “In Slovenia, he is popular because of his difficult course, he had to give up his ambitions in ski jumping, because of a very serious fall, for him cycling was a question of survival”, said the father.

The fairies of cycling leaning over the young Pogacar

Quite the opposite of Tadej Pogacar, who was born with a silver bicycle in his cradle. Not that his family is very rich, but he hardly had to make an effort to join the high level. Just respond favorably to an advertisement and a roller stress test organized by the Federation’s recruiting officers before being admitted into the federal fold. He was immediately followed by the best technicians, including the famous Andrej Hauptmann, who told a completely different story about him in “The Team” a few days ago: “When he won his first race in 2014, at age 13, I called my wife and said to her: we have a champion! “

The prognosis has never wavered. The gifted youngster was national junior champion in the chrono in 2016, then national champion hope on the road, before winning the Tour de l’Avenir in 2018. On his momentum, he joined the peloton of the pros, moved to Monaco like the greats. and imposes its mark on major races from its first season. In 2019, he won the Tour of the Algarve, the Tour of California and removed three mountain stages of the Tour of Spain 2019, won by Primoz Roglic.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

As much as one is calm and measured, the other willingly leaves with a clear sword, faithful to a tactic requiring a good dose of confidence. “As soon as I can I attack. What do I have to lose as long as I give my best? Somewhere, the result doesn’t matter ”, he said on the evening of his stage victory on September 6 at Laruns, in the Pyrenees.

He had supplanted his elder on the finish line who had donned the yellow jersey on September 6. Glory day for two very different Slovenians, both cut out to dominate world cycling in the near future. But each in their own way.



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Vendée Globe: “We couldn’t imagine a start without an audience”

Roland Garros ? Postponed. The tour of France ? Postponed. If the two main annual meetings of the French sports calendar had to change their dates to be able to be held normally in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis, another tricolor juggernaut quickly returned to the discussions as soon as the confinement pronounced in March .

The Vendée Globe, the most prestigious single-handed sailing race in the world, the ultimate adventure contested non-stop and without assistance via three legendary capes (Bonne-Espérance, Leeuwin and Horn) and three oceans (Atlantic, Indian, Pacific), he said. be able to set off from Les Sables d’Olonne in early November?

→ LAST MAY… A Vendée Globe with or without an audience

Have you asked yourself the question? “Asks, teasing, Yves Auvinet when we want to know if a postponement to 2021 of the“ Vendée ”, which takes place every four years, has been considered in recent months. ” When the pandemic arrived, obviously the question was addressed but we never wanted to sink into pessimism », Continues the president of the general council of Vendée and president of the SAEM Vendée which organizes the race. ” We have always been optimistic despite the situation. This Vendée Globe, we’ve been preparing for it for two years and I’ve never been afraid it won’t leave. At worst, only the race would start.

At worst », The expression is released by the conductor of the round the world. Because, any major sporting event and any “Everest of the seas” that it is, the Vendée Globe is also worth the crowd it drains in Les Sables d’Olonne. Hundreds of thousands of people follow one another for three weeks in the heart of the Sablais departure village, on the day of departure and the successive days of arrival of the lone sailors. During the last edition in 2016-2017, the organizer thus put forward the figure of two million spectators in total (including 350,000 at the start). An impressive crowd that is part of the race’s DNA and that should be pampered.

A starting village of 30,000 m²

A public that the SAEM Vendée did not plan to leave stranded this fall near Les Sables. ” We couldn’t imagine a departure without an audience », Confirms Yves Auvinet,« contact case »stayed at home on Thursday, September 17, while the Vendée Globe made its great Parisian presentation in the prestigious setting of the Palais Brongniart. ” The Vendée Globe is a human adventure inseparable from its audience.

→ READ. In sailing races, the wind is money

However, the new coronavirus is still there. And, from next October 17, the opening date of a departure village whose area of ​​30,000 m² has not been reduced despite the context, the organizers obviously plan to adapt their reception to the health recommendations required by authorities. A necessary step to maintain the event and maintain a link with the public.

We had to work well and be responsible, insists Yves Auvinet while the protocol is still in the discussion phase and could still evolve by the beginning of November if the situation requires it. Everyone will understand the health protocol, even if there are constraints. For this departure, we do not exclude the party. Caution should not turn into stagnation.

“Thank you to the organizers”

While the professionals of Sablais and Vendée tourism are also impatiently awaiting the “Vendée”, the town of Sables d’Olonne wants to perpetuate the tradition as best as possible. ” We must remain attractive to the loved one, gets carried away Yannick Moreau, the mayor of Sablé. The city has become beautiful for you, with an enlarged Vendée Globe square to better accommodate the public. We put on our finery.

A commendable effort that even the skippers salute. ” There is pressure because we note the efforts of the organizers who managed to keep the race going, said Louis Burton, skipper of Bureau Vallée, during the presentation of the event. It makes you want to do the best possible … ” On the pontoons, a saying goes that being at the start of the Vendée Globe is already a first victory. This is certainly even more true this year.


Opening of the village starting October 17 in Les Sables d’Olonne

Reception capacity limited to 5,000 people at the same time, with real-time flow management and an imposed direction of movement

Free access, on reservation

Mandatory mask wearing and respect for barrier gestures

For the skippers, strict containment seven days before departure

Obligation to present a negative PCR test dated less than 72 hours for the organization, teams and media


33 skippers at the start, including 6 women

Alexia Barrier (TSE – 4MyPlanet, rookie)
Manuel Cousin (Sétin Group, rookie)
Clarisse Crémer (Banque Populaire X, rookie)
Charlie Dalin (Apivia, rookie)
Benjamin Dutreux (Omia – Water Family, rookie)
Kevin Escoffier (PRB, rookie)
Clément Giraud (Bed company – Jiliti, rookie)
Damien Seguin (Apicil Group, rookie)
Sébastien Simon (Arkea – Paprec, rookie)
Maxime Sorel (V and B – Mayenne, rookie)
Armel Tripon (L’Occitane en Provence, rookie)
Nicolas Troussel (Corum L’Epargne, rookie)
Pip Hare (GBR / Medallia, rookie)
Boris Herrmann (ALL / Sea Explorer – Yacht Club Monaco, rookie)
Ari Huusela (FIN / Stark, rookie)
Isabelle Joschke (FRA-ALL / MACSF, rookie)
Miranda Merron (GBR / Campagne de France, rookie)
Giancarlo Pedote (ITA / Prysmian Group, rookie)
Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest – Art & Fenêtres, 2e participation)
Romain Attanasio (Pure – Best Western, 2e participation)
Yannick Bestaven (Maître CoQ IV, 2e participation)
Didac Costa (ESP / One Planet One Ocean, 2e participation)
Sébastien Destremau (Thank you, 2e participation)
Stéphane Le Diraison (Time for Oceans, 2e participation)
Alan Roura (SUI / La Fabrique, 2e participation)
Thomas Rouillard (LinkedOut, 2e participation)
Kojiro Shiraishi (JAP / DMG Mori Global One, 2e participation)
Jérémie Beyou (Charal, 4e participation)
Arnaud Boissières (La Mie Câline – Artsians Artipole, 4e participation)
Louis Burton (Office Vallée 2, 3e participation)
Sam Davies (GBR / Core Initiatives, 3e participation)
Alex Thomson (GBR / Hugo Boss, 5e participation)
Jean Le Cam (Yes we Cam !, 5e participation)



Tour de France 2020: Michal Kwiatkowski wins in the 18th stage

The Ineos Grenadiers team saved the honor in the Tour de France 2020: the Polish Michal Kwiatkowski won the 18th stage, the last in the Alps, this Thursday, September 17 in La Roche-sur-Foron (Haute-Savoie), the day after the retirement of the outgoing winner, the Colombian Egan Bernal. Michal Kwiatkowski arrived arm in arm with another rider from the British formation, the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz, winner of the last Giro.

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The latter, at the forefront in the three Alpine stages, consoles himself by seizing the polka dot jersey. The wearer of the yellow jersey, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic (Jumbo), kept intact his advantage of 57 seconds over his runner-up and compatriot Tadej Pogacar, three days before the finish in Paris.

In this 175-kilometer stage, Ineos obtained his first success since the start, his first also in a stage of the Tour since the victory of the Briton Geraint Thomas at L’Alpe d’Huez on July 19, 2018. World champion in 2014, Michal Kwiatkowski, 30, captured his first stage success in the Tour he is contesting for the 7e time. But the Pole, one of the great runners of the peloton, has played a major role in the last three successes (Froome, then Thomas, Bernal finally) of the British formation, formerly Sky.

Van Aert transformed into a climber

Two races took place remotely during this last alpine day, one to win the stage, the other for the general classification. At the front, a quartet ended up emerging after the first pass (Cormet de Roselend). The fall of the Swiss Marc Hirschi in the descent of the Col des Saisies then left the Spaniard Pello Bilbao caught between Richard Carapaz and Michal Kwiatkowski.

On the very steep slopes of the climb to the Glières plateau, 6 kilometers at an average of 11.2%, Pello Bilbao let go some 37 kilometers from the finish. His two companions then widened the gap to reach the finish together, with 1.51 minutes ahead of the Belgian Wout Van Aert, the fastest of the pursuers.

In the group of podium candidates, the Spaniard Mikel Landa took the lead. The pace dictated by Van Aert, transformed into a climber, pushed several top 10 riders (A. Yates, Uran, Valverde) to a break and caused Landa’s attempt to fail. Roglic, titillated by Pogacar, wanted to get out of the stony sector following the climb, in which Richie Porte was delayed due to a puncture. The Australian, 4e of the standings, managed to get into the final.

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Friday, the 19e stage is aimed at sprinters and backpackers, in conclusion of the 166.5 kilometers leading from Bourg-en-Bresse to Champagnole. On the eve of the only time trial of the event.



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