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Revaluation of the salary of home helpers: “It was the forgotten ones of Ségur” of health, justifies the LREM deputy of Loiret

The amendment to the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) tabled by the Minister for Autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon, to obtain a salary increase for home helpers, is debated from Tuesday, October 20 in the Assembly national. “They were the forgotten people of Ségur” health, justifies on franceinfo Caroline Janvier, LREM deputy of Loiret.

franceinfo: Is it a victory?

Caroline Janvier: Yes of course. It was in a way the forgotten of Ségur even though we know the essential role played by home helpers with people with loss of autonomy. It was important for us that as of this PLFSS they have an increase in their salary, in the same way as in nursing homes and hospitals, the effort during the health crisis was recognized for caregivers.

Why is it so important to help the home help industry?

Because sometimes it’s the only contact people have at home. These are the people who come to give the showers, prepare the meal, do the shopping for the elderly. In the construction of the fifth branch, which we are going to continue with a law of old age and autonomy, the home help sector is at the heart of what we want to do.

Home helpers are turning more and more to retirement homes or hospitals where they can benefit from wage assistance. What do you think ?

There was already a difficulty in terms of attractiveness for these professions which are little recognized and little valued. The fact of upgrading nursing homes only increases the attractiveness of nursing homes compared to the home and this is a real risk. This is why we wanted this PLFSS to increase the remuneration of home helpers, the 200 million euros that are put on the table by the government will allow from April to have an increase salary for home helpers. It is an effort which is not sufficient and which will have to be continued; we will have the opportunity to debate it when the old age law is adopted.

This increase will be 15%, a hundred euros, it is less than the staff of hospitals and retirement homes. Why ?

We cannot yet be as precise on the exact amount of the increase because the departments will have to abound, we hope for the government to reach 200 million, since it is a competence of the departments. There will be a certain number of negotiations with the social partners and the departments to have an upgrading that is satisfactory. If the departments want to keep this competence, they will have to participate financially in these upgrades. Home helpers are between 100,000 and 200,000 in France.

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Decapitated teacher: in Montpellier, a charter of secularism was put in place last month

Michaël Delafosse, mayor of Montpellier, June 24, 2020 (PASCAL GUYOT / AFP)

Three days after the assassination of Samuel Paty, a teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the PS mayor of Montpellier Michaël Delafosse, explained on franceinfo that he had put in place in September a charter of secularism for the associations of the metropolis. “Everyone will have to sign it because it is public money. I lay down the rule and I make it respect”, he added. Michaël Delafosse will cut subsidies to associations that do not respect this charter.

“What I wanted with my municipal team is that any association that receives public money, which is made available to premises to promote community life, undertakes to respect the principle of secularism”, explained the mayor of Montpellier and president of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. “If I notice that an association prohibits women, because they are women, from entering premises made available to the municipality, I will intervene. The subsidies will be cut immediately and the premises will be sealed. Similarly, if a room made available to an association becomes a place of prayer or proselytism “, he said.

The goal for Michaël Delafosse is to remind associations of the 1905 law on secularism, to avoid community abuses: “In Montpellier as elsewhere, there are pressures of a community order which are forces of withdrawal. There cannot be a communitarian project. We must be firm each time it occurs.”

For the mayor of Montpellier, the assassination of the history-geography professor last Friday must provoke real reactions at the local level, as at the level of the government: “There must be a before and an after. Our society must re-mobilize around our principles, our values ​​and our rules. When we compromise on our rules, we do not get away with it. We need clarity. “

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Expulsions of radicalized foreigners: a complex procedure

231 foreigners among the 8,000 registered in the radicalized files will be expelled. They are suspected of wanting to take part in terrorist activities. 180 of these people are imprisoned and will be deported at the end of their sentence according to Gérald Darmanin. 51 are said to be in the process of being arrested. But in order to be able to expel them, their country of origin must agree to receive them. It is partly for this reason that the Minister of the Interior was in Morocco last week.

The 231 foreigners listed are nationals of at least four countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Russia. Even in an irregular situation, a foreigner cannot be deported to a country where he could be ill-treated. “France is a signatory to a number of treaties and in particular to the European Convention on Human Rights, which does not allow people to return to a country where they risk their life or safety. But we still have to justify of this impossibility “, explains Me Patrick Berdugo, lawyer at the Paris bar. Each year in France, an average of 30,000 people are subject to expulsion proceedings.

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VIDEO. Closing of mosques: what are the risks of contestation?

The Pantin mosque (Seine-Saint-Denis) will be closed for at least six months. The decision was made just days after the attack that claimed the life of Professor Samuel Paty. But can this political decision be overturned by the courts? “It’s a possibility“, explains Benjamin Delombre, on the set of France 3. And to explain:”If the administrative judges are seized, they will have to examine very quickly the legality or not of the prefectural decree.

The prefect decided to close for the sole purpose of preventing the commission of terrorist acts. But is the mere broadcast of a video calling for Samuel Paty’s dismissal sufficient reason to close a place of worship?“Asks the journalist, who explains that according to the lawyers contacted by France 3,” it is not certain “. But they also specify that”other non-public material, such as intelligence notes, can also help judges decide“.

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Assassination of Samuel Paty: seven people were referred to be presented to an anti-terrorism judge

The custody of nine other people, however, was lifted Tuesday evening, without being prosecuted at this stage.

The custody of the last seven people still involved in the investigation into the assassination of Samuel Paty is soon coming to an end.

Seven people (five adults and two minors) were referred the night of Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 October to be presented to an anti-terrorist judge, with a view to opening a judicial investigation and possible indictments “in the day of Wednesday”, learned franceinfo from a judicial source.

>> Follow the latest information on the Samuel Paty affair in our direct

Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui and the father who called for Samuel Paty’s resignation are among those presented to an anti-terrorism judge on Wednesday, a judicial source told franceinfo.

The other three adults are relatives of the terrorist suspected of having helped him. The two minors are suspected of having informed the assailant about the victim in exchange for money. The custody of nine other people, however, was lifted Tuesday evening, without being prosecuted at this stage.

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Pope Francis defends the creation of a “civil union” for same-sex couples, in documentary

The Argentine Pope spoke on this subject in a documentary by director Evgeny Afineevsky, presented at the Rome Film Festival, Wednesday, October 21.

A small revolution. Pope Francis defended the rights of gay couples, “children of God”, to live in a “civil union” that protects them legally. “What is needed is a law of civil union”, pleads the Argentine Pope in a documentary by Russian director Evgeny Afineevsky, presented at the Rome Film Festival, Wednesday, October 21.

In this movie dedicated to the pope, entitled Francesco, this last also believes that homosexual people “have the right to a family”. “No one should be left out or made miserable” because he is “homosexual”, emphasizes Pope Francis.

His statements in Spanish follow, in the film, the testimony of a homosexual, father of three, who asked him in a letter whether they should attend church.

Since his election as pope, Francis had already mentioned, without rejection, the notion of civil union for people of the same sex. In the documentary, however, he pleads with unprecedented force for this legal model. The Sovereign Pontiff nevertheless remains firmly opposed to marriage for homosexual couples, this type of union necessarily having to be made, according to him, between a man and a woman.

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Assassination of Samuel Paty: Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui indicted says he is “stunned, devastated”

“Justice is wrong target,” said his lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui was indicted Wednesday (October 21) for “complicity in assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, franceinfo learned on Wednesday through his lawyer. It is “stunned, devastated”, indicated the one who assures his defense and who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to his defender, Abdelhakim Sefrioui “ignored everything” of the terrorist project of Abdoullah Anzarov who assassinated Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography in a college of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in the middle of the street. He believes that it is especially necessary “look for those who recruited the terrorist, who incited him to take action”. He denounces an investigation which “is only interested in second knives, in simple accomplices when the danger is elsewhere”.

Adbelhakim Sefrioui is notably implicated for having participated in the mobilization against the teacher. He had also accompanied the father to college who had come to complain about the teacher’s behavior, and he had also posted a video on social networks. According to his lawyer, there is no proof, for the moment, that this video provoked the act of the terrorist. “Has Anzarov seen this video? It remains to be proven. He surely didn’t need this to murder.”, continued the lawyer. The same line of defense was offered by the student’s father who posted the video.

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Assault near the Eiffel Tower: two women indicted for meeting violence and racist comments

One of them has been placed under judicial supervision, the other woman is in pre-trial detention.

After the knife attack of two women near the Eiffel Tower on Sunday, two women were indicted, franceinfo learned from judicial sources on Thursday 22 October. They are prosecuted for violence in a meeting, with the use of a weapon, drunkenness and comments of a racist nature. One of them was placed under judicial supervision, and the other woman in pre-trial detention.

According to the complaint of the victims that Franceinfo was able to consult, they explain that they were walking with their family, with children when a dog arrived, scaring the children. They then asked the owners of the animal to keep it on a leash. “Dirty Arabs”, Rcome home “, the insults flew before the stab wounds. One of the walkers was hit in the skull, her cousin had a punctured lung.

The Paris prosecutor’s office has opened a judicial investigation for willful violence with a weapon, in a meeting and of a racist nature.

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One of the victims of the knife attack near the Eiffel Tower denounces “a racist act”

It all started with an argument over a dog that was not on a leash. The two women accused of assaulting the other two were indicted. The Paris prosecutor’s office retained the racist nature of the attack.

The two women accused of stabbing two women on the Champ de Mars in Paris, Sunday, October 18, were indicted for “willful violence of a racist nature”. One was placed under judicial supervision, the other in pre-trial detention. It all started with an argument over their dog who was not on a leash, then the tone rose. The two victims denounce a racist attack.

Four days after the assault, 19-year-old Kenza still has a bandage around his head, a severe stomach ache and looks exhausted. On the evening of the assault, she walks with her family, five adults and four children, on the Champ de Mars. A dog, a pitbull according to her, then approaches the little ones. The two owners of the animal, two women in their twenties, arrive. They are alcoholic and the tone rises immediately, says Kenza: “One of the women approached my sister, who is veiled, and wanted to tear off her veil. So I intervened. At that time, they called us ‘dirty Arabs’. They were violent. “

She did not stop, she was relentless. His goal was to kill me.Kenza, 19

Kenza is injured in the head, stomach and arm. Her veiled cousin receives six stab wounds, one of which punctures the lung, she is still in the hospital. For Kenza, the racist nature of this assault is beyond doubt: “It is clearly a racist act for me, it is important to underline it because it was not a simple news item or a simple assault. It was aimed at my origin or my religion.”

This version is contested by counsel for one of the respondents. “We are overbidding, or even over-victimization, considers master Bernard Solitude. This does not demonstrate that this aggression of which the victims speak was carried out for the sole and unique reason that they are of Muslim religion. “

The Paris prosecutor’s office has retained the racist nature of the attack. Kenza and his lawyer are now asking that the facts be reclassified as attempted homicide.

Assault on the Champ de Mars: listen to the testimony collected by Margaux Stive

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Poland: abortion prohibited in cases of severe fetal malformation

The right to abortion ever more in danger. The Polish Constitutional Court has given a very controversial green light to a further tightening of the abortion law, already among the most restrictive in the European Union, by outlawing abortion in the event of a serious malformation of the fetus, Thursday 22 October .

In line with the wishes of the ruling Ultra-Catholic Nationalist Party, Law and Justice (PiS), the judgment therefore restricts the right to abortion only to cases of danger to death for the pregnant woman and pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.

This decision is a priori final, even if it is already contested by the liberal opposition and women’s rights organizations in this country considered to be deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition.

Court President Julia Przylebska said existing legislation allowing abortion of malformed fetuses was “incompatible” with the country’s Constitution.

This decision provoked an immediate critical reaction from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic. “Eliminating the grounds for almost all legal abortions in Poland is practically equivalent to banning them and violating human rights”, considered the Commissioner in a press release. This decision “translates into clandestine abortions or [pratiqués] abroad for those who can afford it, and in more suffering for others “, she insisted.