Health Tips: If you want to protect your eyes from weakness, then try these amazing measures

Health Tips: Given the lifestyle of today, it is very common to have weakness or blurred eyes. Nowadays, it is not a big thing to see both adults and children in eye glasses. This is because people keep their eyes fixed in phones and tablets throughout the day, stick to more TV, color in hair and do different types of experiments etc. This can cause problems such as eye irritation, watery, blurred vision or red eyes. Apart from this, due to stressful life and unbalanced eating, there is weakness in the eyes, so today we are going to tell you some easy tips to protect the eyes from weakness.

Exercise eyes
For this, you hold a pen or pencil at an arm’s length and hold it in front of your eyes and slowly bring it towards your eyes. As long as you don’t see it clearly, keep watching it. After this, take it away slowly. Do this 10 to 15 times. This will give a lot of comfort to your eyes and will also remove the weakness of the eyes.

Massage the eyes
Massaging the eyes keeps blood circulation good and also relaxes the muscles of the eyes. Due to this, the tier glands of the eyes also work well and there is no problem of dryness in the eyes. For this, massage your eyelids and eyebrows with your fingers for 10-20 seconds. Massage with your palms for eye fatigue. For this, generate energy by rubbing the palms and keeping them on closed eyes. By doing this, you get immediate relief.

Crush eyes with ice
The eyes are swollen with ice and swelling and tension is removed. For this, wrap ice in a clean cloth and keep it on closed eyes. You can also use rose water, it is also good for reducing stress and tired eyes. Apart from this, pieces of cucumber also give relief to the eyes.

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Covid-19 vaccine: permission to test the third phase of India’s first indigenous vaccine, know about covicin

Covid-19 vaccine: Permission has been granted to start the third phase of human trials on India’s first vaccine candidate. Bharat Biotech India Limited (BBIL) in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has developed the cocaine vaccine.

India’s permission to test on indigenous Kovid-19 vaccine

About three months ago in July, Bharat Biotech was allowed to conduct the first and second phase of human trials. Since then, cases of corona virus infection in India have crossed 77 lakh. In this way, India has become the worst affected country by corona virus in the world.

Phase III human trials are expected to begin next month, with approval to begin testing. On Tuesday, the committee of the Drug Control Authority of India deliberated on the vaccine and gave approval while suggesting minor changes in the process of human testing.

Kovacine is India’s first indigenous vaccine candidate for the fight against the corona virus. The company’s developed cocaine from Hyderabad falls under the category of passive vaccine. This means that the virus has been deactivated and will not have the ability to infect anyone.

Next month human trials will be conducted in 19 places

According to the pharma company, the fraction of corona virus was isolated at the National Institute of Virology, Pune and transferred to Bharat Biotech. The indigenous, inert vaccine was developed and manufactured at Bharat Biotech Center in Hyderabad. After conducting initial phase trials on animals, the pharma company had sought approval from the Drug Control Authority to begin the next phase of testing on humans.

In July, the company conducted its first and second phase human trials. Venkat Rao, a doctor associated with the test, said that there would be an increase in anti-body build up in Volunteer after being given a dose. Lab samples also did not reveal any side-effects after the vaccine was placed in Volantier. Seeing the potential side-effects of the vaccine, the drug control authority therefore allowed the pharma company to conduct the final phase of human trials.

It is said that 28 thousand 500 people will be involved in the final phase of human trials in India. According to reports, Volunteer will be given two doses of the experimental vaccine at an interval of 28 days. The trial of covaxin will be done at 19 places including Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Lucknow.

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Does your hair stand in horror? This is a sign of your well being, know how

Are you watching a movie and a dangerous scene ensues, then do your hair stand? If you are reading a novel in which you encounter a dangerous character or plotting in such a way that there is suspense, then there is a shudder inside you?

Science has found the reason for this. If you face such a situation, then you are healthy. Experts from Harvard University and Oxford University have jointly conducted research and revealed that the experience of standing up is associated with a person’s health and personality. Experts have found that people who experience this have a strong connection with other people. Such people achieve success in the educational field and their health is also better than other people.

During the research, many experiments were conducted on 100 people. Researchers examined the reaction on their body by wearing a monitoring device. Along with this, by examining them, tried to know what psychological reaction is seen. The result showed that 55 percent of women and 45 percent of men experienced this.

During research, it was found that the relationship of such people is strong with their relatives and health is also good. Researchers say that the experience of standing up to people is such that people have a positive and good physical structure. He further told that during research he came to know that personal habits play an important role.



Covid-19 Vaccine: Who will get the first dose on priority basis in India, Health Minister has given this indication

The Union Health Minister has indicated priority amid the expectation of Kovid-19 vaccine in India. On Sunday, Dr. Harsh Vardhan told that the vaccine dose will be given first to the people connected with healthcare. He also told that the much awaited Feluda paper strip test may come out in the next few weeks.

Who will get the Kovid-19 vaccine first?

The Union Health Minister cautioned people about the upcoming festivals. Attempting to avoid the gathering on festive occasions, he said, “No religion or God says you should be pretentious. There is no need to rush to prove your faith or religion. If we do this So we can get into big trouble. “

While answering a question in his weekly social media interaction program, he said that two things will be taken special care during the vaccination on priority basis. First, professional risk and the risk of exposure to infection, second, the risk of becoming seriously ill and increasing mortality. He clarified that initially the supply of Kovid-19 vaccine would be limited.

Information of feluda paper strip test also given

Refuting the rumors spread on social media, the Health Minister said that the vaccine has not yet been officially announced. He said that the emergency use of Kovid-19 vaccine is being seen in India. There should be sufficient safety and effectiveness data to validate the vaccine for emergency use. “He refused to give the due date of the Feluda test kit. The Union Health Minister said,” We should expect the Feluda test kit to be available in the coming weeks. Go. “

Gene editing technique has been used in Feluda paper strip test. With which the virus can be detected within 30 minutes. The Feluda test kit has been developed by CSIR scientists. It is believed that this is the most economical technology. The results of the Feluda test have proved to be 96 percent sensitive during human trials. This gives accurate results like RT-PCT test.

Health Minister advised to avoid gathering

The RT-PCT test has been found to be more authentic for corona virus screening in the body. Feluda test kits are like a pregnancy strip test. The virus will change color when it is detected. Advising people to celebrate the festival at home, he said, “Our aim is to save humanity by eliminating the virus. This is our religion.”

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Malaria diet: what to eat and what to ignore for fast recovery, it is very important to know

A balanced diet plays an important role in recovery from illness. A plate of nutritious and healthy food not only provides energy but also accelerates the body’s recovery process. The same happens to people struggling with malaria.

Malaria is a vector borne disease. This disease is anopheline mosquito bite. The blood platelets of the person suffering from malaria fall rapidly. This causes weakness, fever and muscle spasms. There is no specific diet for malaria, but adequate nutrition is necessary for improvement.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. You can also include coconut water, lemonade and fruits. Too much water is found in cucumber, orange. Water helps in removing toxins from the body. Which can be recovered quickly. In addition, malaria patients generally experience reduced appetite. Lack of hunger can be overcome by drinking water. In this way you will be able to remain energetic.

Include healthy protein

Malaria can cause muscle loss. Due to which the aggrieved person starts feeling very weak. Increasing protein supplements is a great option. You can do this for your health in recovering from malaria. Protein is the building block of life. Every cell and tissue needs to repair itself. Therefore, intake of extra protein during malaria can speed up recovery.
Legumes, walnuts, green vegetables and dairy products are good sources of protein.

Reduce fat intake

Like carbohydrates and proteins, fat is also an important micro-nutrient for body activities. But it should be used in limited quantities. Indigestion can be caused by the consumption of too much fat and fried food. Omega-3 can be a healthy source of fat in your diet. Omega-3 fats have anti-inflammatory properties. Which proves helpful in reducing inflammation of the body.

Ignore 5 food

Avoid all types of fried, spicy and fatty foods. In case of malaria, the intake of fruits and vegetables with high fiber should also be reduced. Do not use too much coffee, tea, gas-mixed drinks and other caffeinated drinks. Light and easily digestible food should be eaten for quick recovery.

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Health Tips: These benefits come from the inclusion of eggs in the breakfast, know the wonders of super food?

Use of eggs included in super food gives great benefits to health. According to experts, protein, iron, immunodeficiency, anti-oxidants are found in plenty in eggs. Therefore their advice is that eggs can be made part of the diet.

According to American expert Professor Christopher Balleso, two eggs yield 12 grams of protein, plus vitamin A, D. B, iodine. Eating eggs increases the ability to absorb vitamins. According to a research, if one egg is eaten with vegetable or salad, then the amount of vitamin E present in the salad increases.

Use of eggs in breakfast

Use of eggs does not lead to old age. Eggs reduce wrinkles around the skin and eyes. Due to which the skin gets rid of wrinkles for a long time.

Beneficial for bones

An egg full of vitamin D contains 20 mg phosphorus and 45 mg calcium. It makes bones and teeth strong. On the other hand, due to vitamin D, egg works to absorb calcium better in the body.

Helpful in improving vision

According to research, lutein, an anti-oxidant, is found in plenty in eggs. It is responsible for keeping the eyesight correct. Whereas lack of it causes changes in the eye tissue and can damage the vision.

Excellent for skin, hair and liver

Vitamin B and protein in super food eggs play a role in hair and skin health. In the same way, by incorporating eggs into the food, the toxic elements of the liver are released rapidly.

Egg reduces the risk of heart disease

Many misconceptions about the use of eggs are found. But research has revealed that the cholesterol present in eggs is not harmful for health. Whereas the omega-3 fatty acids present in it decrease the surface of triglyceride. Due to which the risk of heart disease is reduced.

More efficient way to cook eggs

There are many ways to cook eggs. If you want, you can consume eggs in hard bowl, soft boy, omelet, half fry or fry. Eggs should always be eaten whole. Eating whole egg gives many benefits. Whereas if the vegetables of omelette are increased, then its benefits increase.

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Health Tips: If you want to save the heart from diseases, then follow these 4 best yogasanas today



Health Tips: If you want to save the heart from diseases, then follow these 4 best yogasanas today

Health Tips: Due to today’s lifestyle, diseases related to heart have become very common. This is because people are not alert about their health due to unbalanced eating and lifestyle. Nowadays people in their life have started giving more priority to their work. Due to which the problem of heart attack is increasing day by day in people. But the thing to think here is that if you do not stay healthy then how will you be able to work. In such a situation, if you take some time out of your work and exercise, you can keep your heart healthy, so today we tell you which yoga should be done to keep your heart healthy.

Palm off
For this, stand with your feet together. Then, pushing up on the claws, slowly rise upwards. Now put both hands together and stand upwards. In this posture, the weight of your entire body should be on the feet. While doing this, pull the stomach inward and the chest is taut on the outside. Also the waist and neck should be absolutely straight. Repeat this asana at least 5 times.

For this posture, you sit down. Then bend the right leg from the knees and keep it in the normal position by pressing it between the knees of the left leg and keep the left foot on the calf of the right leg by bending it from the knee. After this, keep both hands on both knees and sit in the knowledge posture. Now concentrate your eye on the front part of the nose and concentrate the mind. Sit in this posture for at least 10 minutes. This increases your concentration and reduces heart stress.

Perform congruence
For this, lie flat on your back, then join both feet, keep the palms of the hands sticking to the ground. Now, while breathing in, raise the legs slowly to 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and finally 90 degrees with the help of hands as per the need. This improves your digestive power and also purifies the blood.

Head over
For this, keep both knees on the ground. Then place the elbows of the hands on the ground. Now make the grip by mixing the fingers of both hands together, then put the palms of the grip on the ground and put the head on it. This helps your head. Now raise the knees above the ground and lengthen the legs. Then slowly bring the claws to the head with your two feet moving with the feet. Now bend the legs from the knees and lift them up and straighten them. Then hinge the head completely on the strength of the body. This helps in blood circulation and heart rate.

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Hair Care Tips: Falling hair is bothering you, 3 ways to make hair stronger

Hair Care Tips: Your hair plays an important role in your beauty. If your hair is not healthy then it looks like a stain in your beauty. Today’s lifestyle and food have a very bad effect on your health and hair. Due to which your hair starts falling and deteriorating. To avoid this, you adopt all methods or medicines that can cause great harm to your hair, so today we are going to tell you some home remedies to get rid of hair problem.

Ways to stop hair loss

Pack yogurt and neem
If your hair is falling out then you can get rid of the falling hair by using a hair mask of neem and curd. For this, grind neem leaves and mix well with curd. Then apply this paste on your hair and wash it for at least half an hour. By applying it on hair regularly, the problem of your falling hair is less, along with it your white hair also becomes black.

Massage with oil
To keep your hair healthy, you must always keep moisture in them. For this, you massage your hair regularly. It gives shine and strength to your hair. It also makes you hair thicker. For this, you must heat mustard oil in your hair and massage it by applying it on your hair. With this, your hair will start getting better in a few days.

Pack lemon and yogurt
Do you know that curd and lemon are very beneficial to prevent hair fall. This pack of curd and lemon works to stop your hair fall and give it a natural shine. It also provides moisture by eliminating the dryness of your skin. For this, mix a few drops of lemon in curd and apply it on the hair and wash it after a while.

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Health Tips: High tension and frequent nose bleeding, high blood pressure signs

Health Tips: Today, high blood pressure has become a very common problem. A large number of people in the world are struggling with this problem. Blood pressure is very important to stay healthy. In high blood pressure, blood pressure in the arteries begins to increase. Due to this increase in pressure, the heart needs more work to maintain the blood flow in the arteries. Most people ignore the problem of high blood pressure. Some people control their blood pressure by eating medicines. In such a situation, you need to be cautious about it, so let us tell you today about the initial symptoms of high blood pressure.

Early signs of high blood pressure
In the early stages of high blood pressure, pain starts in the back and neck of a person’s head. Many times you ignore these problems, which later becomes a big problem. There are many symptoms of high blood pressure which include-

Feeling tense
If you are feeling too much stress, then it can be a sign of high blood pressure. In such a situation, a person starts getting angry even on small things. Many times it happens that he is not able to identify between right and wrong. It is important that you get it checked.

Dizzy head
It is very common to have vertigo in high blood pressure. Many times due to weakness in the body, the head starts to go round. In this case, you should consult your doctor.

Feeling tired
If you feel tired after doing a little work or having trouble walking a little faster, then you may suffer from high blood pressure.

nose bleeding
If you are not able to breathe, long breath or have trouble breathing, then do contact your doctor once. In such a situation, there is a greater possibility of human being suffering from high blood pressure. With this, if there is blood coming from your nose, you should still get it checked.

Sleep apnea
Mostly, it has been observed that high blood pressure patients have trouble sleeping at night. By the way, this problem can also be caused by some anxiety or due to sleeplessness.

Heartbeat fast
If your heartbeat is suddenly accelerated or you feel pain in your heart, it can also be due to high blood pressure.

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Health Tips: Gourd juice helps in increasing the brightness of hair and skin, know these 6 big benefits

Health Tips: Most people do not like gourd juice at all. But the charges that keep good health are mostly bitter. Although the taste of gourd is not bitter at all, yet many people do not like to eat it at all. But many such nutrients are found in the gourd which provide not only your skin and hair but also many health benefits to you. Consuming gourd juice helps you lose weight. Along with this, it also helps in improving the health of your skin and hair, so let us tell you today how gourd juice is beneficial for your skin and hair.

1.Assists in reducing wrinkles
Gourd juice is rich in zinc and vitamin C, which is helpful in protecting your skin from premature aging. Vitamin C prevents the aging of skin cells, which is helpful in reducing wrinkles on the face. For this, you can drink juice of gourd juice or even apply its paste on your face and neck.

2. Make face shiny
Gourd is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It helps in bringing back the natural glow on your face. That is why you make gourd juice daily by swallowing gourd juice daily.

3. Reduce inflammation of the eyes
If you are troubled by swollen or puffy eyes, then apply gourd juice to your eyes. Gourd provides coolness to your eyes. For puffy eyes, cut two slices of fresh gourd and apply it on your eyes and keep them for 10-15 minutes and wash your eyes.

4. Prevent white hair and fall
Gourd juice helps to prevent premature whitening and loss of hair. It contains vitamin B, which is considered good for your hair. For this, massage your scalp with gourd juice. This makes your hair fall less.

5. Get the pimples away
The gourd acts as a cleansing. It detoxifies the skin by keeping dirt and dust away from your skin. In addition, it controls sebum production, which is helpful in reducing breakouts. Those who are troubled by oily skin, they should definitely drink gourd juice.

6. For soft and clean skin
Gourd juice works to clean your blood, which helps to cleanse your skin. It helps in internal cleansing of your body and skin and in removing many health problems. If you do not want to consume gourd juice, then you can make a face pack of gourd by adding gram flour and curd and apply it twice a week.

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