Tips for Teeth: If you are troubled by toothache, then follow these few desi tips, pen killers will work

If you are suffering from toothache, then you know how painful it can be. To say this means that the pain of the tooth does not come from the forefront. If you want to combat pain with effective home remedies, then there are some suggestions for you.

Salt water rinse

The first step to relieve toothache is salt water rinse. Natural disinfectant is found in saltwater. This helps in loosening the residues and pieces of food stuck between your teeth. Saltwater rinse reduces swelling and cures mouth sores. For this, mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Rinse with diluted hydrogen peroxide can also be beneficial for pain and inflammation relief. Hydrogen peroxide eliminates bacteria, reduces scum and corrects bleeding from the gums. Never forget to dilute hydrogen peroxide. Mix 3 percent water with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and use it as a mouthwash. One thing to remember well is that mouthwash is not to be confused.


Garlic has been used at home in India for thousands of years against many problems. Garlic has the power to kill the harmful bacteria that causes dental plaque. Garlic can also work as a pain reliever with use. For this, crush the garlic grains and make a paste. After that, apply the paste on the toothache. You can also add a little salt to the garlic paste or chew some garlic.


Cloves have been used in India to cure toothache for a long time. Clove oil can numb the pain effectively and also reduce inflammation. Eugenol is found in clove oil. Eugenol has a natural antiseptic property. Add a few pieces of cotton clove oil to the affected area in a cotton swab. Be sure to dilute the clove oil with olive oil. Apart from this, you can also use two drops clove oil in water as a mouthwash.

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Egg vs Paneer: Aids in weight loss and are a better source of protein, know what you should choose from both

If you are trying to lose weight or want to build muscle, then you should know the importance of including foods rich in protein in your diet. Protein is known as the building block of life. Protein is necessary to build bones and muscles. Its important role in carrying out other functions of the body is not hidden from anyone.

Eggs and cheese are the main sources of high-quality protein. Apart from protein, intake of eggs and cheese provides essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12 and iron for the body. Cheese is an important source of protein for vegetarians, but for non-vegetarians, there is an option to choose between the two. Therefore, it is very important to know the answer to this question, which of the eggs and cheese should be given priority.


An egg is very useful and the cheapest source of protein. Due to being very useful and cheap, eggs become important for weight loss popular food. Egg is also known as super food due to its health benefits. A boiled egg gets 5.5 grams of protein, total fat 4.2 grams, calcium 24.6 mg, iron 0.8 mg and magnesium 5.3 mg.

cottage cheese

Paneer is a popular dairy product. Like eggs, paneer can also be included in the diet in different ways. You can fry paneer sandwiches, curries or pieces of paneer in oil. After that you can have an evening snack with salt in fried paneer. Cheese contains 7.54 grams of protein, fat 5.88 grams, carbohydrates 4.96 grams, folates 37.32 micrograms and 190.4 milligrams of calcium.

Eggs vs Cheese

Both eggs and cheese have almost the same composition of nutrients. In addition to protein, vitamin B12 meets both iron and calcium. The use of which helps us in maintaining fit and healthy weight. Both foods can achieve the purpose of building muscle and reducing weight. So far, seeing the beneficial properties of both, it is difficult to say who is better in cheese and eggs. You can gain incredible benefit by using both types of food in your diet in different ways.

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Health Tips: Exercising wearing a mask is very dangerous, these 5 troubles can be

Health Tips: Wearing a mask has become very important to prevent infection with the corona virus, but wearing it is very bad breathing. Due to the mask, you are not able to breathe freely in the air, due to which there is a lack of oxygen in your blood because when you breathe in carbon dioxide, it creates a pressure on your lungs and body. In such a situation, if you do exercise, yoga, running, jogging etc., all these actions become even more painful for you, then let us tell you today that wearing a mask will make your health better. What harm can happen.

Exercises wearing masks can cause these problems-
Fatigue and lack of energy
Energy increases the amount of oxygen when you exercise. Wearing a mask gradually reduces your stamina. In such a situation, when you are not taking oxygen according to the need of the body, then you start feeling very tired and your energy also starts to drain.

Feeling like nausea and vomiting
Feeling like nausea and vomiting during workouts can become a major problem due to lack of oxygen. If you feel like walking while wearing a mask, then in this case you have to stop doing it and stay at home.

Dehydration and excessive sweating
When you breathe in the open air again, it makes your heart rate very fast, due to which you start sweating a lot. Which can cause dehydration problem in your body. At the same time, this problem can be increased in the summer season, so try to exercise at home and keep yourself hydrated.

Feeling irritable and fainting
Wearing a mask and exercising increases the level of carbon dioxide in your body, due to which you may also faint. Also, by doing this type of exercise, you will not feel fresh, but you may feel irritable throughout the day.

Claustrophobia phobia victims
Claustrophobia This is a very common phobia. This is a situational phobia. In this, fear arises due to feeling of discomfort in crowded places. This can start with things like being locked in a room and driving on congested roads. When you take heavy breaths while exercising, your chances of being claustrophobic increases exponentially as it causes a lack of air in the body. Due to which you may get restless and you may be a victim of claustrophobia.

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Health Tips: Red bananas are more beneficial for you than yellow bananas, control blood sugar level

Health Tips: Banana is one such fruit which is found all over the world and people also like to eat it. By the way, red banana is not so much in circulation in India. But it is found in plenty of nutrients. You may not know, but red bananas have much more nutrients than yellow bananas. It is found in high amounts of beta-carotene. Which is helpful in preventing blood clots from accumulating in the arteries. Apart from this, vitamin C is also found rich in them. Red bananas are also helpful in eliminating cancer and heart related diseases, so let us tell you today about the benefits of red bananas.

Benefits of Red Bananas

Provide energy to the body
Red bananas are found in very small amounts of fat and contain plenty of fiber. Red bananas are considered a good source of carbohydrates such as sucrose and fructose. Which gives you instant energy and accelerates your blood circulation. Apart from this, elements like vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6 and folate are also found in large quantities in it.

Keep diabetes under control
Red bananas help in controlling diabetes, as well as it is useful in reducing the sudden spike in your blood sugar level. It can be beneficial for diabetes patients due to low glycemic ranking of red bananas.

Are rich in antioxidants
Red bananas are full of antioxidants which are very beneficial for your health. It also contains enough phenols and vitamin-C. Mother-in-law bananas can reduce the risk of problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Keeps blood pressure under control
Taking red bananas daily helps in keeping your blood pressure under control. Red bananas contain large amounts of potassium. Which is very effective in reducing your risk of blood circulation and heart disease.

Increase eyesight
Red bananas contain such elements which are beneficial for your eyesight. It contains lutein and xanthin. Along with this, they also contain beta-carotenoids and a large amount of vitamin A is also found which is very beneficial for your eyes.

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Health Tips: Insomnia victims may become sleepy during the night, learn its symptoms and methods of prevention

Health Tips: Insomnia is the problem of insomnia due to lack of sleep at night. Insomnia means that there is trouble sleeping or lack of sleep due to lack of sleep. Due to which one feels more tired due to not getting enough sleep. If insomnia prevails over any person for a long time, then the victim may be the victim of many mental and physical problems, so let us tell you today about the symptoms and ways of insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia
Burning sensation in the chest
– Any type of stroke
Side effects of any medicine
-Stress or anxiety
-Sleeping disorders
Asthma and heart attack

Types of Insomnia

1. chronic insomnia
Chronic insomnia is a serious form of insomnia in which you may have trouble sleeping for more than a month. This type of insomnia can also come as a side effect of some other physical illness.

2. Acute Insomnia
Acute insomnia is a condition in which you may have problems sleeping for a few days or a few weeks. This is a very common type, which can also be caused by work or any type of stress. Symptoms –
Waking up late at night
Feeling tired due to lack of sleep
-Wake up late before sleeping
-Adopt different ways to sleep
– Get up early after sleeping

4 home remedies to eliminate insomnia

Using honey
With the use of honey, you can get rid of insomnia problem immediately. The amount of glucose in honey is very low, which communicates with the brain to shut down orexin. Honey is helpful in relieving sleep problems. For this, you can consume honey before bed every day.

Using castor oil
Castor oil is also effective to prevent insomnia. It works to promote your sleep. By the way, this oil has been used for sleep for a long time. For this, apply this oil on your eyes everyday before sleeping and massage with light hands.

Using fish oil
Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is considered useful for getting sleep. Omega fatty acids work to correct sleep problems. Therefore, people who have problems with sleep can use fish oil.

Using garlic
You can get rid of insomnia by using garlic. Garlic helps relieve anxiety, which leads to easy sleep. For this, boil garlic in milk and consume it everyday before going to bed at night. With this you can get rid of insomnia soon.

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Health Tips: At what time is eating pomegranate very beneficial? Know the right time to consume it

Health Tips: Pomegranate is one such medicinal fruit. Which is capable of eradicating many diseases. Due to its medicinal properties, pomegranate is proved in a hundred diseases. Pomegranate contains nutrients like fiber, vitamin K, C, and B, iron, potassium, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids. Which are very effective in keeping you healthy. This is very beneficial not only for the body, but also for the hair and skin. Regular intake of it can complete the loss of blood in your body, which removes the weakness of the body. So let us tell you about the benefits of eating pomegranate and the right time to consume it.

Benefits of pomegranate in summer-

Make the brain sharp
If you take the secret of pomegranate, then your mind becomes sharp and the memory of those people who are suffering from amnesia like Alzheimer’s slowly improves.

Remove anemia deficiency
Pomegranate caters to iron deficiency. In addition, it also works to increase red blood cells. Its regular intake increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which also improves blood circulation. Doctors advise people to take pomegranate regularly in the problem of anemia.

Keep the heart healthy
Pomegranate is important in keeping our heart healthy. Nutrients present in pomegranate improve blood circulation by cleaning our blood cells, through which blood reaches all parts of our heart equally and heart diseases remain away.

Helpful in protecting against cancer
Plenty of anti-oxidants are found in pomegranate. Which help in flushing out toxins from the body. It also helps in fighting diseases by strengthening the immune system. Due to the anti-cancer properties present in pomegranate, people with cancer are advised to eat it daily.

Beneficial for pregnant women
Minerals, vitamins, and fluoric acid found in pomegranate are very useful for pregnant women who are growing in the womb. Pomegranate contains a good amount of potassium, which helps in reducing pain during labor and reduces the risk of premature labor.

You know what is the right time to eat pomegranate?

Benefits of eating pomegranate in the morning
Pomegranate in the morning is very beneficial for your health. Plenty of sugar and vitamins are found in pomegranate, which help keep you healthy. Nutritious elements in pomegranate give a healthy start to your day. At the same time, sugar works to give you enough energy, so that energy remains in you.

Benefits of eating pomegranate in the afternoon
You can have pomegranate after lunch. This will keep your stomach full. Consuming pomegranate between 3 and 5 o’clock can help keep you full till dinner.

Do not eat pomegranate at night
You should never eat pomegranate at night because our metabolism slows down a lot during the night. The fiber present in pomegranate makes it difficult for you to digest it at night. Not only this, the sugar present in it is not processed well at night, which is converted into fat by the body. Therefore, one should not consume pomegranate at night.

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Health Tips: If you want to get rid of joint pain, then include these foods in your diet

Health Tips: Due to the lifestyle of today, due to not being able to pay attention to proper eating and physical activities, the joints become weak and problems of pain begin. All the joint parts in the body like knee, elbow, waist, heel are unbearable pain in all those places and this unbearable pain breaks the whole body. In such a situation, you need to pay special attention to your diet. For this, there are some diets that help in relieving joint pain. So let’s know in detail about such diets.

Ginger intake
We regularly consume ginger in our rough foods. At the same time, many people also consume ginger through tea. In fact, the consumption of ginger reduces the level of prostaglandin in the body which acts actively in relieving the pain caused by arthritis. Therefore, people suffering from the pain of arthritis must take ginger regularly.

Fish intake
Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats, which are very beneficial for joints. Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent bone fractures. Apart from this, omega 3 fatty acids are needed to improve blood circulation and also provide relief in osteoarthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids are obtained from sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and small fish.

Intake of potato juice
People who consume potato juice are left with the problem of Arthritis. Potato juice has the property of expelling uric acid from the body. Therefore, people who are struggling with this problem, by consuming potato juice regularly, they can get relief to a great extent from the pain caused by arthritis.

Intake of broccoli
Protein, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins A and C, chromium are found in large amounts in broccoli. Apart from this, it is full of phytochemicals and antioxidants. People who have arthritis, eating broccoli can benefit their health. A research has found that the compound element called sulforaphane present in broccoli can reduce the damage of bones in joints responsible for arthritis in bones.

Intake of oranges
Vitamin-C is rich in antioxidants, it is not only helpful in improving the immune system but is also important in maintaining the health of the joints. It also plays an important role in the manufacture of vitamin cartilage. Iron is found most in vitamin C, so it maintains the amount of iron in the body. Mint, pineapple, seasonal and watermelon are also good sources of vitamin C.

Almond consumption
Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin. It also acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin E is very beneficial in the formation of collagen and preventing bone breakdown. Therefore, you should include vitamin E rich things like sweet potato, avocado, almond etc. in your food.

Intake of olive oil
The anti-inflammatory properties present in olives are attributed to oleic acid. In which polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids are both types of anti-oxidants. It is beneficial to eat olive oil.

Turmeric intake
People who consume turmeric regularly avoid the problem of arthritis. Turmeric is found to have a beneficial element called curcumin which works to reduce inflammation on joints. You can also heat turmeric and apply it on the painful area. This will give you relief from its pain.

Intake of garlic
Garlic is very helpful in reducing the side effects of arthritis. Because garlic has anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties. This property is believed to be quite effective for reducing inflammation in arthritis. For this reason, people who are suffering from arthritis, do not forget to include garlic in your diet.

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Health Tips: Vitamin E capsule oil is very beneficial in many problems, learn about its benefits

Health Tips: People do nothing to make their hair and skin shiny. But even after this, there is no significant effect, but do you know that with vitamin E oil, your hair and skin have great benefits. The antioxidants present in this oil helps in removing all the signs of aging and also helps in getting rid of stretch marks, pimples, spots and dry skin. So let’s know about the benefits of vitamin E oil.

Benefits of Vitamin E capsules-

Useful in dry skin
Use of Vitamin-E to provide natural moisture to the skin is very beneficial. It is also helpful in the redesign of cells in the skin. For this, mix 2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil, 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel and 12 drops of rose oil in 1/4 cup of Shia butter. Apply it twice a day.

Remove stretch marks
To remove the stretch marks, prepare a mixture by mixing 12 vitamin E capsules oil and 1/2 cup cocoa butter and 15 frankincense oil. Apply this mixer on your problem area and just remove the stretch marks.

Works as an anti-wrinkle
Vitamin E oil can be used as an anti-aging cream. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to increase blood circulation. For this, prepare a mixture by mixing one vitamin E capsule and 5-6 drops of olive oil. Apply it on the skin around your eyes before sleeping. This makes your skin strong and shiny.

Eliminate hyper pigmentation
This can correct hyper pigmentation. For this, mix 1-2 capsules of vitamin E oil in one teaspoon of castor oil. Then massage it well on the face and leave it for overnight. Use it for one month.

Protects from sunburn
Due to its moisturizing properties, vitamin E oil can treat dry and scaly skin. If your skin burns due to sunburn or itching. So you can use cold vitamin E oil. However, it is best to apply sunscreen before venturing out in the sun.

Keep your lips soft
To soften chapped lips, take a vitamin E capsule and apply oil inside it on your lips and get soft lips.

Beneficial in hand dryness
Vitamin E is useful in maintaining the balance of the surface of your skin. For this, take out 2-3 vitamin E capsules oil and mix one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon honey in it. Now add water to this mixture and keep your hands for 5 minutes and then wipe your hands well.

Beneficial in nail growth
Every activity you do has an effect on your nails, due to which they can become yellow and start breaking. To prevent this, for this you have to massage the skin around your nails with vitamin E oil. You will get more benefit by doing this before sleeping.

Helpful in hair growth
Vitamin E oil is a miracle for hair. For this, squeeze the oil from the capsule and mix it regularly with any oil. Massage it gently in your hair and leave it for 2-3 hours. Then wash it with shampoo and warm water. You can use it twice a week.

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Health Tips: Arjun’s bark protects against heart diseases, beneficial in diabetes too

Health Tips: Arjuna tree is a tree whose bark is used as medicine. Its bark is dried in the sun and its powder is made. Its main use is in the treatment of heart diseases. It is also used for high BP, heart attack and fatal obesity. Apart from this, it is also very effective in stomach pain, fever and cough. So let us know in detail about its health benefits.

Control diabetes
Blood sugar starts increasing in the body due to diabetes, due to which many types of problems start. Blood sugar can be controlled using Arjun’s bark. For this, grind Arjun’s bark in equal quantity with dried berries and take this powder daily before going to bed at night. This will also normalize the production of insulin in your body.

Loses weight
Obesity can also be controlled by the use of Arjun’s bark. By making a decoction of Arjun’s bark, taking it regularly increases your metabolism and improves digestion. Therefore, its intake increases the speed of burning fat in the body and the weight starts decreasing.

Prevent heart disease
If you have heart disease and you are troubled for a long time, then Arjun’s bark is going to be very beneficial for you. For this, you have to grind Arjun’s bark and mix it with a spoonful of cream milk. You have to do this both in the morning and evening. You have to use it for one month.

Mouth sore
If you are troubled by mouth ulcers, for this, you should grind Arjun’s bark and mix it with coconut oil and apply it on your blisters.

Makes the body strong
If you want to make your body strong, for this you should take Arjun’s bark with milk, jaggery and sugar, it strengthens your bones and muscles.

Cure chronic cough
If you are troubled by chronic cough, then in this case, consuming Arjun’s bark can prove very beneficial.

Relieve stomach pain
If you often have stomach ache then you should use Arjun’s bark for this. For this, mix roasted asafetida and salt and consume it, you will get relief from stomach pain.

Relieve fever
If you have a fever, for this, you should make a decoction of the bark of Arjun and give it to the patient, it gets rid of fever.

If you have jaundice, then you should use the bark of earning. For this, you should take Churna of Arjun’s bark mixed with ghee and take it in the evening.

Avoid getting metal in urine
If you are troubled by metal disease, for this, you have to boil Arjun’s bark with 2 cups of water, when it boils down to half a cup, then you have to consume it. Your disease will be cured.

Beneficial in bone breakdown
If your bone is broken, then the powder of Arjun’s bark will be stuck and drink milk. By doing this, your bone will start connecting fast. You can grind its bark with water and apply it in that place. This will give you relief in pain.

Burning Relief
If you burn, then you have unbearable pain of burning. For this, by grinding the bark of Arjun and applying it to this wound, you get relief from irritation.

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Health Tips: Eating more papaya is harmful for health, these can be side effects

Health Tips: Peepata is such a fruit which is very beneficial for health. This fruit is full of minerals, fiber and antioxidants. This low calorie fruit benefits health in many ways. It is very beneficial for health as well as skin. It proves to be helpful in fighting the aging process, weight loss, controlling cholesterol levels, getting healthy skin and getting rid of constipation etc. But excessive consumption can cause many health losses. So let’s know about the ill effects of papaya food.

While pregnant
Pregnant women are advised to avoid eating papaya, as papaya seeds and roots can harm the fetus. Papaya contains high amounts of latex which can cause uterine shrinkage. The papain present in papaya can damage the membrane of the body which is necessary for the development of the fetus.

Digestive problems
Papaya contains a large amount of fiber. It can give you benefits when occupied But consuming too much can also make your stomach worse. In addition, papaya has latex on its outer skin, which can upset the stomach and also cause stomach pain.

Low blood sugar problem
Papaya can lower blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous for diabetes patients. In such a situation, if you are a diabetic patient, it will be necessary to consult a doctor.

May be alarmed
There is a possibility of allergy to latex present in papaya. Excess intake of this can cause problems like swelling, dizziness, headache, rashes and itching.

May cause respiratory disorders
Papen, an enzyme present in papaya, is also known as a possible allergy. Consuming excessive amounts of papaya can cause various respiratory disorders such as asthma, congestion and loud breathing.

Stone problem
Vitamin C is found in plenty in papaya. Kidney problems can occur in the kidney by consuming vitamin C in excess.

Throat may be bad
You should avoid eating more than 1 papaya in a day because eating too much papaya can affect your throat.

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