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Carrie Lam postponed her speech because she received instructions to go to Beijing to meet

Hong Kong leaders announced the postponement of their annual policy speech after receiving instructions to go to Beijing to meet with government officials.

Hong Kong Special Zone Chief Carrie Lam today announced a key annual speech scheduled to take place on October 14, which outlines the government’s plans for the city, that will be moved to the end of November. was the first time the chief executive’s speech was postponed in Hong Kong history.

The delay was announced two hours after Chinese media reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping will preside over the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic and Trade Zone, bordering Hong Kong, at the same time she Lam expected to speak.

However, Ms. Lam asserted that the main reason for the delay was her attendance at meetings in Beijing later this month on the development of the Greater Bay Area, a plan to integrate Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and 8. southern Chinese city into a center of finance and technology. This plan is seen as the key economic motivation to accelerate the recovery of Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong Special Zone Chief Carrie Lam at a weekly press conference on October 6. Image: AFP.

“I have submitted proposals for the government to consider and they have responded positively with the suggestion that since the proposals include many subjects, it is best for the chief of the special zone to come to Beijing and personally explain at Why are these measures important to Hong Kong “, Ms. Lam said.

Ms. Lam reaffirmed that was the real reason for the speech delay and no meeting was scheduled between her and Mr. Xi in Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is governed by the “One Country, Two Regimes” model, allowing the city to maintain a degree of autonomy and certain rights over mainland China. However, the massive protests lasted for months last year prompted Beijing to step up its regulatory measures.

Beijing in June enacted a national security law for the special zone, which criminalizes a series of political crimes. The law also allows mainland security personnel to operate publicly in the city for the first time, as well as giving Beijing jurisdiction over particularly serious cases.

The Chinese government has always supported Ms. Lam, although her credit rating in Hong Kong is quite bleak. Businesses in the city will carefully follow the upcoming speech of Ms. Lam.

Huyen Le (Follow SCMP, AFP)


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