May 14, 2021

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Cambodia sentenced to prisoner who opened a drinking party between Covid-19

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The Kampong Cham provincial court in Cambodia sentenced to one year in prison for the man who held a banquet at curfew amid the outbreak of Covid-19.

In today’s trial, the Kampong Cham provincial court determined that defendant Yun Seang Hy was guilty of obstructing the person on duty under Article 11 of the Law on Prevention of Covid-19, and dangerous and deadly infectious diseases. other. The 50-year-old man was also convicted of offending functional forces under Article 502 of the Cambodian Penal Code.

Yun Seang Hy was handcuffed at the police station of Romchek Commune, Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia, on April 17. Image: Khmer Times.

Before that, Un Chanda, the governor of Kampong Cham, ordered officials to arrest Seang Hy for holding a wine party at about 22:00 on April 17 in Romlech village, Romchek commune, Kampong Siem district. According to the report, when the police asked Seang Hy to stop drinking and enter the house, the man refused and insulted them.

The police then took Seang Hy to the Romchek commune headquarters and arrested the man to write a pledge to end illegal gathering activities. However, after leaving the police station, Seang Hy continued to insult them, causing the governor to decide to arrest and prosecute him.

The situation of Covid-19 in Cambodia is complicated, currently recording more than 7,400 cases and nearly 50 deaths. The government has imposed a blockade on the capital Phnom Penh and the neighboring town of Takhmao to prevent the virus from spreading. The capital government also decided to open a salary store to support people during the blockade.

However, some people in Cambodia, including officials, still gather to open parties illegally, violating regulations on epidemic prevention.

The biggest concern of the current authorities is the rapidly increasing number of new cases, leading to the risk of overloading existing treatment facilities and isolation, as well as exceeding the ability to prepare treatment facilities. Supplements are requisitioned from large private buildings.

Luster (According to the Khmer Times)


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