May 11, 2021

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Business school teacher fired after making racist remarks in front of his students

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“The worst students [qu’il a] ere are the Blacks “, Heard it from his students at the end of a videoconference course, as “Liberation” reported on Friday.

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The microphone remained open. At the end of a videoconference course, students from the Institute of Higher Economic and Commercial Studies (Inseec) in Paris heard their professor make racist remarks, reports Release Friday April 30. In a telephone conversation, this temporary teacher affirms in particular that “the worst students [qu’il a] ere are the Blacks “. His interlocutor, unidentified, replies: “Blacks are terrible.”

One of the videos from the scene was posted on social media. We hear a student interrupt the discussion: “We’ve heard enough of your conversation. I can’t anymore.”

Very shocked, the students decided to send an email on Thursday to their teaching assistant, specifies Release, who quotes an excerpt: “The two had comments that can easily be described as racist. The conversation was private but many students attended. […]. We let you judge the words contained in the video, which only covers a part of the conversation “, they write, asking “the necessary measures”.

Contacted by the daily, the executive chairman of the Inseec U group, Mathias Emmerich, claims that the teacher in question was “fired”. Residing in Asia, it was his first year of teaching at Inseec and he completed nine of the 15 hours of lessons provided for in his contract remotely, specifies Mathias Emmerich to the journal, adding consider filing a complaint “very soon” with the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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