Bogdan George Apetri: “A film should never end perfectly”

Feverish, driven by his subject, entirely taken up by the cinema, Bogdan George Apetri delivers, with “Dédales” (original title: “Miracol”, or “miracle” in Romanian) a complex film, where the drama of a young woman is behind a series of tragic events. This nun who leaves a convent to go to a clinic, and who will be the victim of a taxi driver, can she be avenged? The police inspector in charge of the investigation will come up against a changing, moving truth, and permanent frustration. Bogdan George Apetri, at 47, delves into the rubble of the human soul, draws up a map of spiritual grayness (good and evil intertwine) and takes the opposite view of a comfortable cinema. Disturbing, talented, challenging, “Dédales” is a film that has resonance, and whose echo remains, with an insistent force.

You were a lawyer in your first life. Did that play into your view as a filmmaker?

Bogdan George Apetri. Sure. I was a lawyer for a year, and it was a year that I hated. But it was a very important experience. Defending rapists, murderers, scoundrels, it’s trying. We don’t want to do it, but that’s the job, we took an oath. To do this, you have to get into the minds of the defendants, understand that they are human beings, and defend them. It is nearly impossible to suspend judgment, but you have to. We are no longer in a black and white world

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