BMW 507, in the shade for four decades

NEWS – Bonhams will sell on September 30 in Newport, United States, a 507 roadster parked for 43 years in a box in Philadelphia.

It still seems incredible today. Not all garages have revealed their secrets yet. Almost everywhere in the world, certain cars have been sleeping, sometimes for several decades, away from prying eyes. They have been forgotten or concealed. They reflect a family history.

This is how the Anglo-Saxon house Bonhams got their hands on one of the 252 copies of the 507 roadster that BMW marketed in the mid-1950s. In its own juice and relatively well preserved, this vehicle was parked in a box adjoining a pavilion in a modest neighborhood of Philadelphia. This is a 1957 Series II roadster with rare options: Rudge wheels and a hardtop.


The 507 will be one of the attractions of the Bonhams auction which will take place within the framework of the Audrain competition in Newport on September 30th. In anticipation of the sale, Bonhams pieced together the history of the 507. The roadster was sold new in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1979, he moved to Montreal, Canada, to the seller’s father. The famous BMW was then driven to a garage in Philadelphia, which it never left for 43 years. Occasionally the V8 was started.

The 507 will be sold without a reserve price. It is estimated at 1.8 and 2.2 million dollars.



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