May 14, 2021

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Bill Gates’ controversial statement about India and vaccines

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  • Gates’ controversial statement on vaccine patents
  • Is it possible to change the intellectual property law?
  • The difference between the Johnson & Johnson factory and a factory in India, Gates thinks

New Delhi:India is currently facing a dire situation due to the corona virus epidemic. The second wave of corona has caused havoc in India. On the one hand, India is facing Corona, while on the other hand, tech giant Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has come into the spotlight due to his controversial statement. Gates has made controversial statements about vaccine patents.

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Bill Gates has been accused of making statements about withdrawing vaccines from other countries. In an interview with a news channel, Bill Gates was asked if it was possible to change the intellectual property law to enable Covid to share the vaccine formula.

Answering the question, Gates said, “The vaccine formula should not be shared with developing countries. This will delay the vaccination of developing and poor countries, but the vaccine formula should not be given.

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Explaining his answer in more detail, he added, “There are many vaccine factories around the world and people are serious about vaccine safety. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. There is a difference between a Johnson & Johnson factory in the US and a factory in India. We make any vaccine with expertise and money. This is not a recipe, it is a formula. Vaccines require special care and testing. In addition, trials have to be done.

Commenting on the move from global vaccination, Gates said, ‘This is not some intellectual property. It is not that there is a passive vaccine factory with regulatory permission, which is working to make safe vaccines. Every manufacturing process needs to be handled very carefully. ‘

‘It’s no surprise that developed countries have prioritized themselves before for vaccines. In the US and the UK, everyone under the age of 30 is being vaccinated. However, in Brazil and South Africa, 60-year-olds do not receive the vaccine, which is unfair. “Countries facing a serious corona crisis will be vaccinated in two to three months,” Gates said.

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