April 21, 2021


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Between Mexico and the United States, smugglers let children cross the border alone

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Since the election of Joe Biden, the border between Mexico and the United States has experienced heavy traffic. Among these migrants, children are sometimes left to fend for themselves.

A US border guard was finishing his border patrol when he spotted a small figure in the distance. A young boy approaches, explains to him that he is lost, that the group with which he was has disappeared. “Of course, they abandoned me (…) they left me, and I’m coming to ask you to help me (…) I came because otherwise I don’t know where to go”, he explains to the man who found him. The child says he is 10 years old. He would have woken up alone in the middle of the desert. He was collected and taken to a migrant center in Texas.

Last week, a smuggler had already released two little girls from the top of the wall built with Mexico. These 3 and 5 year old sisters come from Ecuador. Their mother lives in New York. Many parents living in the United States pay for courses to bring their children from Latin America.

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