June 22, 2021


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Ban on TikTok lifted in Pakistan, find out why

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New Delhi: Pakistan’s Imran Khas government has lifted a ban on Chinese short video making app TikTok. Tiktok was banned by the Pakistani government earlier this month for allegedly spreading obscenity. Now TickTalk has blocked the accounts of all those users. Who was uploading pornographic videos from your account. Or spreading immorality.

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Changes to TickTock policy

Pakistan-based Tiktok officials said Tiktok had made changes to its content policy on the terms of a special Imran government. Therefore, no more obscene and offensive content will be spread. Despite lifting the ban on tickets in Pakistan, India and the United States still have a ban on tickets.

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Tiktok is very famous in Pakistan
A spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said Tiktok had made changes to its policy in line with local regulations. Therefore, obscenity and indecency will no longer spread in Pakistan. This will be taken care of. Tiktok has 20 million users in Pakistan. And over the past year, it has become the second most downloaded app in Pakistan after Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Banned in India and US
The Indian government has permanently banned Tiktok in Surat in the national interest following a border dispute with China a few months ago. TickTock has over 100 million users in India. TickTock has since been banned in the United States. In the US, Microsoft had tried to buy TickTock. However, the deal was not finalized. Tiktok is very famous among the youth.

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