“Bad girls”: “It’s the climax of what women could suffer when they were not compliant”

This is one of those shameful documents: how was France able to treat, humiliate, belittle, crush young women in religious institutions – in fact, prisons – until the 1970s ? In “Bad Girls”, five former boarders talk about themselves, in front of the camera of Emerance Dubas. Criminals? Thieves? Terrorists? No way. Eveline, Fabienne, Michèle, Marie-Christine, all in their seventies, were simply rebels, undisciplined. And Edith, the oldest (95 years old), the only one who does not appear in the image (but we hear her voice), guides us in the buildings of the badly named “Bon Pasteur” of Bourges, where the nuns tasked with destroying dreams and “bad » residents’ habits.

Additional dimension: all these women come from modest, even miserable backgrounds. Double punishment, therefore: women and the poor. It is with clenched hearts and clenched fists that we witness this shipwreck of social conscience: “Bad girls”, or the discovery of houses of intolerance. The documentary will be released in theaters this Wednesday, November 23. Interview with director Emerance Dubas.

“Vagabonds, thieves, vicious”: “Being a girl in the 1950s was quickly becoming a ‘bad girl'”

Above all, you are a documentary filmmaker specializing in art (“Dolls of light. Portrait of Michel Nedjar”, ​​“Buren in the city”). All of a sudden you’re diving into denunciation

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