Pele, the man with 1,281 goals, is 80 years old

This is the latest tackle for King Pelé. While his son had spread in February 2020 on the depression of his father, the goleador had brought a denial a few weeks later. The Brazilian legend admitted having lived through difficult months after a hip operation but rejected the idea that he would have been “depressed”. “I shouldn’t have said I was sad because of my health, today I’m fine, thank God”, he corrected.

At 17, he scored five times in the semi and final of the World Cup

This family episode, not very exceptional in the agitated personal life of the person concerned, shows that forty-three years after his retirement in 1977, the greatest player in history still attracts attention. Already, in 2014, during the World Cup organized in Brazil of which he was the godfather, a banal urinary tract infection had made the headlines of the world press. Same thing a few months ago, on the occasion of a meeting organized by a sponsor with Kylian Mbappé.

Olivier Giroud: “Jesus is with me on the ground”

When Pelé coughs, the whole football world catches cold. And this has been going on for over sixty years. Exactly since June 1958, when this 17-year-old Brazilian boy scored a hat-trick against France in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Before scoring twice in the final against arrogant Swedes sure of superiority. “A new football suddenly seemed possible, more brilliant and instinctive”, emphasizes football historian Paul Diestchy.

Viewers who witnessed it live in Sweden are few and far between, but hundreds of millions have witnessed the Brazilian’s song of gesture at the Mexican World Cup in 1970. “Pelé is the man of black and white TV in 1958 and color TV in 1970: thanks to the small screen he became with Cassius Clay, the first planetary black star of the 1960s, continues the historian who sees a difference of size between the boxer and the footballer. The conversion to Islam and the refusal to fight in Vietnam of the first made him a controversial personality, Pelé, on the contrary, he is the kind smile appreciated by all ”.

The staging of his thousandth goal

In 1958, he became the instrument of revenge after the 1950 World Cup where Brazil lost the final against Uruguay at the Maracana stadium in Rio. All the works dedicated to King Pelé – “We speak of more than a thousand biographies in all languages”, points out Paul Dietschy – begin with this famous oath that the little boy would have made to his father: “One day, I will win it for Brazil, I promise you”. True or false, the story has been carefully maintained, just like that of his name, Pelé, resulting from a pronunciation error of the kid on the name of a goalkeeper of Vasco de Gama, famous club of Rio, a certain Belé .

If the legend is more beautiful than the truth, take the legend, they say. Never has a saying been better used than on November 19, 1969, also in everyone’s memory… That day, Pelé is supposed to have scored his thousandth goal, without being able to be sure of this accounting. On the other hand, history has definitely retained the twenty minutes of honor lap of the king, in the middle of the match, before the game resumes.

An excellent advertising medium

One fact, however, owes nothing to the legend: Pelé was the first to break through with football in the United States, where he ended his career. Excellent advertising medium, the greatest player in the world spent the second part of his life playing VRP for various brands. Without ever really shattering the myth, which is no small feat. Because Pelé remains Pelé, whatever he does. There are the pros and the anti Maradona, the idolaters and the critics of Cruyff, but none like him unanimously in all circles. Especially among the players: all the stars who have been compared to him once declared that the greatest of them was indeed Edson Arantes do Nascimento, said Pelé, born October 21, 1940.



Mediapro: a conciliation to get Téléfoot out of the deadlock

Posted on Oct 21, 2020 at 5:56 p.m.Updated Oct 21, 2020 6:21 PM

Mediapro, the Spanish company founded by Jaume Roures behind the Téléfoot channel which broadcasts most of football in France, sought Wednesday, during a press conference, to reassure clubs and fans that it was “Well there” for the next four years, as planned. His refusal to pay the October deadline of this season, in the amount of 172 million euros, had the effect of a bomb as his business model was already raising doubts and the deadline approaching of December.

“We have all the assets to find a solution and quickly meet our deadlines”, said Jaume Roures, stressing that he had “Not overpaid” its rights for 85% of matches in Ligue 1, acquired for 780 million euros per season in 2018. However, many unknowns remain after the announcement that same day by Mediapro of a conciliation procedure under the umbrella of the commercial court to find a solution to its financial difficulties.


Health Tips: Lemon seeds are also as effective as lemons, know how beneficial are

Health Tips: Whenever you eat any fruit, remove its seeds and throw them away because there is a bitterness in the seeds of the fruits, which spoils the taste of your mouth. But do you know that along with lemon, lemon seeds are also very beneficial for you. As much as you benefit from lemons, they also benefit from its seeds, so today we tell you about the benefits of lemon seeds.

Benefits of lemon seed

Relief in headache
Lemon seeds contain a large amount of salicylic acid, a form of aspirin. Often people use aspirin to cure headaches and many other types of pain so that they can get relief in pain quickly. You can get relief from any kind of pain by eating lemon seeds.

Drive the pimples away
Lemon seeds are antibacterials, which work to remove pimples on your face. Lemon seeds essential oil is very effective for treating acne. If you use lemon seeds on your face regularly, then it will eliminate pimples from your face in a few days.

Keeps skin young
Lemon works to remove spots and spots from your face. Lemon seeds contain Vitamin C in plenty as an antioxidant. It is helpful in keeping your skin healthy and young. Applying lemon seed oil daily keeps the skin healthy and at the same time keeps your skin moisturized.

Get rid of fungal infection
Fungus in the nails can be cured with the use of lemon seeds, often resulting in fungal infections around the feet and toes. Fungal infections can be eliminated by applying lemon seed oil to the fungal area. Along with this, it also reduces itching and burning on your skin. You can use it to get relief from fungal infections.

Chanakya Niti: Who can take these two things of Chanakya in life, no one can stop him from being successful


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Pope Francis defends the creation of a “civil union” for same-sex couples, in documentary

The Argentine Pope spoke on this subject in a documentary by director Evgeny Afineevsky, presented at the Rome Film Festival, Wednesday, October 21.

A small revolution. Pope Francis defended the rights of gay couples, “children of God”, to live in a “civil union” that protects them legally. “What is needed is a law of civil union”, pleads the Argentine Pope in a documentary by Russian director Evgeny Afineevsky, presented at the Rome Film Festival, Wednesday, October 21.

In this movie dedicated to the pope, entitled Francesco, this last also believes that homosexual people “have the right to a family”. “No one should be left out or made miserable” because he is “homosexual”, emphasizes Pope Francis.

His statements in Spanish follow, in the film, the testimony of a homosexual, father of three, who asked him in a letter whether they should attend church.

Since his election as pope, Francis had already mentioned, without rejection, the notion of civil union for people of the same sex. In the documentary, however, he pleads with unprecedented force for this legal model. The Sovereign Pontiff nevertheless remains firmly opposed to marriage for homosexual couples, this type of union necessarily having to be made, according to him, between a man and a woman.

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Is it necessary to have a premarital health check?

My boyfriend wants me to have a pre-marital health check. Is this necessary? Pre-marital health examination includes what, how much does it cost? (Incense)


Pre-marital health check is a physical examination and reproductive health of a man and woman before entering married life.

During the premarital examination, the doctor will check the general health of the man and the woman. After that, the couple was examined and examined on the morphology, anatomy as well as the reproductive function of the man and woman, and checked for sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor also examines and advises on the genetic status of the family and of the couple, ensuring to avoid genetic diseases for the next generation.

In addition, the couple is advised to vaccinate before becoming pregnant, ensuring a normal and healthy pregnancy. In case two people do not want to have a baby right after marriage, the doctor can also advise on family planning methods to avoid unfortunate events such as abortion affecting a woman’s health. .

Pre-marital health check is very important, especially in detecting fertility abnormalities and early counseling and treatment. Thus, the time a couple has a baby will be faster, the problems causing infertility will be resolved immediately.

Without prenuptial examination, the couple may not be able to grasp the state of their reproductive health, and may encounter situations that affect family happiness. For example, a man who has a sexually transmitted disease will infect the woman or shock when he is not known, does not sympathize with each other, which can disrupt family happiness. Some women with early ovarian failure may lose the chance to give birth and become pregnant if they do not know their medical condition.

Pre-marital examination is not expensive. At the Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, a pre-marital health consultation and examination costs about 300,000 VND and other testing costs. These tests are advised and ordered by the couple for the couple.

Doctor Pham Thuy Nga
Head of Department of Reproductive Support and Male Studies, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital



“Goodbye idiots”, “Peninsula”, “Last Words”… The films to see (or not) this week

♥♥♥ Goodbye idiots

French comedy, by Albert Dupontel, with Virginie Efira, Albert Dupontel, Nicolas Marié (1h27).

“You know, just because we crack doesn’t mean we’re crazy. “ It would even be a pledge of mental health for Albert Dupontel, whose reply, taken from “Adieu les cons”, synthesizes the spirit so well. The director, actor and screenwriter does not change. Just now he has the means which allow him to put more forms and attract spectators that the punk madness of “Bernie” or “Locked out” frightened.

Her new story of broken arms that blows everything up orchestrates the meeting of Suze Trappet (Virginie Efira), a hairdresser intoxicated by the lacquers in her salon and condemned by illness, who seeks to know her 20-year-old son, born under X, JB (Dupontel), an asocial computer scientist who has just lost his job and missed his suicide, and Mr. Blin (Nicolas Marié), a blind archivist (!) and phobic of cops. Three left-behind who unite to escape their condition, three desperate cases but less desperate than the world as it is. Albert Dupontel: “I would rather be against me than for me”

Absurd bureaucracy, overwhelming technology, the blindness of some, the paranoia of others: Dupontel shoots red balls at the things that alienate us, dismisses the little bosses, torpedoing the uberization of souls with energy to spare, a talent for dialogue that ‘we rent too little, ideas for scenes by the dozen and actors possessed. Around Virginie Efira, irreproachable emotional vector of the film, let us quote the faithful and delicious playmates of Dupontel: Nicolas Marié, Philippe Uchan, Michel Vuillermoz, Bouli Lanners, Jackie Berroyer.

In his ambition, manifested for four films, to reach a larger audience, Dupontel indulges in a naive sentimentalism – his Jean-Pierre Jeunet penchant – counterbalanced by a darkness that laughter does not always attenuate. Thus, this abundant “Goodbye idiots” appears less held, more unstable than “Nine Months Farm”. A lesser evil so much the leg of Dupontel, this mixture of social satire and burlesque delirium, recognizable among all, avenges us for the lack of imagination from which French cinema too often suffers. He is the only one to make up nutty misunderstandings from the illegible handwriting of a doctor or this admirable sequence in which a blind person crosses his old neighborhood by car, pointing here to the grocery store, there the cinema, while a soulless row of modern banks and apartment buildings is reflected in the windshield. We will not forget this line of disturbing news either: “In town, coughing is normal, it means that you are still breathing. “

Nicolas schaller

♥♥ Peninsula

Korean horror film, by Yeon Sang-ho, with Gang Dong-won, Kim Do-yoon (2:02).

It’s an understatement to say that we were expecting the sequel to “Last Train to Busan”, the nasty and mischievous Korean zombie movie that enchanted us four years ago. Is it this prolonged wait that, by increasing our appetite, leaves us unsatisfied? Admittedly, the setting in scene is always effective, but the scenario disappoints. It’s an ersatz works by John Carpenter (“Invasion Los Angeles”), where a bunch of mercenaries travel to a brain-eating Seoul infested to grab a truck full of dollars. A pure action film where the filmmaker plays more security than daring. Remains an immersive video game, pleasant for the eyes, but which leaves our neurons very quiet.

Xavier Leherpeur

♥♥♥ Michelangelo

Italian-Russian historical drama, by Andreï Konchalovsky, with Alberto Testone, Jakob Diehl, Francesco Gaudiello (2h16).

The suffering and the grace of Michelangelo, in Italy of the XVIe century. Obsessed with the idea of ​​finding the purest marble for the tomb of Pope Julius II, Michelangelo sinks into a hell of doubt and rage. Andreï Konchalovsky, who was one of the most promising Russian directors (“the First Master”, 1965), and sometimes one of the most disappointing (“Gloss”, 2007), explores with fever the torments of the painter of the chapel Sistine. Konchalovsky is 83 years old today (Michelangelo died at 88) and obviously draws a parallel with his own artistic work, subjected to contradictory constraints over the years (USSR, Hollywood, Russia). Is passion, in the Christian sense, the condition of art? The film, austere and powerful, is carried by an ardent vision.

Francois Forestier

♥♥♥ City Hall

American documentary, by Frederick Wiseman (4:25).

Frederick Wiseman, 90, dives into the institutional machine of Boston (700,000 inhabitants), where the mayor, Martin J. Walsh, is the exact opposite of Trump. In a city riddled with a multitude of problems, Walsh has a deep understanding of her mission, the public good. From meeting to consultation, Wiseman’s camera follows, step by step, the confrontations with the citizens (the roads, the neighborhood, unemployment), without ever commenting. A student lives in unsanitary accommodation, a father explains the panic during the birth of his wife… Touching moments, which Wiseman films with sympathy and distance to let the spectator judge. It’s long, but taking.



Last Words

Italian-French-American science fiction drama, by Jonathan Nossiter, with Nick Nolte, Kalipha Touray, Charlotte Rampling (2:06).

In 2085, the Earth is nothing more than ruins after the ecological disaster. A young African (played by a true migrant) and an old filmmaker named Shakespeare (Nick Nolte) strand in Athens, where a last bastion of survivors tries to cultivate the barren land. By showing them films from the world before and immortalizing them with a makeshift camera, the two men give hope to the community. One day, perhaps, we will bite our fingers for not having recommended this film, taken from a novel by Santiago Amigorena, in which Jonathan Nossiter warns us of a dire future. Hostile nature, dry soils, deadly virus: everything prophesied by the director of “Mondovino”, who has been converted into permaculture in Italy, seems as supported as his fable is pontificate, unsightly and endless. The state of the planet has its reasons that artistic taste ignores.

N. S.


French adventure film, by Nicolas Vanier, with Julie Gayet, François Cluzet, Patrick Timsit (1h42).

A little girl, Cécile, arrives in the Cévennes with her mother. Uprooted, she falls in love with a pony mistreated in a circus, and decides to run away with him … In 1961, the TV soap opera was a success, of course, but, more than half a century later, the stories by Cécile Aubry (“Belle et Sébastien”) are they not terribly dilapidated? Nicolas Vanier does not shy away from good feelings, even nunuchery. If you are going to see this film, bring your child’s soul, an obligatory accessory.


♥♥♥ Little Vampire

French animated film, by Joann Sfar, with the voices of Camille Cottin, Jean-Paul Rouve, Alex Lutz (1h25).

Being 10 years old for three hundred years and living in seclusion with a bunch of the living dead doesn’t help making friends. Little Vampire knows something about it, so he escapes at night, despite the threat of the Gibbou, and makes friends with Michel, a human his own age, Jewish and orphan, who lives with his grandparents. After the comics, the TV series and the board game, here is the film. A success: we find intact the universe of Joann Sfar, who has made the Gothic bestiary his own by rooting it in a castle in his native Nice bay. It talks about death while laughing, the dialogues gallop to the rhythm of a screwball comedy, and the economy of the line responds to the shimmering of the decorations and the picturesque creatures. Special mention to Fantomate, the flying bulldog with a Marseille accent, and to Marguerite, the filthy mini-Frankenstein.


♥♥ The Whale and the Snail

British cartoon, by Max Lang and Daniel Snaddon, with the voices of Colette Sodoye, Maia Baran (40 min).

After having delighted us with “Zébulon, le dragon” (2019) and “le Gruffalo” (2011), the two filmmakers take us on the back of a giant whale, where a tiny snail, dreaming only of adventures and ‘wild horizons, has settled. Starting point of an initiatory and aquatic story full of poetry and ecology. The irony and the second degree of the previous films are put away in favor of a pretty fable about the refusal of determinism, ideally intended for the youngest. The animation, virtuoso and inventive, still seduces as much.


♥♥ The sacred fire

French documentary, by Eric Guéret (1h33).

The filmmaker looks back on the year during which the staff of the Ascoval steelworks, in Saint-Saulve (North), fought to prevent its closure. The first quarter of an hour, a succession of testimonies facing the camera like “France 3 Regions”, worries a little. But, very quickly, the story wins, that of a proletarian tragedy and a social drama rich in drama. Even if the outcome of this story is known, the suspense is there. The dramaturgical staging pays homage to the labor of these men and women, draws strong and sharp characters. An emotionally powerful film.



The Sixth Sense

American thriller, by Michael Mann, with William Petersen, Kim Greist, Brian Cox (1986, 2h00).

The first adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novel “Red Dragon” and the appearance of Hannibal Lecter, a genius criminal. Michael Mann, director fascinated by the graphics of images and secret violence, signs here a film on the edge of the fantastic and the thriller, with an investigator character who has flashes of understanding which he pays the price, each time. William Petersen, in this role, is formidable: he brings a vibrant fragility. Of the entire Lecter film series (five opuses, including “The Silence of the Lambs”), it is the best, the most beautiful, the most stylized.



Health Tips: Your bones are getting weakened by these habits, know how to get diagnosis

New Delhi Bones are the basic structure of the human body. The muscles and tissues in the human body are wrapped by our bones. Strong bones are very important for the good care of our body and for the all round development of the body. For bones, we have always been adopting a diet containing calcium and vitamins along with calcium. On the contrary, due to some of our habits, our bones keep getting weaker.

Late tv watch Most people sit in front of the TV for their entertainment as soon as they get rid of work. A report has said that watching TV for a long time is harmful to the eyes and bones. By sitting in one place, there is not much movement in bones, due to which it also causes pain in bones. To strengthen bones, we must keep moving at certain times, so that bones remain strong.

More salt: We use salt to taste in all foods. It also supplies iron to the body. At the same time, the use of too much salt causes serious damage to bones.

Smoking Smoking has been considered harmful to the body. This can cause lung cancer. At the same time, a bad effect of smoking has also been seen on bones. The formation of bone tissue (tissue) is greatly affected due to smoking. Due to which the bones become weak.

Alcohol Along with smoking, the consumption of alcohol or alcohol is very harmful for both body and bones. To maintain bone strength, stopping alcohol consumption is the most important need for us.

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Health Tips: Lemon seeds are also as effective as lemons, know how beneficial are

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Assassination of Samuel Paty: Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui indicted says he is “stunned, devastated”

“Justice is wrong target,” said his lawyer, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui was indicted Wednesday (October 21) for “complicity in assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, franceinfo learned on Wednesday through his lawyer. It is “stunned, devastated”, indicated the one who assures his defense and who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to his defender, Abdelhakim Sefrioui “ignored everything” of the terrorist project of Abdoullah Anzarov who assassinated Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography in a college of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in the middle of the street. He believes that it is especially necessary “look for those who recruited the terrorist, who incited him to take action”. He denounces an investigation which “is only interested in second knives, in simple accomplices when the danger is elsewhere”.

Adbelhakim Sefrioui is notably implicated for having participated in the mobilization against the teacher. He had also accompanied the father to college who had come to complain about the teacher’s behavior, and he had also posted a video on social networks. According to his lawyer, there is no proof, for the moment, that this video provoked the act of the terrorist. “Has Anzarov seen this video? It remains to be proven. He surely didn’t need this to murder.”, continued the lawyer. The same line of defense was offered by the student’s father who posted the video.


The fun of voice and video calling from WhatsApp web

New Delhi: WhatsApp users will soon be able to get voice and video calling features on the web version. According to a new report, WhatsApp is working on bringing voice and video calling to its web version. This feature was introduced after a recent update to Web version 2.2043.7. The company is testing this before its public release. WhatsApp voice and video calling is already available in Android and iOS apps.

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The Twitter account WABetaInfo, which tracks the WhatsApp feature, has integrated the support for voice and video calling on the desktop version of WhatsApp 2.2043.7, along with the latest update. This feature is now in beta phase. WABetaInfo shared some screenshots. From this screenshot, it is learned that WhatsApp web usage call comes on the desktop. A pop up window opens. This window has the option to receive and reject calls. Below is the Ignore option. In a small pop up window, there are options like video, mute, decline.

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The report says that the update comes with an update for group voice and video calls. This feature is not available for testing and will be added to the web version soon. The company did not share any information regarding this new feature.

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Obama criticizes Trump for ‘not being able to protect himself’

Barack Obama criticized his successor, saying that President Donald Trump “could not even defend himself” as well as the American people from Covid-19.

“Donald Trump will not suddenly stand up for all of us,” Obama said on October 21 at a “car rally” event to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. , criticizing the US President’s response to Covid-19.

“He cannot even take basic steps to protect himself,” Obama said, pointing out that Trump himself fell victim to Covid-19.

Trump reported nCoV infection on October 2 and had to go to the Walter Reed hospital for treatment. The President of the United States then recovered and is trying to campaign to make up for the quarantine period.

This is the first time Obama appeared in a campaign to support Biden in the sprint of the US presidential election. His arrival in Philadelphia “filled the void” for Biden, who has remained at home in Delaware since October 19 in preparation for the final debate with Trump.

Former US President Barack Obama in the campaign for candidate Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on 21/10. Image: Reuters

Obama, one of the Democrats’ biggest stars and frequently targeted by Trump, also engaged in a roundtable discussion with black politicians in Philadelphia and community leaders, religion here, aimed at calling for supporters to vote early for Biden and other Democratic candidates run for parliament.

Americans are voting early at a record rate this year, with 42 million ballots being mailed and voting directly ahead of Election Day 3/11. Trump is heading to North Carolina, another battlefield state, where polls show the two candidates are racing closely.

The final days of the campaign are taking place, as the number of new Covid-19 infections is increasing, hospital admissions in battlefield states have also increased, as are North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

Pennsylvania recorded an average of 1,500 new infections a day for the past week, a level not seen since April. North Carolina recorded an average of 2,000 new infections a day for the past week, the highest ever. Covid-19 has so far claimed the lives of more than 221,000 Americans out of nearly 8.6 million infected.

Opinion polls have shown that a majority of voters are disappointed with the way Trump handled Covid-19, a pandemic he has repeatedly said will “disappear on its own.”

Hong Hanh (Follow Reuters)