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Peddlers are likened to US intelligence

ThailandStreet vendors in Bangkok are considered CIA agents, always present first at the protest scene.

The protest groups often kept the location a last-minute secret in an attempt to bypass the Thai government. However, they quickly realized that they were usually second at the scene, after street vendors set up food vans, preparing for a busy evening.

Street vendors are likened to the CIA in the Thai protest movement. Video: AFP.

Rattapol Sukpa, a Bangkok-based butcher, said to catch the trend by following Facebook for hints about the latest protest spots and regularly contacting other street vendors to spread the word.

“I used to sell very well in the past, but it sold out faster at the protest sites,” the 19-year-old said as he set up a stand near Victory Monument.

Business has expanded since the protests began in July, when street vendors became a regular sideline of the protests. A post calling on people to protest at a new location on October 22 contained photos of street vendors with the caption “Get the CIA there first”, referring to the US Central Intelligence Agency.

The protest movement helps Rattapol better balance work and life, allowing him to sell out before 20 o’clock instead of midnight as usual. In addition to calling for a change in the current state of Thailand, such as asking Prime Minister Prayut to resign, drafting a constitution and reforming the monarchy, the demonstrations also provide a rich culinary festival.

Sour pork and sausage rice balls, a specialty of Thailand’s northeastern provinces, hung like a beaded necklace on a peddler’s stroller, ready to be fried and served with cabbage in plastic bags. Sausage sandwiches, soups, cold drinks, fruit and meat skewers are also on the menu.

Some street vendors also carry a motorcycle stovetop, making it easier to get to the gathering spots. Anucha Noipan, a fried chicken seller who typically makes $ 97 a day, says it makes money faster to sell food to the crowd.

“From day-to-day sales at the protest sites, my income has doubled to 192 dollars a day,” the 21-year-old said.

A man buys fruit from a street stall during a protest in central Bangkok on October 21.  Photo: AFP.

A man buys fruit from a street stall during a protest in central Bangkok on October 21. Image: AFP.

Having just joined the peddlers team after quitting as a rubber worker, Anucha said he agreed to the movement’s request, claiming he wouldn’t sell his fried chicken at rival events, who belong to royal side.

“I have a different political view from the Yellow Vests,” Anucha said, referring to the term for monarchy supporters. Tensions increased last week when police fired tornadoes at protesters in Bangkok’s central shopping district, prompting Thai opposition.

While stirring the chicken thighs in a frying pan, Nattapol Sai-ngarm said he was fully aware of all the risks involved in doing business in this environment. But the economic downturn caused by Covid-19 left him with no other choice.

“I used to be very scared” when I saw the police appear in the protest, but now “I come here every day so I am used to it,” Nattapol said.

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Saturday and Monday

Saturday from the 29e week in ordinary time (Lk 13: 1-9)

“The people reported to Jesus the matter of the Galileans that Pilate had slain …” We would think we were reading the newspaper that tells us about massacres, building collapses, storms, droughts, so many evils caused by the violence of nature or of men who daily kill innocent people and bring astonishment, pain, unanswered questions.

Where is God? And if he is the omnipotence of love, why does he not stop the terrorist’s arm and the unleashing of the wind? It is very difficult for us not to look for a hidden fault in the victims and a ” God’s will “ to punish. But God has done his work of creation by withdrawing and he is fully by our side, helplessly watching the suffering of humans, with infinite pain in the measure without measure of his infinite love.

“But if you do not convert, you will all perish likewise. ” These people who perished, who perish are simple sinners, like us. If we believe that Jesus is God-with-us, then let’s convert, turn to him; to turn away from him would be a certain death of our inner life. And let us have confidence, because God is patient, infinitely, he gives us time. If we are attentive, we recognize the discreet signs of his presence, he believes in us and in the fruitfulness of our life.

A sister of the Carmel of Frileuse

Other texts: Eph 4, 7-16; Ps 121.


Monday from the 30e week in ordinary time (Lk 13, 10-17)

There are a lot of symbolic elements in this text. So the woman is “Linked” by a “Sick mind” and Jesus the “Detach from this link”. The term for this deliverance (v. 15) is the one used when we “Untie his ox or his donkey” (v. 16). Her infirmity, moreover, keeps her in a position which condemns her to look at the ground. It forbids him the vertical position, this mark of humanity which allows the word to be well heard, to the gaze to see well, to foresee, to discern, to anticipate. His relationship to others and to the world is therefore heavily altered. She is prevented from looking up, towards the sky, which represented the place of the divinity. Besides, as soon as she is healed, she raises her praise to God. She perceived that it is not she who “stands up”. The verb, in fact, is in the passive. It is therefore through an Other that she “Is rectified”. This “bent” woman here becomes the symbol of a crippled humanity, deprived of any relationship with God and yet called by him to deliverance. The term that says this “bent” position often meant, at the time, all the “bent” of society, the poor, the weak, the oppressed. They have not disappeared today. Come join those who live withdrawn into their “I”, those who are “closed” in their solitude, those whose “down-to-earth” gaze reduces their existence to materialism … May God straighten them out when life brings them back “Curve” and lift their eyes to the hope that He offers.

Michel bertrand

Other texts: Eph 4, 32 – 5, 8; Ps 1.



Iliad sells part of its mobile towers in Poland

Posted on Oct 23, 2020 at 12:09 PMUpdated Oct 23, 2020, 12:15 PM

Things didn’t take long. A month after launching its friendly takeover bid for 2.2 billion euros on Polish mobile operator Play, Iliad, the parent company of Free, is already selling part of its new network in the country. Xavier Niel’s group will create a “tower company” bringing together the 7,000 mobile branches of Play and sell 60% of this company to the Spanish Cellnex for 800 million euros.

Free exports a model he knows well to Poland. In May 2019, Free had already sold part of its mobile towers in France to Cellnex for 1.4 billion euros. As in Poland, the operator then kept a minority stake (30%) in the company. Also with Cellnex, a similar operation in Italy, where Iliad launched in 2018, brought 600 million euros into the coffers.

More generally, this model is spreading in Europe. Faced with heavy investments in 5G or fiber, more and more operators are selling part of their mobile or fixed networks to specialized companies, in order to generate cash or get out of debt.

Stay number 1 and finance 5G

This time, the operation allows Iliad to reduce the buyout of Play by 800 million. This takeover bid, which must be completed at the end of November, is crucial for Iliad: by winning over the 15 million customers of Play, the leading mobile operator in Poland, Xavier Niel’s group becomes the 6th mobile operator in Europe, with 41 million euros. ‘subscribers. But it is far from being financially neutral, since it is also increasing its level of debt, with a debt / Ebitda ratio dropping from 2.2 to 3.2.

With this booty, Iliad will be able to densify its mobile network to remain the local number 1. The operation could also help the group to finance the deinstallation of the Huawei antennas used by Play, if ever Poland decides to ban the Chinese group from the 5G market. Finally, as in Italy, Free intends to arrive in Poland on the fixed market by bringing its Freeboxes. This too will require investment.

Poland, Cellnex’s third market

With this agreement, Cellnex meanwhile arrives in Poland, which becomes its 9th country. Over the course of the acquisitions, the Spanish became the first European “tower co”, with 61,000 pylons spread across Europe against only 7,000 in 2014. But it was not yet present in Eastern Europe.

In addition to the purchase of the 7,000 existing pylons, Cellnex has undertaken to build 5,000 new sites over ten years for 1.3 billion euros. Poland will then become its third market behind Italy and France, but ahead of Spain.

Poland is one of the largest economies in Eastern Europe, with almost 40 million inhabitants and a GDP which, in relative terms, is doing better than that of the European Union as a whole Explains Tobias Martinez, CEO of Cellnex. The Barcelona group does not intend to stop there: this summer, Cellnex carried out a capital increase of 4 billion euros to be able to finance future acquisitions in Europe, the amount of which could reach … 11 billion euros.

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Angry police: increase in justice budget planned for 2021

To mark the hit. This is the will of the police following the new attack on the police in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne). About forty individuals attacked the police station on the night of Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 October with mortar fire and small pétanque balls. Eddy Deboste, from the Alliance Police Nationale Val-de-Marne union, gets annoyed with France Télévisions journalists from “reinforcements that do not arrive“, or laws”which do not change“.

While the violence against the police is increasing, the Prime Minister wanted to react. “We want to strengthen the penal response“, declared the Prime Minister, Gérald Darmanin, Monday October 12 at the microphone of France Info.”The 2021 budget, which begins this week in the National Assembly, will see the justice budget increase by 8%“, he added. The police unions will be received Tuesday October 13 at the Ministry of the Interior and Thursday October 15 at the Elysee.

The JT

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Xiaomi will launch your face mask tomorrow, find out what’s special

New Delhi: Xiaomi Xiaomi is going to launch Face Mask expanding its product range. According to a Twitter post, Xiaomi will launch its face mask tomorrow, October 13. Xiaomi in this post ‘Breathe safely, live healthy. Coming to protect you.

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Patent received in March
In March this year, Xiaomi received a patent for a new face mask. The special feature of the mask is that it has a three dimensional frame design. This design makes the mask fit perfectly on the face.

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Very comfortable to wear mask

According to the company, the mask is very comfortable to wear. Users will love it, the company said. The shape of the mask support frame can be changed by pressing on the shaping part. The face mask fits very close to the face. This helps in tightening the air tightness.

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Also patents for smart masks

Xiaomi’s patent agency (USPTO) has also patented smart masks. This mask tracks the breath quality of the users. A commuting unit is provided in the smart mask. It has a processor that analyzes all the data of the mask sensor. It also has a storage system for storing calculated data. The mask also has a battery and a connector.

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Read: Vivo V20 price of 44MP front camera unveiled, launching on October 13

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The Prime Minister asked to continue to streamline the police apparatus

The Central Committee of the Public Security should continue to arrange and consolidate the streamlined and effective organization of the people’s police apparatus.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke as above at the Party Congress of Central Public Security, on October 12.

According to the Prime Minister, in the past term, the Central Committee of the Public Security has exemplified the implementation of Central Resolution 4 (term XII) on strengthening the building and regulating the Party; at the same time, frankly looking at the truth, promptly detecting and strictly handling offending and negative officials.

“The proactive decisive handling of cadres’ violations does not reduce but has contributed to increasing the prestige of the police force, proving the strength of discipline, purity and enhanced fighting strength,” he said. to speak.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivered a speech at the Central Party Congress of the Public Security, on the morning of October 12. Image: Police

The Prime Minister noted that the Central Committee of the Public Security had proactively forecasted from an early and remote level the risks affecting security, safety and national interests; have specific programs, plans and countermeasures to fight against being passive and unexpected in all situations.

“The police and the army are like two wings of a peace bird, a solid sword and shield to protect the country, protect the people and the socialist regime,” said the government leader.

According to the draft political report at the Congress, in the term 2015 – 2020, the Central Committee of the Public Security has actively identified and effectively resolved many emerging complex problems, for example related crimes. to “black credit”, crime involving foreign elements, cybercrime …

The police also promptly discovered, investigated and discovered many major economic and corruption cases; recovery for the State tens of thousands of billion, the rate of recovery of property in corruption cases is high; are positive marks, considered “bright spots” in the anti-corruption work in the past term.

In the period 2015 – 2020, the Party Committee of the Central Public Security shall direct and promulgate a uniform framework of standards and criteria for staff placement according to 4 police levels; Strengthening the dispatch of officers for the facility and units directly fighting.

From 2018 until now, the Ministry of Public Security has reduced 6 general departments, one unit equivalent to the general department level; 55 units at department level; 22 units of fire prevention and fighting at local level; 7 schools; 1,014 units at room level and more than 2,300 units at team level. As of September 30 th, regular police have been arranged in 8,621 communes and towns nationwide, reaching the rate of 100%.

In the past 5 years, the Ministry of Public Security has reduced more than 30,500 payrolls, of which 19,000 have retired, more than 4,000 people quit service ahead of schedule, the number of streamlining is over 6,500 people …

The 8th Central Public Security Party’s Congress, the term 2020 – 2025, took place from October 11-13, is conducted under the motto: “Solidarity, democracy, discipline, responsibility, fruit”.

The theme of the congress is: “Improving the leadership and fighting strength of the Party Committee; building a clean and strong force, striving for an elite and modern 2030; promoting the core role, keeping firmly ensure national security, ensure social order and safety, build an orderly, disciplined, safe and healthy society, contributing to building and firmly defending the Socialist Vietnam Fatherland “.

Ba Do

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The father of Estelle Mouzin launches “an urgent and solemn appeal” to the media, not to divulge “the most cruel details” on the case

If it is “essential” to recall the subject, writes Éric Mouzin, one must not allow the criminals to “revel” in the account of “their crimes” and to transform the public into “voyeur”.

The father of Estelle Mouzin, who disappeared on January 9, 2003, launches in a press release entitled “Respect”, a “urgent and solemn appeal” to the media “to take up the ethical challenge which is imposed on them to ensure fair and complete information, while respecting the memory of all these child victims”.

If the girl’s father has “appreciated” the “important role played by the media over the past 17 years”, to prevent this file from ending “in closed case”, he asks them for more restraint. Certain elements of investigations, details “cruel” recently appeared in the press. Estelle Mouzin’s father hopes that these “leaks will not be detrimental to the continuation of the investigation”.

Thus, the father of Estelle Mouzin, believes that this “couple of suspects”, Monique Olivier and Michel Fourniret, whose names he refuses to write in this press release, sow “the horror”. Michel Fourniret indicted in several cases of rape and homicide of minors, “delights”, during hearings, “to be able to further destroy the families of victims by detailing the conditions under which he had committed his crimes with great pleasure in lodging morbid and traumatic descriptions in their minds”.

Éric Mouzin writes that he “It is essential to recall the subject: it is the rape of very young children by a particularly formidable pervert”. According to him, “to disclose today the most cruel details of their crimes as evoked during the hearings or to transform their lives into quasi-romantic fictions amounts to allowing this couple of criminals to continue their work of death by amplifying the diffusion of atrocities that they committed “.

Read in the media, “the circumstances in which these crimes were committed”, not only spread “the trauma” the entourage, but also makes readers, listeners, viewers, “all voyeurs”. For journalists, the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin is a “topic”, but for relatives, “it is about the murder of our child”.

Michel Fourniret, 78, was indicted in November 2019 for “kidnapping and forcible confinement followed by death”. This indictment took place after the statements of the ex-wife of Michel Fourniret, Monique Olivier, who claimed that her ex-husband kidnapped, kidnapped and killed the girl to the judge in charge of the case. The body of the girl who disappeared in 2003 has not been found.


Top 9 updates from WhatsApp; The fun of chatting doubled

Chaitanya Salgaonkar

In the current digital age, WhatsApp is the most popular app in the phones of young and old. Launched in May 2009, this instant messaging app has become the talisman of billions around the world in just a decade. Following the growing popularity of WhatsApp, in February 2014, the well-known social networking company Facebook bought all the rights to WhatsApp and since then, the chatting app has received tremendous updates. Today, let us know about the recent and future WhatsApp updates.

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Dark mode

Earlier this year, WhatsApp made the Dark Mode feature available to users. This trend also developed in all the social networking apps after the introduction of Dark Mode in the operating system and the increasing response it received from the users. You can also choose dark mode by going to chat settings in WhatsApp. Low brightness in this mode can save some battery life of your device.

Advanced search

This is a very useful and great feature that WhatsApp made available to the users a few days ago. By clicking on search in the top right of the app, you can see files, photos, videos, audios and documents sent to you by others and others, as well as links and GIFs together. You can also see which files have been sent by whom.

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QR code for new contacts

If you want to add a new contact to your phone, you no longer have to type in a number. You can add a new contact by going to WhatsApp settings and clicking on the QR code in the top right corner and scanning the person’s code in front of you.

Animated stickers and GIFs

This is another attractive feature that has just been launched in WhatsApp. You can see these two options right next to the emoji by clicking on the emoji icon in the chat box. WhatsApp has made available many attractive sticker packs in stickers. You can choose the GIF and sticker of your choice and send it to your friends.

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WhatsApp has recently made available 138 new emojis for its users. You can send these new emojis by downloading the latest update of WhatsApp. It includes attractive emojis like farmers, chefs, painters, lawyers, teachers, police etc.

States feature

WhatsApp has recently released an update to the Status Story for Geo feature phones and some OS Basic phones as well. This is definitely a beneficial update for the class who want to use WhatsApp phones at the lowest price.

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Video chat with 50 people

A few months ago, WhatsApp increased the video call capability from 4 to 8 for mobile users. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for Desktop users can now interact with up to 50 people simultaneously via video chat. WhatsApp web and desktop users will be able to experience the app by selecting the ‘Create a Room’ option and adding people to it.

Multi device support

This is one of the most sought after features of WhatsApp. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. WhatsApp still doesn’t have multi-device support like social networking apps. According to a recent tweet from WhatsApp Beta Info, you will soon be able to access a WhatsApp account by logging in to four different devices. In addition, all four devices will have data sync. It is expected that a specific QR code will be generated for the user profile and this will enable the user to use this feature through account verification.

Permanent group mute

Currently you can mute WhatsApp group notifications for up to a year. But, soon WhatsApp will give you the option of Permanent Group Mute. There are many users who are eagerly waiting for this feature. Many groups have become super active in the current environment of work from home. Group notifications are often annoying for people who are constantly busy. So now you can choose Permanent Group Mute if you need it soon.

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Does one in five young French people have trouble reading a cinema program, as François-Xavier Bellamy asserts?

François-Xavier Bellamy, guest of Radio France on October 11, 2020 (FRANCEINTER / RADIOFRANCE)

In his speech on separatism, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted “teach more Arabic language at school”. A proposal that made the LR MEP, François-Xavier Bellamy, questioned Sunday 11 October, by franceinfo, France Inter and The world. “The real answer to this separatism is once again to teach French to all the children of France”, he estimated. “When you have one in five young French people, at 18 – this is the official statistic, that which is carried out on the occasion of Defense and Citizenship Day – who has difficulty deciphering a cinema program, I am sorry it’s a major drama “, argued François-Xavier Bellamy. This statistic does exist.

The statistic mentioned by Francois-Xavier Bellamy corresponds to a small French test that young people aged 16 to 25 undergo each year during Defense and Citizenship Day (compulsory day for all young people established under Jacques Chirac). In 2019, out of nearly 500,000 young people who made this day, the Ministry of Youth indeed reports that one in ten young French people have reading difficulties.

In detail, we can see that one test in particular caused them a problem: collecting information from a cinema program. This test, named, “complex comprehension test” was successful by the vast majority of young people, but a little over 20%, conversely, struggled with it. Young people who had difficulty deciphering this cinema program are in the categories “poor reader”, “reader with very poor reading skills” or “reader with severe difficulties”.

Be careful, however, this study also shows that reading performance increases with the level of study. Thus, it is especially young people who have not gone beyond college level who have greater reading difficulties.

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The trafficker’s love trick

Tuyen QuangVu A Lenh, 30 years old, with a dashing look, pretended to fall in love with a 34-year-old girl who sold across the border after three meetings.

According to the records of the Police Criminal Police Department of Tuyen Quang province, Lenh, while working as a hired laborer in China, knew the couple Lau Thi Say, 35 years old and Sung Sinh Po, 42 years old, living in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang.

The money-hungry tent should accept Say’s suggestion about finding Vietnamese women to sell to China for profit. According to the agreement, Lenh will find “goods” in Vietnam, while the Say and his wife hook up them for sale.

Because he was looking for a wife, in August 2019, Lenh received a phone number of 34-year-old sister Sin, who lives in Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang. Lenh then sent a text message to get acquainted and introduce the name Dai, who lives in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang.

At the same time, he repeatedly urged the Say and his wife to find someone to buy Sin. However, the Say and his wife told Lenhnh to keep cheating to show the guests to China, then it would be easy to negotiate the price.

Tent at the investigative agency. Image: Police provide.

In September 2019, Lenh dressed nicely, riding a motorbike to meet Sin in Hung Loi commune, Yen Son district. I was married but I had no children, so I got divorced. Super-hearted, Ms. Sin invited her home to meet her parents, but she refused.

Returning after the first meeting, Hien kept sending a message promising to marry Sin and after they got married, the two went to China to work as hired labor. Sin’s sweet words made Sister Sin believe. A few days later, Ung met for a second time and continued to solicit him to be his wife. When the victim told her to ask for permission from his parents, Canh pretended to be angry and tried to persuade him, but failed.

Twice “empty-handed”, Hien did not give up and half a month later, she called Sin to ask her to ask for a decent wedding and bring her home in Ha Giang to show her parents. On September 14, 2019, the Tent alone took a motorbike to pick up Sin and still refused to enter the house. I got married in the hometown, I don’t need to consult my parents, but when it’s all over, I will notify them. Sin heard her ears so she took out her phone to take a picture of Tent and the motorbike sent back to her cousin via Facebook message and followed back to Ha Giang.

On the way, Lenh called Say and Pa to bargain that their “goods” had not been married, so they had to get 12,000-13,000 yuan (about 38-42 million dong) and had to make quick transactions to return home. Tent and Say met each other for a transaction at the Vietnam-China border marker in Thuong Phung commune, Meo Vac district at dawn.

On the morning of September 15, 2019, Lenh took Sister Sin to the meeting point and introduced to the couple: “This is your parents’ daughter-in-law”. “Sin was a little suspicious, then confirmed by Say” was her father. mom”.

According to the plan discussed, the Tent said that the road ahead was filled with ghosts, so if passing through, it would be bad luck, Sin just followed his “parents” and he chased after his motorbike. Believing her lover’s words, Sin followed Say to China and fell into the hands of a trafficker group.

On the evening of September 15, 2019, Say called to report that Ms. Sin was too bad to have a buyer, but Lenh continuously urged it to speed up. Two days later, Say returned and said that she had sold Sin for 13,000 yuan, so she paid the Tent 10,000 and kept 3,000. The hut then went to the center of Meo Vac district to exchange 10,000 yuan for nearly 32 million VND for personal consumption.

At the same time Sin was missing, her family filed a police report. After more than a month in detention, she escaped back to Vietnam. The police tracked down the clue to arrest Hut and Po. Drunk is on the run.

Sung Sung Po at the investigative agency.  Photo: Police provided.

Sung Sung Po at the investigative agency. Image: Police provide.

Lieutenant Colonel Hoan Minh Tuan, Head of the Prevention of Social Evils and Human Trafficking, Criminal Police Division, said that the camp is quite outstanding compared to many local men, so it is easy to sympathize with women. Tent’s human trafficking tricks are not new, but take advantage of the custom of arresting wives and the belief of “lover” to deceive.

Recently, Lenh and Po were sentenced to 8 years and 6 months and 8 years in prison for crimes Human trafficking, under Article 150 of the 2015 Penal Code.

* The victim’s name has changed

Pham Du