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Plan against LGBT hatred: 150 measures to strengthen the rights of lesbians, gays, bi and transgender people

Franceinfo was able to consult the main lines of the national action plan for equal rights, against hatred and anti-LGBT discrimination.

Some 150 measures will be presented on Wednesday 14 October to strengthen the rights of LGBT people (lesbians, gays, bi and transgender), according to information from franceinfo which was able to consult the main lines of the national action plan for equal rights , against hatred and anti-LGBT discrimination. This plan covers all areas: family, school, university, work, health, sport, etc. Every six months, a progress report will be made in the monitoring committee, from March 2021.

“LGBT people are totally invisible, they are citizens who have rights but who struggle to have these rights recognized”, said Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate in charge of Equality between women and men, Tuesday 13 October on France Inter. Three main axes emerge from this plan.

Recognition and “real access” to rights

First, “the real and concrete recognition of the rights acquired through hard work”, according to the Minister, with the opening of the PMA to couples of women and single women. This plan also provides for facilitating filiation for the “social” mother for children born before the adoption of the law on Bioethics.

Then it is necessary “give real access to these rights”, explains Elisabeth Moreno. “Since 2013, gay people can adopt but few couples have access to it. We will be working with the family council to understand where the barriers are.” The ambition is to provide access to the real right to adoption. The plan also plans to sensitize the medical professions so that they can provide better care for lesbians, trans people and AIDS patients.

The fight against discrimination and violence

The second axis of this plan is the fight against hatred and anti-LGBT violence, with the creation in particular of a site to “Educate against LGBTphobias”. The plan also includes creating anti-LGBT hate observatories. It is also a question of developing a network of referents, in the police stations, gendarmeries and anti-discrimination poles of the prosecution, to better take into account the victims. This device is being tested in Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux.

One of the most violent insults in schoolyards or stadiums is ‘queer’. Does that shock you in the mouth of a minister? Imagine how humiliating, hurtful for a young LGBT person.Elisabeth Moreno, minister delegate in charge of equality between women and men

For Elisabeth Moreno, “We must start by educating and raising awareness. We are going to create a website on which the teaching staff can find all the tools, the language elements so that they can train themselves.” A guide will also be written “to better accommodate trans (gender) students in schools.”

An improvement in daily life

Third axis, improving daily life, in particular by facilitating the use of the usual first name in unofficial administrative documents, therefore excluding identity cards and passports. This measure should make it easier for transgender people to use the first name of their choice, for example when registering for school, sports clubs, or on pay slips. This will allow trans people to be able to be called by the first name they have chosen, without having to wait for an official change in civil status which often takes several months.

People have little understanding of this topic of sexual orientation and gender identity. We must give this population full space so that it can take part in our society.Elisabeth Moreno, minister delegate in charge of equality between women and men

1,870 people were victims of homophobic or transphobic acts in 2019, according to police and gendarmerie figures. The risk of suicide is four times higher compared to the general population, and seven times higher among transgender people. And more than half of LGBT people have suffered, during their lifetime, acts of discrimination or violence, according to an IFOP survey revealed in May 2019 by franceinfo and The world.


After the launch of iPhone 12, the price of iPhone 11 has been reduced by more than 13,000

New Delhi: Apple has slashed the price of three huge smartphones. The price of the smartphone iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XR has been reduced. The company has taken this decision after the launch of the iPhone 12 series. The company has slashed the price of the phone by up to Rs 13,400. The biggest reduction has been made in the iPhone 11 phone. The smartphone has features like dual rear camera, 6.1 inch display and wireless charging.

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Price of iPhone 11

After getting cheaper by Rs 13,400, the iPhone 11’s 64 GB storage phone is now priced at Rs 54,900. The smartphone was launched at Rs 68,300. Similarly, the 128 GB model of iPhone 11 is priced at Rs 59,900, while the 256 GB storage phone is priced at Rs 69,900. The new prices are updated by the company on its website.

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Price of iPhone SE and XR
Prices for the new iPhone SE and XR have been slashed by Rs 2,600 and Rs 4,600 respectively. The 64 GB model of iPhone SE is priced at Rs 39,900, the 128 GB model is priced at Rs 44,900 and the 256 GB model is priced at Rs 54,900. Similarly, the 64 GB model of XR is priced at Rs 47,900 and the 128 GB model is priced at Rs 52,900.

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IPhone 11 is a great deal for Rs 54,900
Apple has announced that the AirPods will be available for free after purchasing the iPhone 11 from the Apple e-Store. The lowest priced AirPods are also priced at Rs 14,900. The iPhone was priced at Rs 40,000. If you don’t want to buy AirPods, you can buy the phone from Amazon or Flipkart. The 64 GB model here costs less than Rs 50,000.

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Kymco X-Town 125 City: flat feet

TEST – The only GT 125 scooter on the market to have a flat floor, the City shows great versatility.

The Kymco X-Town 125 City.
The Kymco X-Town 125 City. Stephane SANCHEZ

Here is finally a GT scooter that thinks of women. A variation of the 125 cc X-Town, the City by Kymco has been designed to adapt to all body types and for truly versatile use. Not only does it have a lowered 20mm seat that avoids tiptoeing when stationary, but also a flat floor, a first in the GT category. This architecture, popular with women, contributes to driving comfort but also to improving everyday life.

You can thus place a travel or racing bag between the legs, if necessary by hanging it on the hook located at the level of the apron. More compact than other models on the market, the City is light to handle and easy to put on the center stand. The finish is certainly not as neat as that of the Japanese models – the fuel tank cap is connected to a plastic cord – but the equipment is complete. It includes a USB socket to recharge your smartphone under a cover

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The Philippines is about to send more than 200 militiamen to the South China Sea

The Philippine Navy announced that it was preparing to deploy 200 militiamen to patrol and protect fishermen who were harassed by Chinese ships in the South China Sea.

“This is a response to China and its maritime militias in the South China Sea,” Philippine Navy Commander Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said on October 13, after announcing plans to deploy two companies under the Single Citizen Armed Forces (CAFGU) Geography to the South China Sea.

CAFGU is a militia formed by the Philippines in 1987, with the original purpose of providing regular military support against the domestic insurgent movements. CAFGU units are part of the Permanent Reserve Force of the Philippine Armed Forces (AFP).

According to the plan announced by Commander Bacordo, each CAFGU company deployed to the South China Sea is expected to include 120 people, mobilized from the militia force of the Philippine army. The time when this force will begin operations has not been announced, as militia units must complete training for the Philippine navy.

Militia belongs to the CAFGU force. Image: Department of Defense of the Philippines.

Vice Admiral Barcado said the militia will be equipped with high-speed boats and rifles, under the management of the Western Command and the Military North Command. In addition to protecting fishermen, they are also responsible for conducting reconnaissance, reconnaissance and intelligence activities to serve military operations.

The Philippine naval commander said that deploying militias to protect fishermen operating in the South China Sea will help the navy concentrate resources to protect the exclusive economic zone from infringements. Barcado admits that the number of deployed 240 militants is still very small, but the plan could be expanded if the AFP thinks it works.

Beijing has recently carried out many drastic activities to put pressure on the surrounding countries and territories in the context of countries focusing on anti-Covid-19.

In the South China Sea, China deployed a series of aggressive activities such as sending the Hai Duong 8 geological survey vessel into Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, following the Malaysian drilling vessel, allowing the police ship to sink its fishing vessel. Vietnam, illegal fighter exercises and deployments in Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago.

A Chinese fishing vessel in June 2019 sank a Philippine fishing vessel near the Grass Rong lawn. 22 fishermen aboard the Philippines were then rescued by Vietnamese fishing vessels.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on September 22 pledged before the United Nations General Assembly that Manila would uphold the decision of the South China Sea of ​​the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in 2016. Meanwhile, Beijing has repeatedly declared it “do not accept or recognize” the PCA’s judgment.

Speaking at a bilateral relations seminar three days later, Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Hoang Khe Lien said that President Xi Jinping and President Duterte had reached “an important consensus” on “overcoming the dispute. Sea aside, manage the situation through bilateral consultation and strengthen dialogue and cooperation “.

However, General Gilbert Gapay, commander of AFP, on 13/10 stated that the situation in the South China Sea “remains uncertain and volatile” due to “drastic actions by the Chinese side” when deploying warships, Coast Guard ships with marine militia in the area.

Vu Anh (Follow Rappler)



« Drunk », « Princesse Europe », « A Dark, Dark Man »… Les films à voir (ou pas) cette semaine

♥♥♥ Drunk

Comédie dramatique danoise, par Thomas Vinterberg, avec Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe (1h55).

Bande annonce “Drunk”

L’injonction infantilisante faite à toute personne parlant d’alcool dans les médias de tempérer ses propos en précisant que son abus est dangereux pour la santé vous insupporte ? Le politiquement correct, qui transforme chaque noble intention en lissage de la pensée, vous épuise ? Ce film va vous faire du bien. Quatre Danois, profs de lycée, se lancent comme défi de tester la théorie de Finn Skarderud, un psychologue norvégien d’après lequel il nous manque 0,5 g d’alcool par litre de sang pour mieux vivre. En quête du taux d’alcoolémie idéal pour optimiser leurs relations professionnelles et intimes, les quatre amis quadra et quinquagénaires vont allégrement passer du verre discret qui aide à la socialisation à la cuite qui vous laisse minable et alerte votre entourage.

Nulle tentation moralisatrice derrière tout cela – même si le pochtron du groupe se voit réserver un destin funeste parce qu’en effet, l’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé –, mais le portrait d’hommes qui se cherchent. D’un en particulier : Martin, devenu un étranger pour son épouse et ses deux fils ados, et que la jeunesse de ses élèves renvoie à la sienne, de plus en plus lointaine. Martin est interprété par Mads Mikkelsen, le Viking à l’élégance de danseur étoile, admirable par sa capacité à être là sans y être et à insuffler la plus profonde des mélancolies à son personnage de bobo asthénique qui pense, comme Winston Churchill, pouvoir tirer plus de choses de l’alcool que l’alcool ne lui en retire. Il est le centre de gravité du film et de sa mise en scène bringuebalante, instinctive, en caméra portée.

Plus proche de « Husbands », de Cassavetes, pour son exploration teintée d’humour et d’amertume de la middle life crisis masculine, que d’une version liquide de « la Grande Bouffe », dont il ne partage en rien la fibre contestataire, « Drunk » traite moins de la boisson que de notre inaptitude au bonheur. Sa réussite surprend d’autant plus que l’on n’attendait plus grand-chose de Thomas Vinterberg, qui a si souvent déçu depuis le coup d’éclat de « Festen », il y a vingt-deux ans. Comment reprendre goût à la vie ? se demande-t-il dans ce film qui, par-delà les gros traits de son scénario, est habité par une détresse et par une soif d’exister auxquelles le drame vécu par le réalisateur l’an dernier (il a perdu sa fille de 19 ans dans un accident de voiture) ne doit pas être étranger.

Nicolas Schaller

♥♥♥ Princesse Europe

Documentaire français, par Camille Lotteau (1h50).

Bande annonce “Princesse Europe”

Ce film est une petite bombe. Engagé par Bernard- Henri Lévy pour le suivre à travers l’Europe durant la tournée de son seul en scène en pleine campagne des dernières européennes, le réalisateur Camille Lotteau en a tiré ce carnet de voyage drôle et iconoclaste, digne d’un néo-Godard punk. Non content de filmer le philosophe à chemise ouverte, sa course quotidienne de machine médiatique et ses entrevues avec les dirigeants de tous bords (de Viktor Orbán à Volodymyr Zelensky), il a aussi rencontré des artistes, des militants, des gens de la rue, échangé par SMS avec une « pote gilet jaune » et modelé tout cela selon ses pensées. Du périple de BHL reste l’image d’une élite qui s’écoute parler et n’entend pas grand-chose dans ces « Lettres persanes » modernes sur le bordel sans nom que devient l’Europe.

N. S.

♥♥♥ A Dark, Dark Man

Drame kazakh, par Adikhlan Yerzhanov, avec Daniar Alshinov, Dinara Baktybaeva (1h50).

Prenez patience. Tout, dans ce film, est cotonneux, insaisissable. Nous sommes au bout du monde, dans un Kazakhstan de poussière, de solitude et de corruption. La première scène est démente : un policier se penche sur le cadavre d’un petit garçon, agrippe l’idiot du village, lui demande de se masturber pour truquer la scène de crime. Mais l’arrivée d’une journaliste, aidée par un jeune flic inexpérimenté, va changer la donne… Images des steppes, des bâtiments abandonnés, des visages durcis, le film adopte un rythme doux (comme dans le film précédent de Yerzhanov, « la Tendre Indifférence du monde »). C’est de la Série noire new wave, avec de bonnes vibrations.

François Forestier

♥♥ Babylon

Docudrama britannique, par Franco Rosso, avec Brinsley Forde, Karl Howman, Trevor Laird (1980, 1h35).

Bande annonce “Babylon”

En 1980, Blue (Brinsley Forde), musicien de reggae, survit dans un Londres cassé par le thatchérisme, dans des bas-fonds où règnent la misère et la violence (sans oublier le racisme). Tourné il y a quarante ans, cet étrange polar n’a jamais vu le jour, sinon dans des festivals ou des salles associatives, et a pris, entre-temps, valeur de témoignage politique. C’est filmé à l’arrache, sans moyens, mais avec une pêche d’enfer. Aujourd’hui, le film prend une force inattendue, dans l’ombre d’un Brexit anti-immigrés.

F. F.

C’est raté

Trente jours max

Comédie française, par Tarek Boudali, avec Tarek Boudali, Philippe Lacheau, Julien Arruti (1h27).

C’est raté : Bande annonce “30 jours max”

Le grand Tarek Boudali (1,89 mètre) de la Bande à Fifi signe sa deuxième comédie en solo après « Epouse-moi mon pote » (2,5 millions d’entrées). Il y joue un policier nul mais gentil qui apprend qu’il ne lui reste que trente jours à vivre. Comédie familiale oblige, on apprendra que son médecin a fait une erreur, mais l’important est ailleurs. Car, rappelé à sa condition de mortel, le benêt se sent pousser des ailes : il part à Las Vegas faire la teuf avec des bimbos, démasque l’homosexualité honteuse du superflic du commissariat et, grâce à son nouveau look de beau gosse, gagne les faveurs de sa collègue tant convoitée. Il y a aussi Marie-Anne Chazel qui parle de sa chatte et José Garcia qui atterrit dans l’entrejambe de Chantal Ladesou. Le tout est emballé selon les canons artistiques de NRJ12, où ce nouveau fleuron du comique français ne manquera pas d’être multidiffusé.

N. S.

♥♥♥ La Première Marche

Documentaire français, par Hakim Atoui et Baptiste Etchegaray (1h04).

Bande annonce “la Première Marche”

En juin 2019, dans une chaleur communicative, une poignée de jeunes décident d’organiser la Marche des Fiertés, pour mettre en évidence le combat politique et faire tomber les cloisonnements qui enferment les homosexuel(le)s. Tout se passe à Saint-Denis, lieu symbolique des « classes dangereuses » dans l’imaginaire social. Or ce défilé se passe dans une bonne humeur qu’ont su capter les deux réalisateurs. C’est une lutte gaie (sans jeu de mots), forte, juste, avec des personnages dont la conviction est évidente. On la partage, avec enthousiasme. Allez, les fiers !

F. F.

♥♥♥ Una Promessa

Drame italien, par Gianluca et Massimiliano De Serio, avec Salvatore Esposito, Samuele Carrino, Lica Lanera (1h44).

Bande annonce “Una Promessa”

Un père et son fils, dans le monde barbare des journaliers italiens. Giuseppe (Salvatore Esposito), sa femme probablement morte dans un job d’esclave, erre à la recherche de la vérité, dans cette Italie des Pouilles régie par la misère, la peur, la violence. S’inspirant d’événements authentiques, les frères De Serio (« les Mémoires du fleuve ») filment avec le cœur : chaque image, minutieusement composée, est un appel à la dignité, et une dénonciation de la terrible condition des oubliés. Le film se termine sur une élévation absolument bouleversante, dans une nuit fiévreuse. Ce Magnificat final donne au film une dimension de grande œuvre.

F. F.

Les Trolls 2, tournée mondiale

Dessin animé américain, par Walt Dohrn, avec les voix de Vitaa, Matt Pokora (1h34).

Bande annonce “les Trolls 2. Tournée mondiale”

Rien ne va plus au royaume de la musique, où la reine du hard rock a juré la perte de tous les autres genres pour régner en autocrate sur la country ou la pop d’ascenseur. Le scénario est pauvre, et le dessin, criard. Les couleurs, issues du pire cauchemar sous psychotropes, vous aveuglent pour de nombreuses heures. En plus, impossible de se réfugier dans le sommeil tant la bande-son aligne ses tubes internationaux et déchaîne ses décibels. C’est laid, interminable, et pourtant ce dessin animé a été un énorme succès en téléchargement aux Etats-Unis durant le confinement. Nos pensées vont aux parents qui eurent à subir ce supplice.

Xavier Leherpeur

♥♥♥ La Chouette en toque

Dessin animé franco-belge, par Célia Tocco, Célia Tisserant, Pascale Hecquet et Frits Standaert (52 min).

Bande annonce “la Chouette en toque”

Au menu de ces courts-métrages animés, de succulentes histoires où il est question de gourmandise. De la grenouille à grande bouche au prince glouton qui apprendra à préférer une alimentation variée et équilibrée, tous les personnages de ces contes moraux mais jamais moralisateurs nous enseignent les vertus du collectif, en passant par les cases du second degré et de la cocasserie débridée. Dessin minimaliste, animation traditionnelle ou 3D, papiers découpés… Le choix des techniques et la virtuosité de leur emploi font saliver. Prévoir un goûter pour la sortie car tout cela donne faim.

X. L.

♥♥♥ Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary

Film d’animation français, par Rémi Chayé, avec les voix de Salomé Boulven, Alexandra Lamy (1h24).

Bande annonce “Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary”

De la petite enfance de Calamity Jane, Rémi Chayé tire une fiction initiatique où la future cow-girl mène l’enquête pour découvrir qui a dévalisé le convoi dont sa famille fait partie. Un récit qui la voit s’affranchir des carcans et gagner en liberté. L’auteur de « Toutenhautdumonde » déploie une mise en scène à la fois intime et lyrique, portée par une animation épurée autant que foisonnante. La ligne claire du dessin est étoffée par un travail remarquable sur le décor, dont les couleurs évoquent et recréent le Far West avec une poésie surréaliste. Du grand art.

X. L.

♥♥♥ Paris Calligrammes

Documentaire allemand, par Ulrike Ottinger (2h10).

Bande annonce “Paris Calligrammes” (VF)

Ulrike Ottinger, plasticienne et cinéaste allemande, retrace son itinéraire depuis son arrivée en France, en 1962. La magie de ce documentaire (voix off de Fanny Ardant), c’est l’utilisation des archives filmées : voici le Paris d’alors, autour de la librairie Calligrammes, rue du Dragon. Passent Max Ernst, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Marceau, Albert Camus… Voilà Mai-68, avec ses pavés, ses élans révolutionnaires.

Bistrots où les théoriciens de l’Art discutent à perte de vue, flâneries dans les rues du quartier Latin… Ulrike Ottinger rassemble des souvenirs charmants, des instants de colère (la guerre d’Algérie, le Vietnam), évoque des personnages incroyables (Johnny Friedlaender, graveur ; Henri Langlois, conservateur de films ; Claude Lévi-Strauss, ethnologue) et nous livre un portrait de la ville, en suivant le fil de sa carrière artistique. C’est tout un pan de la vie de Paris, merveilleusement monté, qui nous est ainsi livré. Plaisir de la nostalgie…

F. F.


♥♥ Les Sept de Chicago

Drame historique, par Aaron Sorkin, avec Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2h09). Sur Netflix, à partir du 16 octobre.

Bande annonce “les Sept de Chicago”

La reconstitution du procès des sept meneurs des manifestations géantes contre la guerre du Vietnam, qui se déroulèrent à Chicago en 1968, l’année de la contre-culture et des révoltes étudiantes. Aaron Sorkin, s’inspirant des minutes de l’action juridique, montre les accusés (dont Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden et Bobby Seale) face à un juge haineux et incompétent. Tout est politique, tout est biaisé, tout est inique.

Sur ce sujet, il y a eu plusieurs films (« Medium Cool », en 1969, notamment), mais, dans l’Amérique d’aujourd’hui, le combat des révoltés prend une signification différente, et une certaine urgence. Les acteurs (dont Sacha Baron Cohen et Frank Langella) le sentent bien, et ne font pas dans la dentelle : pas question de se brider. Et c’est ce qui donne au film une flamme que le scénario (conforme aux évènements) et la réalisation (sage) n’avaient pas au départ. A voir, ne serait-ce que pour se souvenir que dans les sixties, on avait de l’espoir.

F. F

Ça ressort

♥♥♥ Assaut

Thriller d’action américain, par John Carpenter, avec Austin Stoker, Darwin Joston, Laurie Zimmer (1976, 1h30).

ça ressort : Bande annonce “Assaut”

Dans un commissariat désaffecté de Los Angeles, sans téléphone ni électricité, gardiens de l’ordre et hors-la-loi s’unissent pour faire face à l’assaut d’un gang surarmé. Deuxième long-métrage de John Carpenter, ce western urbain, inspiré par « Rio Bravo », de Howard Hawks, et tourné pour des clopinettes, constitue la matrice de son œuvre à venir (« The Thing », « Christine »). Tout y est déjà, ou presque : la collectivité qui se ligue contre un mal surgi de nulle part, la menace quasi abstraite qui prend une tournure métaphysique et la clarté souveraine d’une mise en scène qui ajoute au classicisme hawksien une gestion magistrale de l’espace et la vigueur anar du meilleur cinéma de genre. Un pur et indémodable plaisir de cinoche.

N. S.


Nike Vaporfly, laser, hares: the race for records shakes up the athletics world

Thunderclap a year ago at the Vienna Marathon. The Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge breaks the legendary two-hour mark by covering the 42.195 km of the event in 1 h 59 m 40 s 2. Same astonishment, Wednesday, October 7, on the athletics track in Valence. In quick succession, two world records fell. In 14.6s62, the Ethiopian Letesenbet Gidey blew up by more than four seconds that of the 5000m held since 2008 by her compatriot Tirunesh Dibaba. In 26.11.00, the Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei pulverized by more than six seconds that of the 10,000m owned since 2005 by racing legend Kenenisa Bekele.

Common points between these performances, one year apart: their exceptional conditions and the debates they arouse. In Vienna, Kipchoge was surrounded by an army of “hares”, a peloton preceded by a car projecting lasers on the ground representing the ideal pace, and wearing Nike Vaporfly with carbon blades, a controversial “super-shoe” (1 ). In Valencia, the challenge set up especially to panic the clock also included handpicked hares, “wavelight” technology displaying flashing lights on the perimeter of the infield showing the pace to stick to the record, and the two heroes of the evening benefited from Nike ZoomX Dragonfly, a spiked “super-shoe” which also questions.

The shoes of discord

Between the two events, the International Federation, World Athletics, tried to adapt to limit the controversies. She first set footwear rules in January 2020 “With the aim of preserving the integrity of sport”: champions must wear models accessible to all, sole thickness is limited and only one integrated carbon plate allowed. In July 2020, the regulations were amended to further review the thickness of spiked shoes dedicated to the track, from 30 mm to 20 mm for sprint shoes, to 25 mm for cross-country shoes (over 800 m) .

Except that. The debate on shoes is revived by the performances of the Valencia evening. Who are called to repeat themselves. The proof three days later with the Dutch Sifan Hassan who atomizes on October 10, in 29 m 36 s 67, the European record of 10,000 m established in 2002 by the British Paula Radcliffe. 25 seconds saved, and in the rain! With, again, Nike shoes. Magic?

“The gain is real but very difficult to measure, underlines the trainer Pierre-Jean Vazel. Manufacturers say 4% better on running economy, that is, the energy expended to have a stride at maximum efficiency. But it depends on the level of the athlete, his way of running, his specialty. “ World Athletics experts have been following the case for over a year, with no clear conclusion so far. After Nike, other manufacturers have gotten up to speed, at least for non-stadium races. But the problem is moving on the track. Should we review the rules again? Will sprint disciplines be the next to be turned upside down?

Tradition versus technology

Some, like the American biomechanist Geoff Burns of the University of Michigan, said they were recently convinced that the preparation for the Tokyo Games would be changed. Pierre-Jean Vazel is more skeptical: “It strikes me as really complicated to develop a shoe that is ideal for everyone, as the Nike model seems to be for cross-country races. “

However, voices are raised against the conditions of the records, others to demand a reset of the counters to zero, comparing the new shoes to swimming suits banned in 2010 after months of storm in the pools. “Faced with the bleeding of fans and the changes imposed by the Covid, it is simply a question of adapting and making our sport more interesting”, defended after Valence Jos Hermens, former long-distance runner and agent of Letesenbet Gidey and Joshua Chiptegei.

“Athletics finds itself at the forefront of current questions because it retains a certain romanticism of performance, a reflection of man alone in the face of his limits., points out for his part Pierre-Jean Vazel. The question of technological evolution has arisen regularly since the 1960s with incessant improvements. But records have long been viewed positively, synonymous with progress. They are no longer so today in an era that questions precisely this notion of progress. The pure image of athletics would be in danger, threatened by the technological dictatorship. Perhaps we should question this perception, think about and debate innovation in sport more broadly. “


Effervescence among equipment manufacturers

With its profitable choice of thick sole, Nike has taken a step ahead of its competitors. They are all pushing to catch up. On the road, emergency investments are starting to pay off. On September 5, the Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir erased in 1 h 5 m 34 s the world record for the half marathon exclusively female of the Ethiopian Netsanet Gudeta of more than 30 seconds. Secret weapon: the Adizero Adios Pro model from Adidas, replica to Nike super-shoes. The fight is inevitably severe in this market, the most lucrative. It is estimated at 500 million euros in France alone. On the track, Nike is still in the lead. But his rivals have not said their last word. Puma released its new model of pointe shoes for the sprint before the summer with a slogan in the form of a promise: “Faster than the wind”.



French cinema has more admissions than last year

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 at 3:55 p.m.Updated Oct 14, 2020, 4:07 PM

Really, life is simpler without competition. The situation of French cinema remains extremely worrying due to the health crisis. But the absence of American blockbusters in theaters means that the tricolor seventh art, thanks to films like “Les Jokes de Toto” or “Antoinette dans les Cévennes”, has made more entries since the deconfinement. A paradox, but also an achievement, as pessimism was in order.

According to the National Center of Cinema (CNC), French films made 13% more admissions in cumulated in July and August compared to the same months last year, when American films saw their attendance drop by 88 %, and those of other nationalities by 28%. According to Comscore, French films did better than the average of the previous five years between July 14 and the end of August 2020, peaking at 70% more than usual for the week of July 29.

Good “line-up”

And as Eric Marti, director of Comscore in France explains, since the success of “Tenet”, the American film by Christopher Nolan released on August 26 and which has accumulated 2.2 million admissions, has dwindled, “French films are getting back on their feet” and are starting to make more entries again than last year. With films like “Adieu les cons” by Albert Dupontel, and “Aline” by Valérie Lemercier, upcoming releases are promising.

Overall in September 2020, according to CNC figures, French films achieved a 56% market share of 5.5 million admissions, or 3.1 million, against 44% of 11.2 million. last year (a figure at the very top of the range for the last ten years, according to the CNC’s 2019 report), or 4.9 million.

In any case, in terms of market share, the French cinema accumulates exceptional performances, according to the calculations of Comscore, a little different from those of the CNC. Basically in July, August and September, French cinema went above 45-55% this year, against 20% to 40% on average over 2015-2019. American cinema has gone from 55% to 75% to 27% -35%. It should also be noted that the share of foreign films other than American, for which France is one of the rare countries where success is possible, has jumped by ten points this year.

Global releases for blockbusters

As the postponement of the release of the new James Bond until April 2021 shows, American studios aiming for global releases are extremely reluctant to release their film this year. Much to the anger of theater operators, the release on their platform becomes a default option, as shown by that of “Soul”, the promising latest Pixar, on Disney + at Christmas.

Suddenly, French films are not only the default choice but they are better exposed and for longer. There were more than 9 French films at 500 copies this summer, compared to 2 last year. “The career of ‘Antoinette in the Cévennes’ shows that giving time to word of mouth pays off”, notes a specialist. Arts and testing rooms benefit from the phenomenon a little more than multiplexes. Although in smaller proportions than in a country like the United Kingdom, where multiplexes have taken more drastic closure measures.

Pay attention to the location of the rooms

“This situation is favorable for distributors and producers of French films who benefit from a good sale of tickets and the reopening of the CNC support accounts., explains Serge Siritzky, from the blog But beware, the cinemas are in a catastrophic situation and many can only last until the end of the year with public support: if this is not renewed, many screens will close and French cinema will suffer. just as much as American cinema. “

It should be added that the air gap of confinement from March will probably not be compensated for and that for the overall cinema financing system, the plunge in cinema attendance (today around 50%) will inject less than revenue from ticket tax.


Health Tips: At what time is eating pomegranate very beneficial? Know the right time to consume it

Health Tips: Pomegranate is one such medicinal fruit. Which is capable of eradicating many diseases. Due to its medicinal properties, pomegranate is proved in a hundred diseases. Pomegranate contains nutrients like fiber, vitamin K, C, and B, iron, potassium, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids. Which are very effective in keeping you healthy. This is very beneficial not only for the body, but also for the hair and skin. Regular intake of it can complete the loss of blood in your body, which removes the weakness of the body. So let us tell you about the benefits of eating pomegranate and the right time to consume it.

Benefits of pomegranate in summer-

Make the brain sharp
If you take the secret of pomegranate, then your mind becomes sharp and the memory of those people who are suffering from amnesia like Alzheimer’s slowly improves.

Remove anemia deficiency
Pomegranate caters to iron deficiency. In addition, it also works to increase red blood cells. Its regular intake increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which also improves blood circulation. Doctors advise people to take pomegranate regularly in the problem of anemia.

Keep the heart healthy
Pomegranate is important in keeping our heart healthy. Nutrients present in pomegranate improve blood circulation by cleaning our blood cells, through which blood reaches all parts of our heart equally and heart diseases remain away.

Helpful in protecting against cancer
Plenty of anti-oxidants are found in pomegranate. Which help in flushing out toxins from the body. It also helps in fighting diseases by strengthening the immune system. Due to the anti-cancer properties present in pomegranate, people with cancer are advised to eat it daily.

Beneficial for pregnant women
Minerals, vitamins, and fluoric acid found in pomegranate are very useful for pregnant women who are growing in the womb. Pomegranate contains a good amount of potassium, which helps in reducing pain during labor and reduces the risk of premature labor.

You know what is the right time to eat pomegranate?

Benefits of eating pomegranate in the morning
Pomegranate in the morning is very beneficial for your health. Plenty of sugar and vitamins are found in pomegranate, which help keep you healthy. Nutritious elements in pomegranate give a healthy start to your day. At the same time, sugar works to give you enough energy, so that energy remains in you.

Benefits of eating pomegranate in the afternoon
You can have pomegranate after lunch. This will keep your stomach full. Consuming pomegranate between 3 and 5 o’clock can help keep you full till dinner.

Do not eat pomegranate at night
You should never eat pomegranate at night because our metabolism slows down a lot during the night. The fiber present in pomegranate makes it difficult for you to digest it at night. Not only this, the sugar present in it is not processed well at night, which is converted into fat by the body. Therefore, one should not consume pomegranate at night.

Chanakya Niti: Lakshmi does not stop with such people, there is always a lack of money


Life Style

Discriminated and marginalized LGBT + people in Egypt, Poland and Japan

A rainbow flag deployed on the occasion of Gay Pride in Poland in Warsaw. (WOJTEK RADWANSKI / AFP)

While France announced Wednesday, October 14 a plan to 150 measures to strengthen people’s rights LGBT + (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans, Queers), franceinfo looks back on the news of discrimination against these LGBT + people in Japan, Poland and Egypt.

Japan, the only G7 country without a legal framework for same-sex unions

In Japan, being LGBT + still condemns you today, with a few exceptions, to silence or marginality. Marriage for all here is probably not for tomorrow, as is feared by the recurring positions taken by members of the omnipotent Liberal Democratic Party in power. An elected official, Mio Sugita, regularly hits the headlines with her homophobic remarks and a mayor of a district in Tokyo recently had to apologize for saying that “if the law came to protect gays and lesbians, [sa] constituency would not survive. “

Little by little, over the years and especially among young people, acceptance and understanding progress. Large companies are working to eliminate discrimination when there is a very strong reluctance to come out in the workplace. Municipalities issue certificates of cohabitation, which make it easier for homosexual couples to rent an apartment or to carry out joint proceedings. Information desks or advice centers are opening in large cities, as recently in Tokyo, and the government is also taking some initiatives in the right direction.

Addressing the LGBT + subject is less taboo as the success of the film shows Midnight Swan, on a transgender, which attracts a young audience even if it is also debated. But beware of the showcase effect. If a few homosexual or transgender people have been present on television for a long time, they are unfortunately often pretext stars that mask a very different social reality.

In Poland, a new openly homophobic Minister of Education

The new Minister of Education, Przemyslaw Czarnek, was ttested positive for Covid-19 last week, and could not be sworn in, but that hasn’t stopped several protests across the country. Students also came to school dressed in black as a sign of mourning. Because Przemyslaw Czarnek, is known in Poland for his attacks against the LGBT + community. This member of the ultraconservative Law and Justice party, for example, declared that LGBT + people were not equal to others.

Anti LGBT + rhetoric is frequent in Poland, as we saw in particular during the presidential election campaign. The head of state Andrzej Duda had spoken of an ideology more dangerous than communism. A climate which has led to numerous protests in the streets of Poland.

Poland is often called to order by European declarations. In early August 2020, the European Union refused to provide funding to six Polish cities that had declared themselves “free” from “LGBT ideology”. But that does not seem to move the Polish government. The Minister of Justice had also qualified this decision as illegal. A government that does not hesitate – moreover – to threaten the EU not to vote for its recovery plan, if the payment of funds is conditioned on respect for the rule of law.

Egypt refuses to recognize the very existence of LGBT + people

In a report published two weeks ago, the NGO Human Rights Watch reports arbitrary arrests and torture of LGBT + people in Egyptian prisons. The testimonies gathered in this report are chilling. In police stations and in prisons, LGBT + detainees are humiliated, threatened, beaten, placed in solitary confinement for days. They are, in the majority of cases, sexually harassed and raped. Ahmed Alaa was jailed for three months. He now lives in exile in Canada: “An officer sexually harassed me. And, along with other officers, they told the inmates that I was the gay in segregation. As a result, I started receiving rape threats. “

Thehomosexuality is not, however, criminalized in Egypt. To carry out these sentences, the Egyptian courts use the very vague concept of “incitement to debauchery”. The sentences sometimes go up to several years of detention. Police are now creating fake accounts on dating apps to trick LGBT + people.

Technique used in particular since the last wave of large-scale arrests: in September 2017, rainbow flags were waved in public during a concert in Cairo. Seventy-five people will be arrested in the following months. Among them, the activist Sarah Hegazy. In exile in Canada, the young woman committed suicide four months ago. A life shattered by prison and torture. Symbol of the trauma of the victims targeted by the systematic repression exercised by the regime of President Al Sisi.


फेस्टिवल सीजनः एचडी स्मार्ट TV ५,९९९ रुपयात, वॉशिंग मशीनही स्वस्त

नवी दिल्लीः जर तुम्ही फेस्टिवल सीजनमध्ये टीव्ही खरेदी करण्याच्या विचारात असाल तर थॉमसन कंपनी बेस्ट डिल घेवून आली आहे. १६ ऑक्टोबर पासून फ्लिपकार्टवर सुरू होत असलेल्या बिग बिलियन डेज सेलमध्ये थॉमसनचा एचडी स्मार्ट टीव्ही केवळ ५ हजार ९९९ रुपयात खरेदी करता येवू शकतो. तसेच थॉमसन १४ हून अधिक स्मार्ट टीव्ही मॉडल्सवर जबरदस्त ऑफर्स सोबत एसबीआय कार्डवर १० टक्के तात्काळ डिस्काउंट देत आहे.

वाचाः सॅमसंगचा जबरदस्त स्मार्टफोन Galaxy A71 झाला स्वस्त, पाहा नवी किंमत

टीव्ही सोबत थॉमसन वॉशिंग मशीनवर सुद्धा जबरदस्त ऑफर्स देत आहे. थॉमसनचा अँड्रॉयड स्मार्ट टीव्ही १० हजार ९९९ रुपयांत खरेदी करता येवू शकतो. या सेलमध्ये वॉशिंग मशीनची किंमत ६ हजार ४९९ रुपये ठेवण्यात आली आहे. भारतात थॉमसनचे प्रोडक्ट सुपर प्लास्ट्रोनिक्स नावाची कंपनी बनवते.

वाचाः आयफोन 12, आयफोन 12 Mini लाँच, जाणून घ्या डिटेल्स

पाहा टीव्हीची किंमत
थॉमसनचे Big Save on Bigger TV Offer मध्ये R9 सीरीजचा 24 इंचाचा HD TV फक्त ५ हजार ९९९ रुपयांत खरेदी करता येवू शकतो. तर ३२ इंचाचा एचडी टीव्ही ८ हजार ४९९ रुपयांत खरेदी करता येवू शकतो. थॉमसनचा अँड्रॉयड टीव्ही मॉडल्स ३२ इंचाचा टीव्ही १० हजार ९९९ रुपयांत आणि ५५ इंचाचा टीव्ही केवळ २८ हजार ९९९ रुपयांत खरेदी करता येवू शकतो.

वाचाः iPhone 12 सीरीजचे जबरदस्त स्मार्टफोन्स लाँच, जाणून घ्या किंमत-फीचर्स

थॉमसनच्या OATHPRO सीरीजचे स्मार्ट टीव्हीची किंमतीत ४३ इंचाचा टीव्ही २२ हजार ४९९ रुपये, ७५ इंचाचा टीव्ही ९४ हजार ४९९ रुपये आणइ ६५ इंचाचा टीव्ही ४५ हजार ९९९ रुपयांत खरेदी करता येवू शकतो.

वाचाः ३६ हजार रुपयांपेक्षा कमी किंमतीत खरेदी करा ८३ हजारांचा Galaxy S20+ फोन

वाचाः Reliance Jio चे जबरदस्त प्लान्स, मिळतेय ११२ जीबी डेटा, अनलिमिडेट कॉल

वाचाः Samsung Galaxy F41 जबरदस्त फीचर्ससबोत लाँच, जाणून घ्या किंमत