March 3, 2021

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Australians boycott Facebook

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The #DeleteFacebook movement flourished, and Australian newspaper reading apps topped the top of downloads on the App Store.

On February 18, Facebook suddenly announced “unfriending” Australia. Local users cannot update news on this social network. Foreign users also cannot share news from Australia. The move in response to a new media bill from the Australian government of Facebook is known as “the global mafia”.

Immediately, social media users also made their decisions. In addition to Facebook, the community also called for the removal of other services provided by the company such as WhatsApp, Instagram. Hastag DeleteFacebook become the trending keyword on Twitter. Twitter’s statistics show that there are still about 660 posts with #DeleteFacebook per hour.

“I see the Facebook boycott trend coming back into vogue. This time let’s do our best together, they must respect users, respect the laws where they do business. Facebook is an app that connects users, no. should be a ‘dictatorial monarchy’. Delete Facebook, “wrote the account Pablo Rogers.

Australians called for a boycott of Facebook, proactive access to news from mainstream media organizations, causing ABC News to climb from number 400 to the top of the App Store rankings.

Said Fred Azis Laranjo, who lives in Sydney CNBC: “Choosing Facebook will be ‘counterproductive’. This social network will lose users as well as customers. The Facebook ban is inconvenient and angry for people who regularly update online news.” society”.

In the long run, some believe, Facebook’s new move will encourage more people to actively search for news. On the positive side, this will be an opportunity for the media.

Follow The VergeOne day after the ban, Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC News reader app climbed to the top spot in Australia’s most downloaded apps rankings, surpassing Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Facebook’s move not only makes users angry, many activists worry that banning mainstream news will turn Facebook into a “wasteland” for fake news raging. Josh Gadsby, who left the job Financial Times think that Facebook is making things worse in the midst of Covid-19.

Statistics of NiemanLab showed that the Facebook ban has sharply reduced the traffic of many news sites in Australia, with page traffic down 93% in a day. However, some news agencies act more aggressively, calling on users to update news directly from the media. “Did you miss the news on Facebook? Get the latest news and live notifications with ABC News,” the country’s leading newspaper runs ads. Immediately, from the position of more than 400, the newspaper reader app climbed to number one in Apple’s app store.

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