June 22, 2021


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Annoyed by slow internet speed? Increase Wi-Fi speed using these tips

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  • Keep the router in place to increase Wi-Fi speed.
  • You can use the Wi-Fi Signal app to increase the speed.
  • A device like Wi-Fi booster will also help increase the speed.

New Delhi: Today, people use the Internet 24 hours a day. Many are working from home due to the corona virus epidemic, while others are enjoying watching movies / series at home. However, in such a situation, if the internet is running slowly, a big problem arises. If you are also bothered by slow internet speeds, here are some simple tips that can help you increase your Wi-Fi speed. Let’s learn these tips.

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Turn off the device and restart

Turn off your router, modem and restart. Also, restart the device that has Wi-Fi connected. Every device needs a brake. Especially to modems and routers. The modem translates the Internet signal received between the home network and the ISP. Therefore, if the internet speed decreases, the modem should be reset for trouble shooting.

Place the router in the right place

Wi-Fi only sends signals over a limited distance. Signals are blocked by walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances and anything larger. Also, radio waves from cordless phones, microphones, and Bluetooth speakers can interfere with the signal. So if the router is in one corner of the house, the speed will be less. You can place the router in the right place in the middle of the house or in a place where you use more internet. The router should not be placed in the basement or cupboard.

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Adjust the antenna of the router

Many routers have internal antennas. Cannot be adjusted due to antenna inside the body. If your router is the same, you can do nothing. However, if your router has an antenna, adjust it so that it receives a signal in every direction. If you want to send a Wi-Fi signal to multiple floors, set it horizontal. This will help the Wi-Fi signal to go up and down.

Expand the Wi-Fi network

If your Wi-Fi is in the right place and you are still experiencing the problem of slow-internet, then you need to include a device to increase the network range. Place the Wi-Fi booster in the center of the router and dead zone. So that, a Wi-Fi signal is received. You can also use the Powerline Extender Kit.

Use the Wi-Fi Signals app

Android users can check the Wi-Fi signal with the help of WiFi Analyzer app. You can go to the app and see the network. Network information will be listed as dBm.

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