André Dussollier: “The truth that I could not express as a child, I can finally live it on stage”

White hair does not prevent the charm from operating. Already, during Jean Périmony’s drama class, where he had enrolled as soon as he arrived in Paris in the early 1970s, the girls were crazy about him. And the boys, unanimous in denigrating him: “He’s not bad, but he’s not Gérard Philipe… He has a beautiful voice, but he’s not Alain Cuny…”

From this restrained young provincial, who smiled without opening his teeth, emanated the dull melancholy of only children. We guessed that he hadn’t laughed every day between a mother who was a tax inspector and a father who was the main treasurer of public finances (in other words a tax collector) who saw him as sub-prefect or pharmacist. It was only once in Paris, after studying linguistics in Grenoble, that he crossed the Rubicon and ventured into an artistic career. The power of the theater was revealed to him as early as sixth grade, during a performance

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