May 14, 2021

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An Indian expert entering nCoV infection

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“Patient 1110”, male, 35 years old, is an expert in Vietnam working in Vinh Phuc province. On October 6, he entered Tan Son Nhat airport from India on 6E9471 flight, concentrated in isolation in Ho Chi Minh City. On October 7, he was given a sample for testing once, and the results were negative for nCoV. On 10/10, he developed fever, headache. The next day, he got a second sample and tested positive for nCoV.

Patients treated at Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previously, the same flight has recorded 6 cases positive for nCoV, treated in Dong Thap and Dong Nai provinces.

Thus, today one more infection, one more case. Total number of infections is 1,110, number from 1,025. The death toll from Covid-19 was 35, with four deaths after three to four negative tests.

The remaining patients are being treated at 12 medical facilities, most of which are healthy, of which 8 test negative for nCoV once, 5 are negative for the second time and 12 are negative for the third time.

Up to now, Vietnam has recorded 691 cases of Covid-19 caused by domestic infections, the rest are on entries. The increase in the number of cases over the past month is all entries. The total number of people who have been in close contact and entering from the quarantine area is more than 16,000. In which, isolation concentrated in the hospital more than 200; Concentrated isolation is more than 13,000, the rest are at home or in accommodation.

The danger of disease is always present as international routes are gradually opened up. The Ministry of Health recommends that people raise awareness of epidemic prevention according to the 5K message: masks – disinfection – distance – no gathering – medical declaration.

The world records more than one million deaths from COV, out of more than 37 million infected. The three largest epidemic regions in the world are the US, India and Brazil.


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