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ACT device: remove the perpetrators of domestic violence from the home to “put the gentleman face to face with his responsibility”

“I’m ashamed of what I did. I tell myself that the person we love, the one who is dear to us, is not our punching bag”, Georges spent six months in a center with other people like him. Author of domestic violence, last September he was sentenced to four months in prison. It has just left the AGIR experimental device that exists in Seine-Saint-Denis. This system, put in place a year ago, consists ofremove the perpetrators of domestic violence from the home. They are then taken care of in a center for six months with psychological follow-up.

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According to Georges, the AGIR device allowed him to move forward. “I had a discomfort that I could not communicate, I insulted and pushed my wife. It was not an act that I did all the time, this act came at the same time. if it is not excusable. There was this act, there was this violence and it allowed us to discuss and say to each other, ‘there you have it, there was this situation and how to to make sure that it does not happen again ‘. Me today I say a big thank you to my wife since today I came out of it. I grew up in every way. “

During these six months, he was able to see his children from time to time, under the control of the association, but he was unable to get in touch with his wife. When he left she found him changed, she accepted that he would come back. “For now it’s very fresh, we try to rebuild ourselves so when we have moments of weakness, get out of the house. We breathe, we take the air we do not react tit-for-tat”, explains Georges, who says he is “very” proud of himself. “Today my children say ‘daddy has changed, daddy is less tense’, he concludes.
For Zorha Harrach, director of the legal support center of the Safeguard association which supports more than 1,000 perpetrators of domestic violence, this helps protect victims. “I do not consider that I am helping the authors, she specifies while the international day against violence against women takes place on Thursday 25 November. We deploy specific support aimed at empowering the perpetrator to deal with the issue of domestic violence in a sustainable manner.

“This is to better prevent violence and better protect the victims.”

Zorha Harrach

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“Put the gentleman face to face with his responsibility, insists the director of the legal support center of the Safeguard association, and tell him that the work is his to hire as well. “

With his wife, Georges now intends to renew his vœux and travel to turn the page but never forget.

AGIR experimental device for perpetrators of domestic violence – Report by Gaëlle Joly

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