Abarth goes electric

NEW – The Fiat 500e is now available in the Abarth range.

The European Commission’s decision to impose the sale of electric vehicles in Europe from January 1, 2035 obliges all manufacturers to convert to this technology. This is how the Stellantis group is gradually electrifying all its brands. Today, it’s the turn to announce its first battery-powered vehicle. Unsurprisingly, it was developed from the Fiat 500e launched at the end of 2020. Like all the other models in the Abarth range, this new version of the 500 inherits the stylistic attributes of the scorpion-based brand. rocker panels, wide fenders, large wheels and specific bumpers.

Marco De Ponti

Known, the electric technology is borrowed from the Fiat 500e but here the 42 kWh battery powers an electric motor increased to 155 horsepower, instead of 118 hp with the Italian generalist manufacturer. Result: the electric bombinette from Abarth is capable of passing the 100 km/h mark in 7 seconds. The manufacturer even announces performance superior to that of an Abarth 695. It would thus pass 50% faster from 20 to 40 km/h than its counterpart with a petrol engine. The latter takes a second than the electric model to reach 60 km/h. And to continue by assuring that on “the Misto Alfa Handling Track in Balocco, the new Abarth 500e thus beats the 695 by more than a second. But performance is not everything and Abarth has been careful not to reveal autonomy. We know, however, that in terms of charging performance, the on-board charger does not exceed 85 kW. This would be enough to recover around 40 km of range in less than 5 minutes and 35 minutes to recover 80% of the battery. To preserve the accumulators, the driver can play with the driving modes. With Turismo mode, power is limited to 100 kW (136 hp), torque to 220 Nm, instead of 235 Nm. Scorpion Street mode offers peak performance while maximizing regenerative braking. The last mode, Scorpion Track, is intended to maximize performance.

Marco De Ponti

Another specificity of the Abarth, the sound signature has been the subject of particular care. If each power-up of the electric machine is accompanied by the sound of a guitar and exceeding 20 km/h is marked by the scratching of a guitar, the engineers have equipped the 500e with a sound generator reproducing the typical sound of an Abarth.

On the occasion of its launch in the course of 2023, the Abarth 500e benefits from a special edition called Scorpionissima. Available in coupé or convertible version, this edition is limited to just 1,949 units, in reference to the brand’s birth year.


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