Aadhaar Card: Want to update information in Aadhaar Card? But, how often can the details be changed? Information provided by UIDAI

New Delhi: Aadhar Card Updates: Aadhar Card is very important for Indians. This card, which is required for various tasks, has become one of the most important documents of today. It is used for admission everywhere from government schemes to schools, colleges etc. It is used for everything from property purchase to travel ID, bank account opening, ITR filing. The reason for the growing usefulness of Aadhar card is that it contains biometric information of all citizens. Which is not recorded in any other identity card. Due to the increasing usefulness of Aadhar Card, it is very important to keep it updated.

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Sometimes some of your information is misplaced while building a base. In such cases, the Aadhaar issuing body UIDAI has made it possible for the citizens to update the Aadhaar. You can use online and offline media to update any information in Aadhar Card. However, many do not know how often we can change the information we put into the base. Learn about it in detail.

UIDAI tweeted:

UIDAI provides information on how often Details can be changed in Aadhaar. UIDAI said in a tweet from its official Twitter handle that demographic information could be changed. If there is something wrong with the name, you can change it twice. At the same time, the date of birth can be changed once. At the same time, you can change the address as many times as you want. You can only change gender once. At the same time, you can change the registered mobile number as per your requirement. You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 50 for each change.

These documents will be required to change some details in Aadhaar: Passport, bank passbook, post office account statement, ration card, voter ID card, driver’s license, electricity bill.

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