June 15, 2021


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A questionnaire filled in by parents instead of the medical certificate: “We are endangering the health of our children”, warns a sports doctor

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A health questionnaire, equivalent to a parental certificate, will now replace the traditional medical certificate of non-contraindication to the sport of minors. “There, really, we endanger the health of our children”, reacted Saturday, May 8 on franceinfo Véronique Lebar, sports doctor and president of the association Ethics and Sport Committee.

franceinfo: What do you think of this decision?

Véronique Lebar: It is a great astonishment. There, really, we endanger the health of our children. It is very important to play sports for children, adults, to be in better health, but you must first play sports without contraindications. The ministry relies on the fact that it offers 20 free consultations to children aged 0 to 18. Before 2 years old, 13 free visits are compulsory, so there are 7 visits left between 3 years old and 18 years old. This is not possible, especially for children from disadvantaged families. It is very clear that children from disadvantaged families will make a certificate without going to see the doctor. It is true that every year, at the beginning of the season, there are concerns so that all the children have their certificate of non-contraindication, but we must not forget that they sometimes detect serious pathologies, sometimes minor. There are too few medico-sports centers and this may have been the solution to preserve the health of our children.

How many problems are detected during the visits?

We sometimes know that these visits are rushed. But when you go for a consultation with a doctor asking for a certificate of non-indication for sport, the doctor is obliged to examine the child or the adult and make a complete examination. At the same time, he sees the child’s vaccinations.

“This opportunity will no longer exist for children who are not from well-off families.”

Véronique Lebar, sports doctor

to franceinfo

This certificate of non-contraindication will remain necessary “when the answers to the questionnaire lead to a medical examination” and for certain “disciplines with particular constraints”. Does that reassure you?

Not at all because the questionnaires are filled out by the parents. Most are not doctors, they will not have examined their children with a medical eye, so they will put on exactly what they want. There are very few sports that will require these certificates. Why endanger the health of our children when we are trying to protect the health of professionals or top athletes?

What do you think of the responsibility given to parents?

I think many parents will not see this responsibility. They will simply see the fact of not going to the doctor and saving 25 euros.

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