June 15, 2021


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5G is the ‘catalyst’ for the iPhone to lead

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Most analysts believe that 5G is one of the “blow” to help drive the growth of the iPhone in the next few years.

At the “Hi, Speed” event taking place at dawn on October 14, Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 and the HomePod mini speaker model. The event marks the first time Apple has released five iPhone versions in a year.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple at the Hi Speed ​​event on October 14.

According to Cowen expert Krish Sankar, 5G connectivity could “give momentum to a longer, stronger development cycle” for Apple. Although not denied other important technical updates, Sankar asserted that the new 5G connectivity is the “catalyst” for Apple to have a development cycle spanning years to come.

He predicts iPhone shipments in 2021 will increase to 208 million units, or 12% year-on-year, and increase by 3% to 214 million units the following year. Sankar also said that the overall price tag is only slightly higher than the iPhone 11 series.

Commenting on the new “mini” device, Sankar said Apple’s lower priced and compact products “usually bring more sales to the company” and believes that the same rule holds true for both the iPhone 12 mini and HomePod mini.

Meanwhile, analyst Harsh Kumar of Piper Sandler assessed, the flexible price of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is also “destructive”. Overall, Apple offers a lower price than Piper Sandler speculated. Kumar emphasized that the role of price policy will be increasingly important to manufacturers, especially in the context of the economy still under the influence of Covid-19.

“Dynamic pricing of the new product line is part of Apple’s plan to maintain and develop its already established global user” file “, thereby driving business growth. service, “says Kumar. “After this event, we firmly believe in the iPhone’s leadership position in the 5G smartphone segment for the next few years.”

At the same time, Gene Munster of research firm Loup Ventures, said that it will take carriers several years to “build quality 5G infrastructure” and that Apple’s iPhone 12 product line is an important step in helping the company. companies take advantage of opportunities. “Apple is now in a ready position for a three-year upgrade cycle, instead of the usual one year,” Munster said. More than that, the company continues to develop practical technology. Virtual augmented AR The combination of AR and iPhone 5G could explain why ‘shaking hands’ with Apple is the best way to invest in 5G.

He also believes that the event on October 14 has expanded the playing field for AR application developers and carriers. While the iPhone’s technology can take advantage of both, it’s better to develop a third party as the catalyst for growth.

Loup Ventures did not forget to praise the diverse screen sizes, camera improvements, and more comprehensive integration between Apple devices. The investment firm estimates the iPhone’s 2021 growth in growth to be 15%.

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