May 14, 2021

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4 things in a small apartment make homeowners easy to stress

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Living in a small apartment is one of the most common causes of stress because it often lacks light, lacks partitions, storage space, and confused spaces.

According to Stephanie Rojas, a psychiatrist at a depression research organization in New York, in a small apartment (less than 70 square meters), residents always see the same scenery and furniture, and then feel the same. feeling stuck. “This hinders the enjoyment of the living space and makes you less likely to spend time at home,” says the analyst.

In general, small apartments have four main factors that lead to stress, as follows.

Lack of natural light

Small spaces, especially those that lack windows, are easy to stress and difficult to concentrate on. According to Cecille Ahrens, a therapist in San Diego, California, in severe cases, the resident suffers from anxiety and panic.

If your apartment is equipped with windows, be sure to open it up to let in natural light. You can also install mirrors that allow light to diffuse throughout the house.

If you live in a windowless apartment, take a walk outside to improve your mood. “Sun exposure, even just a few minutes a day, is enough to reduce stress,” says therapist Ariel Sank in New York.

Fixing a mirror is one of the ways to make a small apartment more light. Image: Tiara Christian.

Lack of dividers

Small apartments are often confined to make space more spacious, but lead to another problem is lack of privacy. Not to mention, for people living alone, spreading space can bring loneliness.

According to therapist Rojas, in any case, the homeowner should still arrange a number of private rooms where you can work, call or simply be alone, without anyone bothering.

If you do not want to build partitions, you should use flexible forms of dividing rooms such as screens.

The screens help homeowners divide the space flexibly without occupying an area.  Photo: Tiara Christian.

The screens help homeowners divide the space flexibly without occupying an area. Image: Tiara Christian.

Lack of storage space

Finding a place to store furniture for a small apartment is not easy and can be stressful for homeowners. To make the most of the space in a small apartment, experts advise homeowners to invest in multifunctional furniture such as a bed with cabinets below.

Besides, please regularly clean your home. “Keeping unnecessary items both takes up space and stresses you,” Cullins said.

Lack of room to store and work in the resting area makes people stress.  Photo: Joey Hadden / Insider.

Lack of room to store and work in the resting area puts people under stress. Image: Joey Hadden / Insider.

The workplace is also a place to rest

Since 2020, due to Covid-19, many people have to work from home and have difficulty separating work and personal lives. However, when working right next to your bed, it will be difficult to concentrate. When it comes time to rest, you are also uncomfortable because you want to turn on your computer or phone to see if anyone sent emails.

According to therapist Ariel Sank, no matter how small you live, you should work and rest in two different places. Do not think that you have to build a separate office, but just changing chairs and tables is enough.

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