August 1, 2021

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19,000 complaints addressed to the National Education mediator in 2020, a figure on the rise because of the Covid-19

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19,000 complaints were addressed to the Mediator of National Education and Higher Education in 2020, an increase of 18% compared to 2019, according to the report she published Tuesday, July 20 and that Franceinfo was able to consult . Many referrals relate to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mediator, responsible as her name suggests to mediate to resolve conflicts or discomforts within education, between teachers and administration or parents of students in particular, was particularly called upon to intervene on difficulties concerning the ‘home teaching when schools were closed, on behavioral problems linked to health constraints, on the organization of exams or even on school dropout situations.

Catherine Becchetti-Bizot explains to franceinfo that wearing a mask in class crystallized a lot of discomfort, especially when “a child who has health concerns, who cannot wear the mask for long”, was in the classroom. “It is revealing to wear a mask. Behind that, we realize the other difficulties that appear in the classes, in the schools”, she assures.

“There are teachers who react very well, who find solutions by finding a small space to set them apart or by allowing them to go out in the hallway when they need to breathe, or to drink, and then to ‘others who can’t do it, who themselves are completely in panic in such cases “, explains the mediator.

But the pandemic has not eliminated other problems, which are of great concern to students and their families, such as the assignments of young people in schools. This is a contentious subject, a source of great pressure, for which complaints are increasing.

The mediator is also approached by people from National Education and recommends better reactivity in the event of discrimination or harassment, as well as a review of the promotion and career advancement systems.

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