April 21, 2021


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11 things Hai Duong needs to do to fight epidemics in new normal conditions

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Experts propose 11 solutions for Hai Duong to well implement the dual goal of “disease prevention, socio-economic development” at the end of social isolation.

At 0:00 on March 3, Hai Duong will end social isolation and change to a new normal state.

Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Nhu Duong, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Head of the Mission of the Ministry of Health in Hai Duong, said that Hai Duong has made remarkable results in the prevention of Covid- 19. However, the risk of epidemic outbreaks again can happen if Hai Duong neglects, is subjective, does not continue to drastically take measures to prevent epidemics.

Experts from the Ministry of Health proposed 11 solutions for Hai Duong, specifically:

– Continuing to update, supplement and complete the provincial master plan on epidemic prevention, in which detailed plans and scenarios are planned. Experts note that Hai Duong ensures resources and facilities for each situation based on reviewing and learning from experience after this anti-epidemic process so as not to be passive and unexpected.

– Continue to properly and fully implement the 5 strategies set out by the National Steering Committee: effectively prevent, detect, isolate, quarantine and localize the epidemic.

When new cases appear, it is necessary to “crank” tightly, thoroughly handle the outbreak, not to give the epidemic a chance to break out. Follow the motto “extinguish the epidemic right from when it was a small fire, determined not to spread into a fire”. In the immediate future, Hai Duong needs to focus on zoning to extinguish the outbreak in Kim Thanh district in the shortest time.

– Well maintained regular and effective operation of Covid-19 community groups in all residential areas. “It must be considered as a strategic measure, a long-term basis for the prevention of epidemics in Hai Duong”, Mr. Duong emphasized.

– Focus on surveillance and implementation of epidemic prevention measures at offices, offices, schools, companies, businesses, and industrial parks. Quickly set up Covid-19 safety groups with the same structure and duties as the community Covid-19 nest.

Ensure absolute safety for hospitals, resolutely not let pathogens enter medical facilities without knowing it.

Chi Linh people apply the form of tickets to the market after the social gap. Image: Ministry of Health.

– Invest in human resources and human resources for the surveillance system at all levels to be able to immediately detect suspected cases, not to let the epidemic have a chance of outbreak. The province ensures funding for monitoring, sampling and testing in all cases of fever, cough, sore throat, and respiratory tract inflammatory syndrome, both in the community and in the hospital. This is a very important epidemic monitoring indicator, which must be done to avoid missing cases.

– Periodically take samples to test for some high-risk groups of people and communities such as companies, factories … to assess risks and monitor the epidemic situation in the province.

– Follow up the central plan and direction to have a plan to prepare and well deploy the Covid-19 vaccination in the province in the coming time.

– Continuing regular and continuous propaganda about measures to prevent epidemics so that people can see their responsibilities and protect their families and communities.

– Regularly check from the top to the lower level, down to the residential community to know the essence of what is happening at the facility. During the test, where and who did well should be praised. Where, who do not do well, should review and specific criminal responsibility.

– Continue to review and comprehensively consolidate the concentrated isolation zones in the area to respond in all situations, avoid overloading as well as ensure safety in the future.

On March 2, Hai Duong recorded 11 cases. The total number of infections in this province over the past month was 684.

Thuy Quynh