10 things to know about Adam McKay, the director of “Don’t Look Up”

1. Truffaldien

He was born on April 17, 1968, the same day as the Prince of Orange-Nassau, which doesn’t matter. On the other hand, the film “The bride was in black”, by François Truffaut, came out that day. Adam McKay would later put it on his list of favorites.

2. Denver

He was born in Denver, Colorado, a city in which he has illustrious predecessors: Douglas Fairbanks, Hattie McDaniel (the black maid of “Gone with the Wind”), Debra Paget (the exotic dancer of the “Tiger of the Wind”. Bengal ”), Jan-Michael Vincent (the actor of the“ Gunslinger ”) and Texas Guinan, the most famous brothel runner of the 1930s. Denverites, Adam McKay has one preference: Pam Grier, the sexy bombshell of “Foxy Brown”.

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3. Youth

He was one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), an improvisation group created in 1990. Immediate success and installation in New York, where Adam McKay unearths the best possible place in Hell’s Kitchen (“the devil’s kitchen”): a downstairs striptease room. range, where the UCB will give “Big Dirty Hands” (translate yourself).

4. Will Ferrell

He teamed up with Will Ferrell, a rather funny American comedian, with whom he shot several films and directed tons of sketches on “Saturday Night Live”. Long friends, they fell out over a series on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. It is nevertheless thanks to Ferrell that McKay met Shira Piven, director, with whom he has two children.

5. “Dont’t Look Up”

This creaky, star-studded satire, where two astronomers clash with political carelessness (Meryl Streep) and talk show host cynicism (Cate Blanchett), arose out of his concern over the climate crisis. Concern shared by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, who play scientists. In order not to offend anyone, it was decided that DiCaprio’s name would appear in the poster first and that of Jennifer Lawrence at the top of the credits.

6. News chaos

The Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, urges all his fellow citizens to see “Don’t Look Up”, because of his theme, which is, according to him, “Information chaos”. His opinion is questionable, however, as he said in 2017 that“There has never been a civil war in Croatia”. In politics, watch out for Plenkovic. But for the film, he’s right.

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Adam McKay: “Facebook is as bad as pollution, nuclear weapons, food preservatives, marketing”

7. Finance

In 2015, McKay made “The Big Short,” a tasty saga of the 2007 Great Stock Market Scam, which caused a memorable financial crisis. Brad Pitt was to take the lead role, but he was replaced by Christian Bale. Brad Pitt kept a secondary role, while being a co-producer. Against all odds, the film grossed $ 140 million.

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8. Burn

In 2018, McKay signed “Vice”, a vitriolic portrait of Dick Cheney, former vice-president of the United States, and his dictatorial tendencies. His daughter, Liz Cheney, member of the House of Representatives, Republican (but strongly opposed to Trump), criticized actor, Christian Bale: “He had the opportunity to play a superhero, he messed up. “

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9. Project

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His next film, “Bad Blood,” will tell the story of the success and failure of Theranos, a biotech company run by Elizabeth Holmes – who has just been convicted of fraud. The screenplay is adapted from the book by John Carreyrou, son of Gérard Carreyrou, former news director of TF1. Jennifer Lawrence takes the lead role, and co-produces the film with her company called Excellent Cadaver. An entire program.

Theranos or the fall of a tech icon

10. Awards

The ‘Succession’ series producer is drowning in awards: his films have earned him five Oscar nominations (and one statuette), four Golden Globes, fifteen Primetime Emmy Awards, and, oddly enough, a Golden Rasperry (the equivalent of the “nanar award” of the year) for “Holmes & Watson”. It is true that, in this film, Sherlock Holmes proves the innocence of a suspect thanks to his tremors caused by excessive masturbation. So the guy couldn’t have committed a murder. CQFD.

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