Élégie for Thierry Metz, the poet who celebrated the “work of simplifying oneself”

He had just published “L’Homme qui lean”, and then he fell. Thierry Metz, 40, died on April 16, 1997, in a maid’s room in Bordeaux. He was leaving the Cadillac psychiatric hospital, where he had entered of his own free will in order to stem his alcoholism and cure his melancholy. In this ultimate twilight book he noted:

I am here to wean myself, to become a man of water and tea again. I have to kill someone inside of me, even though I’m not sure how to go about it. “

Finally, he knew. Since the death, in 1988, of the second of his three sons, Vincent, 8, mown before his eyes by a car on the national 113 which bordered their house, near Agen, Thierry Metz had not stopped leaning more. He was, however, a strong man, with a powerful physique, whom earthworks had long trained for a long time. But his soul was light, fragile, aerial. A bird, on a porter’s body. Feet in mortar, head in the stars.

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Revealed with “the Journal of a maneuver”, of which Jean Grosjean was the editor at Gallimard, Thierry Metz was a poet. A poet who celebrated, even among the rubble, the “Work to simplify”, it was necessary to “Supply the masons before supplying the tongue”, stuck to the one “Thirst calendar”, raised to unsuspected heights what Georges Perros called an ordinary life and asked himself: “Who will tell us about the unfinished business where we still are?” ”

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The “attic of sorrows”

“L’Homme qui lean” is no longer just a book, it is now a film (in theaters December 8). A beautiful serious film. An elegy. Marie-Violaine Brincard and Olivier Dury have achieved the impossible: to show the invisible poetry of Thierry Metz and hear his stone silences. Their camera fixes a landscape of Lot-et-Garonne which emerges from the mist with majestic slowness, surveys the construction sites, enters the abandoned house where the family knew happiness before the death of little Vincent and before the “Attic of sorrows”, suggests the old piano from which escapes a prelude by Bach, and settles in the Charcot pavilion of the Cadillac hospital, where the poet’s shadow still seems to watch over solitudes, distresses, alienations, dizziness which squeezes the heart.

To the doctor who asked him “How are you today? “, Thierry Metz replied: “Over there, not far. But not in it. “ This film is in it. Outdoors and indoors.

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The man who leans, in theaters on December 8, documentary by Marie-Violaine Brincard and Olivier Dury.

Published in “L’OBS” on December 2, 2021.

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Singapore launches 90-minute Omicron test kit

Biotechnology company BioAcumen Global on November 6 launched a PCR test kit to help detect the Omicron variant, giving results after 90 minutes.

Kit users will receive one of three results: positive for nCoV and positive for Omicron; positive for nCoV and negative for Omicron; negative for both nCoV and Omicron.

Typically, PCR test results are available within a few hours to a day, including sample collection time, logistics, and upload of test results. Scientists will take another day to sequence the gene, identify the specific variant. The use of a specific kit to detect the Omicron variant will speed up that process.

Another advantage of specific PCR kits is their lyophilized form, which can be stored at room temperature for up to one year. After taking a sample, scientists will dip a cotton swab in a pre-mixed solution, then pass the mixture through a PCR machine. Results are available within 90 minutes of sampling.

Mr. Jimmy Toh, Director of BioAcumen Global, said: “We are looking to cut down on the steps and time required for testing. This is very important, especially in an area where accurate on-site testing is required. Then, you don’t need to wait for the results of gene sequencing to know if the patient has Omicron infection.”

The Omicron test kit in Singapore gives results in 90 minutes. Photo: Straits Times

According to scientists, Omicron has more than 30 mutations in the protein. It also lacks a gene segment compared to previous variants. Singapore’s toolkit can detect this shortfall. The team can now create up to 8,000 lyophilized test kits and 25,000 traditional solution tests in a day.

Omicron first appeared in Botswana on November 11, then was discovered and announced by South Africa on November 24, when the number of infections in the country increased exponentially in just a few weeks. Two days later, the WHO announced that this variant was listed as “worrying”.

Scientists have mixed opinions about Omicron. Some argue that vaccines will be less effective than mutations. Others said that the community should not be too confused, the current vaccine is still effective and does not need to be produced a new generation.

Thuc Linh (Follow Straits Times)



BMW i7, an EQS rival on the way

NEWS – Available in an electric version, the next Series 7 launched in 2022 is continuing its development in Sweden.

In the race for the electric car, BMW has no intention of being left behind. While it has just launched the iX SUV and the i4 sedan, the Bavarian manufacturer will expand its range of zero-emission vehicles from next year with the marketing of the i7, the electric version of the upcoming 7-Series limousine. acting in a business where prestige holds a big place, BMW does not intend to let Mercedes occupy the ground alone in the growing market of the electric limousine. The star firm has indeed just introduced the EQS, an original 5.22 m hatchback that boasts a record range of 780 km (in the best case) thanks to its 107.8 kWh battery and at the finesse of its line (Cx aerodynamic 0.20). To do this well is quite a challenge for BMW. First, the i7, a variation of the 7 Series, shouldn’t be as smooth as the EQS. It retains the classic three-volume architecture of the model. Second, its battery should display a lower capacity. The flagship of BMW’s electric offensive, the iX carries a 105.2 kWh battery of useful capacity.

Uwe Fischer

The Munich firm has already announced consumption of between 19.5 and 22.5 kWh / 100 km for its future flagship, which will be based on the fifth generation of eDrive technology.

The car is currently conducting a campaign of testing and fine-tuning its on-board systems, including regenerative braking, and driving aids in Arjeplog, Sweden. The next Series 7 will also continue to be offered with heat engines.



Mobile Internet: Annoyed by the slow internet in mobile? Use these simple tips to increase speed


  • You can easily increase the speed of internet in mobile.
  • Turn off auto update, auto play option.
  • If the cache in the phone is cleared, the net will run fast.

New Delhi: Today everyone has a smartphone in their hand. Many tasks are easily possible with the help of phone. You can do things at home with one click of the phone. Everything from sending money to ordering meals is possible over the phone. However, to do all this work, you need to have a fast internet connection.

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Often the internet is on, but its speed is very low. This makes it difficult to work online. If you are also bothered by slow internet, you can increase the speed by using some tips. Let us know what these tips are.

Set up APN

Set up APN (Axis Point Network) to increase internet speed in your mobile. You can also set it manually.

Clear the cache

Cache may also be a factor in slowing down the Internet. When the cash flows, the smartphone slows down and this also affects the speed of internet. So clear the cache.

Turn off app auto updates

Many mobile apps are updated automatically. These apps are automatically updated as Auto Updates is turned on. This reduced the internet speed. So turn off auto update.

Turn off the auto play download option

Today, every person with a smartphone uses social media for hours. However, it requires a large amount of internet. Auto play requires more data and also reduces internet speed. You can turn off Auto Play and Download Options by going to Settings.

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Life Style

“The phenomenon is expanding and worries us”: streaming pedocriminality in the sights of the French authorities

The modus operandi is always the same: the suspects order and pay – at ridiculous amounts – for “live streaming” sequences, that is to say live video on the Internet. On the other side of the screen in the Philippines, minors, sometimes infants, are sexually assaulted or raped. On January 13 and for the first time in France, a man was sentenced for acts of complicity in sexual assault on minors under 15 years old live on the internet. This airline pilot was sentenced to five years in prison.

Investigations involving French sponsors are increasing at the Central Office for the Repression of Violence against Persons (OCRVP). “If we had one or two cases four years ago, we have several dozen possible in the portfolio and the phenomenon is expanding and obviously worries us very much”, explains Philippe Guichard, director of the OCRVP.

In the service of minors, thirteen investigators are mobilized. They are well acquainted with the business of “live streaming”. The agents go back to potential suspects thanks in particular to the report of the American police agencies, more advanced, but not only. “We are trying to establish financial flows between ‘these clients’ and the Philippines, indicates Philippe Guichard, through, for example, Tracfin, a French agency that works on financial flows. We also have frequent exchanges with, for example, Western Union, a company that allows Westerners [de payer à l’étranger et donc] to buy these footage. We can sometimes go back over several dozen more or less abject exchanges “.

The Paris prosecutor’s office is currently investigating eleven cases. For more efficiency, since last October, it is the only one to be competent in France on the business of “live streaming”. “It is always easier to establish bilateral contacts than to ask a foreign country to establish these contacts with 70 prosecutors in France, asserts Aude Groualle, head of the minors’ section at the Paris prosecutor’s office. “The idea is also, faced with this new phenomenon, complex in terms of collecting evidence, she continues, to allow a public prosecutor’s office to gain expertise on the subject, to forge links with all the interlocutors. “

It is really the ambition of the Paris prosecutor’s office to organize these investigations jointly with foreign countries.

Aude Groualle, head of the minors’ section at the Paris prosecutor’s office

to franceinfo

The Paris prosecutor’s office is increasing partnerships with certain Asian countries to identify and perhaps one day allow compensation for victims, the number of which is unknown.

“The expanding” and “worrying” phenomenon of child crime live on the internet – The report by Flavien Groyer

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In winter, the feet remain cold like ice even in the shoes, there may be symptoms of these diseases.

Health Tips: Everyone’s feet remain cold in winter, but if your feet remain cold like ice even after wearing shoe stockings, then it can be a sign of many diseases. Some people have this problem that no matter how many warm clothes they wear, wear socks and shoes, but the feet are not hot. In such a situation, you should not take this problem lightly. You should consult a doctor once in this matter. Cold feet can be a symptom of these 5 diseases. 

1- Diabetes- This complaint occurs when blood sugar increases in diabetic patients. If your feet are excessively cold, they can also be a warning sign of diabetes. 

2- Cholesterol high- People who have problems with cholesterol increase the problem of circulation in their body. In such a situation, our hands and feet are always cold. If your feet are also cold then it can also be a problem of cholesterol or inflammation. 

3- Hypothyroidism- Even if there is a problem related to thyroid, enough hormones are not produced in the body. Due to which many of your organs are affected. If the feet are always cold, it could be hypothyroidism.

4- Stress- If the feet remain cold then it indicates your stress. People who have more stress. The blood flow of the body is affected due to stress, due to which the fingers and thumbs become cold.  

5- Raynaud’s disease- This is a disease in which the body overreacts to cold. Whenever the temperature is low, hands and feet will become cold and numb like ice. Sometimes the color of the hands and feet turns yellow or blue. You need to take this problem seriously.

Disclaimer: The method, methods and claims mentioned in this article are not confirmed by ABP News. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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Online Sports Betting Review – The Top Five Sports Betting Companies by Notoriety, Popularity, and Revenue in 2020

Online Sports Betting Review

While the APAC region is the largest market, the United States and Australia are the fastest growing. The global sports betting market is expected to increase by 40% over the next few years. Here is a list of the top five sports betting companies by notoriety, popularity, and revenue in 2020. A company that is successful in these markets will probably be listed at the top of this list. There are many ways to get on this list, so read on for some tips to get started!


Some sports betting companies use partnerships to expand their reach. These deals may involve paying media companies for advertising space, but these deals can be more lucrative. For example, Blue Wire recently signed a three-year deal with WynnBET worth $3.5 million, which includes $1 million in advertising revenue. It also built a recording studio at the Wynn Las Vegas. Other sports betting companies have taken a broader approach to media partnerships. DraftKings, for example, has signed deals with Vox Media, WarnerMedia, and individual content creators to create branded content.

Some of the biggest sports betting companies are listed below. These companies are owned by various media and entertainment businesses. Some of the biggest names in sports betting are Caesars Entertainment, Tipico, and Betfair. They are well-known for producing slot machines and other gambling technology. Their headquarters are in London, while major offices are in Providence, Las Vegas, and Rome. International Game Technology’s annual revenue was $469 billion, making it one of the biggest in the industry last year.

Online Sports Betting Review – The Top Five Sports Betting Companies by Notoriety, Popularity, and Revenue in 2020

Many sports betting companies use credit cards or debit cards as the most common method of deposit. However, if you don’t want to use a credit card, try banking with a financial institution like PayPal. This is the most secure and convenient way to deposit money. Bank transfers are also an excellent choice. They are quick and easy and can reach an online sportsbook account in a matter of hours. Aside from being convenient and safe, these methods are a good option for depositing money.

The Kindred Group is another large sports betting company. It has eleven brands including Unibet, Maria Casino, 32Red, iGame, and PokerStars. These companies offer online poker, bingo, and sports betting. Their revenues are rising fast. With each new state entry, they are looking to increase their market share in the US. The following companies have a great deal to offer. One of these is William Hill. They have 30% of the US market.

The Stars Group, based in Canada, is the seventh largest sports betting company in the world, with USD 2.28 billion in revenue last year. Founded in 2006, the company employs more than 14,000 people worldwide and operates 1568 Licensed Betting Offices in the UK. Along with online sportsbook operations, the company also offers online casino games, bingo, and poker. Unlike other companies, William Hill also offers online sportsbook services to those in other countries.


ARM: Softbank faces huge shortfall

Posted on Dec 5, 2019 2021 at 11:48

Difficult week for Masayoshi Son’s company, one of the world’s leading tech investment vehicles. SoftBank Group could see a jackpot of around $ 80 billion slipping away if its sale of British microprocessor champion Arm to Nvidia fails, a scenario increasingly likely after the hostility expressed by the US regulator on Thursday.

Bad news in addition to the forced withdrawal from the New York Stock Exchange of the Chinese driver-car reservation application Didi, in which it holds 21.5% through its Vision Fund, and the failed IPO on Thursday (-20%) of the Singaporean “super-app” Grab, in which Softbank also holds 19% via the Vision Fund.

Doubling of the price since September 2020

The ARM mega-transaction announced in September 2020 was initially costed at $ 40 billion, and SoftBank Group was partly to be remunerated in Nvidia shares.

However, the value of the title of the American champion of graphics cards has since soared, thus almost doubling the price that SoftBank Group could theoretically perceive from the transaction, recalled Friday Mio Kato, analyst of LightStream Research in a note published on the Smartkarma platform. .

Asked by AFP on Friday, SoftBank Group declined to comment on the Arm-Nvidia subject.

Initially, the Japanese investment giant in new technologies hoped to finalize the sale of Arm to Nvidia by the end of March 2022, an untenable schedule now given the great mistrust that this project inspires in regulatory authorities around the world. Before the fears expressed by the American competition authority (FTC), the European Commission and the British competition gendarme recently opened in-depth investigations into the transaction.

Initial Public Offering?

What backup solutions for SoftBank Group? “There are very few other potential strategic buyers (for Arm, Editor’s note) who would not fall into the same anti-competitive problems with which Nvidia is confronted”, underlined Mio Kato.

Therefore, an Arm IPO is the most credible alternative. But this may take time and value the British company at a level much lower than the terms of the agreement with Nvidia, the analyst further warned.

Share buyback

SoftBank Group relied heavily on the sale of Arm in 2022 to bail out, after having just recorded a net loss equivalent to three billion euros over the past quarter, victim of the collapse in the value of several its assets in China and South Korea in particular.

Faced with the collapse of its title on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since March (it has lost almost 50%), SoftBank Group announced in early November a new massive share buyback plan for 1,000 billion yen (7.8 billion euros at the current rate).

But the doping effect of this announcement on his title was only short-lived. And it will now have to find the means to finance this share buyback to be spread over at least one year.

NM (With AFP)

Top Stories

Stock ‘drunk’

Once planning to quit his job at a bank to invest in securities when he saw a profit of nearly 200 million after two months, Hoang Tung is feeling lucky because he did not make such a decision.

28 years old, a credit officer at a commercial bank in Hanoi, Hoang Tung has a monthly “KPI” of 2.5 billion VND disbursed, plus a number of additional criteria on card opening and insurance to ensure guaranteed an income of nearly 20 million dong. This figure, if you go back two years ago, is not difficult, but today is “very stressful”. For many months, Tung only completed less than two-thirds of the assigned quota. The job is not secure, his income is therefore no longer stable.

Like many others, Tung looks to securities. Tung expects this to be both an investment channel to increase income and help save more than 300 million VND.

Joining the market from the end of March, like many other F0 investors, Tung “sold money” under the advice of brokers and “leaders” in some securities groups.

Investors trade on the floor of a securities company in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Quynh Tran

He put money into NKG and HPG when he first joined because he heard the news that steel prices had skyrocketed, but he did not go through the “wave” because “his hands were shaking because he saw such a high profit for the first time”. However, the profit level, according to Tung, is still a “miracle”.

Tung then did not miss any market play. He listened on forums, groups, continuously changed to “hot” stocks, from lower bank stocks in the mid-year increase, then most recently “hit” real estate stocks, penny. Who shouts the code, Tung enters that code. In some months, the portfolio increased by hundreds of millions of dong. The number of profits in a few months, if converted into savings interest rates, will be equivalent to depositing money for nearly ten years.

“At that time, I thought it was easy to earn money, and securities were actually not difficult,” Tung shared. “There was a time when I considered quitting my banking job to play for sure, making a few tens of millions a month felt so light.”

The sublimation of many industry groups, especially the rise of mid-cap and penny stocks, has been a movement trend of the market in recent months.

Speculative cash flow focused on stocks below par value, helping many stocks increase by times. The attractiveness of the rate of return attracts the attention of the market, especially F0 investors, because many people enter the stock market for the first time because they are attracted by profits.

This movement is also reflected in the difference between VN-Index and VN30-Index. From the beginning of the year, VN30-Index increased by nearly 44%, while VN-Index increased by more than 34%. However, if only in the last three months, the index representing the group of 30 blue-chips was weaker when it increased less than half the range of the VN-Index.

Since the end of August until now, VN-Index has increased by more than 12% while VN30-Index has only increased by less than 6%.  Photo: Trading View

Since the end of August until now, VN-Index has increased by more than 12% while VN30-Index has only increased by less than 6%. Photo: Trading View

However, the characteristic of speculative stocks is a large fluctuation range, rising quickly but falling equally quickly.

One point that many first-time market participants, like Tung, pay little attention to is that the daily gains in stock returns are “on paper”. This number is only realized after taking profits, but this seemingly simple decision is an equally difficult decision than cutting loss – something investors are often advised to ensure safety when entering. market.

Many investors lose all their profits just because after taking profits, the stock will still increase, because unfortunately, they should buy it back and then have to sell at a loss because the code reverses. Tung is no exception.

A recent month, the market fluctuated sharply, the fierceness made Tung rethink his intention to quit his previous job, when the investment was no longer a series of rosy days.

Pouring money mainly into the penny group, there were sessions 5/6 stocks in Tung’s portfolio increased to the limit. But in volatile sessions, it is normal for these codes to fall into a state of “blanket on the buyer’s side”. The expected profit level increased and decreased on the day, making Tung impatient.

Two weeks ago, the two real estate codes that accounted for the highest proportion in Tung’s portfolio fell to the floor price for two consecutive sessions. Fearing that the fun was over, Tung decided to “close the door”. But right after that, these codes reversed to the ceiling. By the second rally, Tung could not stand still. Raced again for fear of missing the upbeat, but the previous scenario repeated, Tung had just finished buying and the stock fell again. Such investments make Tung’s portfolio value go backwards. Up to now, although compared to the beginning of the year, Tung is still profitable, but this figure has decreased by more than half compared to the peak.

“This profit figure still makes me feel good, but it’s not enough to consider the stock market as the main source of income,” Tung said and said he had given up on quitting his job, because working as a bank “despite being tired, but still satisfied.” secure a steady source of income”.

However, not every F0 investor is as lucky as Tung.

Duy Anh, 27 years old, put 50 million into the market for the purpose of “participating and telling” from the middle of this year. In just over a month of “all-in” to penny code, the portfolio increased to more than 100 million, corresponding to a profit of more than 100% of the original capital. The level of profit makes an office worker like him “crazy happy”.

Although friends advise “putting all eggs in one basket” is very risky, Duy Anh thinks that his luck is coming, cannot ignore the opportunity. All of more than 300 million savings plus 100 million borrowed from parents and pushed into the account, plus the old profit, Duy Anh has more than 500 million. This time, Duy Anh still chose the old way, which is to play only one code.

The first two weeks, his account increased by almost 30%. Looking back at the previous return of more than 100%, Duy Anh thought about buying a new car if the current investment could be equivalent. But the market went against his expectations. The red color on the electric board for many consecutive sessions caused the previous gain of nearly 30% to decrease to 5%. Unfortunately, Duy Anh continues to hold with the expectation that the stock will soon increase again. But the blue still doesn’t appear. In volatile market sessions, this code sometimes dropped near the floor. In a short time, from a positive profit, his account lost more than 15%. Afraid of going deep into the original capital, Duy Anh cut his losses. In total, not only did he lose more than 50 million dong of his previous profit, he also lost another 25 million to the principal, his dream of buying a car was also temporarily shelved.

The investment story of Hoang Tung or Duy Anh, who made a profit but failed to protect the results is also the “scenario” that many first-time investors in the market encounter.

The “drunk” when watching the market increase makes investors no longer keep their composure, the “Fomo” mentality (fear of missing opportunities) makes investment decisions no longer keep the discipline.

“The important thing in investing is discipline. When entering the market, you have to determine for yourself an expected return, a stop loss within your tolerance. And when the stock hits those levels, You have to do it. Being disciplined may not maximize profits, but it is a way for you to survive in the market despite the volatility, “said an analyst at a securities company.

After seeing the results dwindle because of “hot goods”, Tung decided to restructure his portfolio, spending only a small part of these stocks, the rest, with a higher proportion, would invest in basic stocks. copy.

Duy Anh also gave up the philosophy of “everything is eaten, nothing is lost”. He spread the money out on more codes, focusing on the top businesses or having fundamental factors, and at the same time, the expected profit was also reduced to 20%, instead of the goal of “eating at the same time” as before. “Profits increase too fast, money is too easy to make me feel like I’m drunk in a wave. At this point, I wake up, the goal is not how much profit but not loss, discipline and maintain a new sanity is important,” Duy Anh shared.

Minh Son



PAN Card Update: Lost PAN Card? You can download e-PAN in minutes at home, see details


  • Can easily download PAN card.
  • You can use the Income Tax Department website.
  • PAN card will be password protected.

New Delhi: Whether it is tax related work or bank related, PAN card is an important government document. The PAN card number contains data related to a person’s taxes and investments. However, losing a PAN card can be a big problem. In that case you can download e-PAN Card.

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You can also call e-PAN card digital or online PAN card. This is a virtual version of PAN card. E-PAN card is better than physical copy. No worries about losing an e-PAN card. Also, it can be used for verification if required. Specially, you can download e-PAN card in minutes.

Download e-PAN card like this

  • First go to the download e-PAN option given on the Income Tax Department website.
  • You can use the link for this.
  • Here you have to enter the PAN card number.
  • Enter the Aadhaar number next.
  • Now enter the date of birth. After that the terms and conditions have to be accepted.
  • An OTP will now appear on your registered mobile number. You will need to perform OTP verification.
  • After that you will have to pay Rs 8.26 through UPI, debit card or credit card.
  • After payment you can download e-PAN card.

In the meantime, keep in mind that the PDF file of the PAN card will be password protected. This password will be your date of birth.

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