Television: children have never so deserted the living room screen

Posted Jan 26, 2022, 4:24 PMUpdated on Jan 26, 2022 at 7:42 PM

A Wednesday in front of the television watching the “Club Dorothée”? A scene from another age because today, children hardly watch television anymore. Finally, more precisely, the traditional screen of the living room.

The figures are clear: the viewing time of 4-14 year olds lost 20% in 2021 compared to 2020 and 2019. It is on average 1 hour 10 minutes per day (live and replay), according to data from Médiamétrie . And this even though the time spent in front of television programs for the general public increased a little in 2021, compared to 2019. never been so important”, observes Hélène Bouchon, director of studies for Mediabrands in France.

Another telling figure: while in 2012, 74% of children watched television every day, they are now only 56%. A much stronger drop than for the rest of the population, according to Publicis Media.

However, this does not mean that our dear darlings no longer watch video content. Quite the contrary. The Médiamétrie figures for viewing time for children do not include the different screens (smartphones, tablets, computers) at home.

However, the youngest often have a “personal” consumption of television and via subscription video on demand (SVoD). This is confirmed by various studies, such as “Tendances Kids” by M6 (on a declarative basis, in September): children spend 4.5 hours on average per day watching audiovisual programs, up 15 minutes from 2020 and about thirty minutes compared to 2019.

Consumption on platforms on the rise

Above all, more than half is done outside of “live”: on replay or free video on demand (Okoo, MyTF1, etc.) for 1 hour 12 minutes, SVoD (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) for 37 minutes, streaming (YouTube…) for 29 minutes and video on demand (17 minutes).

76% of parents indicate that their children have seen programs via video on demand platforms during the year, a figure up 35 points compared to 2019! SVoD is now ahead of streaming (70%) and replay or AVoD (65%), and remains relatively close to live (88%, -4 points). “In the United States, SVoD is neck and neck with live,” observes Annabelle Guilly, director of studies at M6 Publicité.

This shift towards Netflix, Disney+ and the like is pushing TV channels to put more emphasis on free and paid streaming (as evidenced by the launch of Okoo at the end of 2019, the emphasis on Gulli Max, etc.) and to bet on family programs, allowing “joint” listening such as “Koh Lanta”, “Le Meilleur Pâtissier”, “Lego Masters”, etc. Gulli has made a strategic shift towards “premiums” intended for adults since the beginning of January.

Decline in advertising

The children’s flight from “Daddy’s TV” also had an impact on advertising. Advertising investments (gross) fell by 6% in 2021 compared to 2019 and by almost 25% compared to 2018 on the youth screens of TF1, M6 and Gulli.

“And this even though advertising in general has increased, specifies Philippe Nouchi, expert at Publicis Media. Youth screens are less of a must for advertisers. Most major toy brands have lowered their investments. There are undoubtedly transfers to digital. “” We do not see a clear lack of interest given that the number of advertisers on youth screens is not weakening, nuance Hélène Bouchon. On the other hand, it is clear that advertisers who have the means are shifting their budgets to major audience crossroads such as ‘primes’: this is what we see for Mc Donald’s or Nintendo in order to be sure of reaching mass the families. »

In addition, youth advertising is increasingly supervised. It was banned from public service by law at the end of 2016. And, last year, the major players in the food sector made a commitment to no longer advertise in children’s programs. “Even if food had already fallen a lot: it only represented 0.2%-0.1% of investments in youth screens in 2018-2019”, notes Philippe Nouchi. “Above all, there are risks that there will be other limitations, in particular on toys that are not very compatible with sustainable development in the future”, observes a specialist.

But professionals want to remain confident. “The main growth lever would be AVoD, which will explode in the future,” hopes a manager.

A bill to limit children’s exposure to screens

“The evil of the century. This is how the deputy Caroline Janvier (La République en Marche) qualifies the overexposure of children to screens. The elected Loiret is preparing a bill to better inform of the dangers of an overflow of screens. This involves, for example, better information for early childhood professionals, the potential inclusion of certain recommendations on computer or telephone screens, etc.

The bill, which is the subject of co-construction by citizens via the Purpoz platform – which received 1,700 contributions at the start of the week – must be finalized and tabled in February. A first draft of the text had been presented to other deputies in June 2020. Then, at the end of last year, the deputy had initiated a forum in “Le Monde”, signed by a hundred deputies and personalities including the philosopher Gaspard Koenig or former minister Benoît Hamon. A text emphasizing in particular the dangers of “digital alienation” for children: language disorders, obesity, etc. “The significant use of screens varies in particular according to the level of education of the parents, the socio-economic situation and the age of the mother. Raising awareness of the issue of the overexposure of our young people also falls under the principle of equal opportunities,” they said.


My failed visio with Joaquin Phoenix, whimsical artist

He’s a moody chameleon. In “Nos âmes d’enfants” (surprisingly a translation of the original title, “C’mon C’mon” – note that in Canada, they translated it as “the very moment”, after having smoked the oriental carpet), Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of a journalist like you and me (more like you) who walks around with his microphone to capture the voices of children and their reflections on the future. Flanked by Jesse (Woody Norman), his 9-year-old nephew, he wanders, in black and white, in Detroit, New York, New Orleans, and shares his existential blues with us.

The movie is nice, but it’s Phoenix that brings it to life. He is both touching and lost, tossed about and attentive, and between this 47-year-old man and this child from another generation, there is a ghostly and charming electricity. Phoenix, who has been Christ and the Joker, Emperor Commodus and Johnny Cash, the irrational man and one of the Sisters brothers, slips into the skin of Johnny from “Our Children’s Souls” with a flexibility of contortionist. This actor, we want to interview him. So we interview him, long distance, by Zoom. The exercise is perilous, subject to the whims of electronics, but also to those of the star.

The sequel after the ad

weird pictures

From the outset, Joaquin Phoenix demands the presence of his co-star, Gaby Hoffmann, who plays Jesse’s mom – and who has a very secondary role. Daughter of Viva, one of Andy Warhol’s muses, and a soap actor, Gaby Hoffmann spent her childhood in the chaos of the famous Chelsea Hotel, and then studied cooking in Italy. Before choosing the profession of actress, in fits and starts. His presence in the Zoom interview confuses the issue. Precisely what Joaquin Phoenix, himself from a wandering family, likes.

The sentences arrive, superimposed by the dialogue of the two actors. Phoenix, amused, responds with bizarre images. Hoffmann, gently, tries to summon memories of filming – “Veronica Mars” or “Wild” – while the pixels on the screen panic. Phoenix tries to speak in French, Hoffmann tries to place a few sentences on his youth “unconventional”, but the image disappears, the voices become close to that of Donald Duck in quack-quack mode, and the two interviewees are in heaven. Not the interviewer, who tries to save the day by pretending to join in the general hilarity. Result: it smells burnt.

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Joaquin Phoenix, as we know, is a whimsical artist: he can be charming, as he can be scratchy. Compliments don’t move him, awards keep piling up (he has pages of them on Wikipedia, from the Golden Rooster Award to Mexican Blogos de Oro – who knows what that is) and his specialty, with journalists, is to be elsewhere. Where ? On the ceiling, or out there, outside.

The sequel after the ad

In “Our Children’s Souls”, he is so floating that one wonders how he could be Napoleon in Ridley Scott’s next film. We ask him, but the answer crackles. Technique is our enemy that day. Life is bad: Zoom betrays us, the Covid annoys us and yesterday I bet on a horse so slow that it won the next race.

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Snow removal truck created a tornado that damaged 40 cars

AmericaA snow removal vehicle runs close to the median and creates a large wave that covers a series of oncoming cars, January 23, in Sandusky, Ohio.

Video captured from the camera on a truck traveling in the rightmost lane on a stretch of highway in Ohio shows an oncoming snow removal vehicle traveling at the same speed as other vehicles while clearing the road. The tornado was created so strong that it covered all the opposite lanes, covered a series of cars and one of them lost control and plunged to the edge of the road.

In total, more than 40 cars were damaged in various degrees, from broken windshield to broken front end due to being hit by rocks or losing control and crashing into barie. At least 12 people were taken to hospital but were not life-threatening, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Snow removal truck created a tornado that damaged 40 cars

The snowplow driver was tested for alcohol concentration and tested for drugs soon after, but the results were not released. The incident is under investigation.

America – England (follow Motor1)



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Life Style

Covid-19: National Education ensures that it has not sent outdated self-tests to teachers

According to the ministry, these self-tests were purchased and delivered to academies in the spring of 2021.

Article written by


Reading time : 1 min.

National Education ensures, in a press release sent Wednesday, January 26, not to have sent outdated Covid-19 self-tests to teachers while many establishments “report in recent weeks on the receipt of self-tests arriving at the end of their validity period or expired”. The self-tests in question “have therefore very likely been delivered to the academies during the 2021 operations”, explains the Ministry of National Education.

“The self-tests were acquired, then distributed to establishments in April and May 2021. Supplies, in smaller volumes, continued after the start of the school year in September 2021. The expiry dates for these self-tests were between January 2022 and April 2023”, details the Ministry of National Education in its press release. Since the return from the Christmas holidays, there is no longer any delivery of self-tests to academies or establishments.

Free self-tests are available in pharmacies for staff working in contact with students in schools and educational establishments (staff under the National Education and local authorities). “Upon presentation of a professional certificate as well as an identity document, each beneficiary will be issued a batch of self-tests up to ten self-tests per months”, a measure that came into force on Tuesday, recalls the National Education. Since January 3, 2022, for students, families have also had access to free self-tests if their child has been identified as a contact case.


Is Omicron spreading through letters and parcels? This country made a big claim

Coronavirus Cases in the World: Omicron, the new variant of Corona in the country and in the world, has raised everyone’s concerns. After the vaccinated people got infected, a new challenge has been raised in front of the team of doctors. Omicron cases are increasing very fast all over the world. Meanwhile, China has claimed that Omicron can spread very fast through letters and parcels.

Actually, China has claimed to have received the first case of Omicron in its city Beijing. China says that Omicron has entered its country through letters and parcels coming from abroad. But let us tell you that experts have been claiming the origin of Corona to be from the Chinese city of Wuhan, but China has always denied it.

Weight Gain Tips: Not only diet to increase weight, take care of these things

However, experts are looking at this claim of China with suspicion. China says that a woman from China has been found infected with Omicron, which is the first case to emerge in China and that woman has no travel history. But a parcel from Canada was first opened by the woman, after which the woman got infected with Omicron. This parcel reached China via Hong Kong from Canada.

Weight Gain Food: If you are troubled by thinness, then eat these 5 things to gain weight

According to Professor David Heyman, teacher of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, it is not clear how the virus can survive in letters because the virus is spread through moist droplets or droplets and stops being infectious after drying. Goes.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

Check out below Health Tools-
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Calculate The Age Through Age Calculator



Gulli is active in its moult with a view to its sale

Posted Jan 26, 2022, 5:44 PMUpdated on Jan 26, 2022 at 6:22 p.m.

Last straight line in the sale of Gulli. The M6-owned children’s television channel could be sold for the second time in three years – after it was sold to M6 by Lagardère in 2019. If it is up for sale again, it is because TF1 and M6, which are planning to merge , need to cede television channels – and they chose Gulli – in order not to exceed the maximum threshold of seven TNT channels authorized for the same group.

Firm offers from potential buyers are expected in early February. Objective: to sign in March – but with the condition precedent that the TF1-M6 merger takes place. Among the names circulating are the production company Mediawan, Unique Heritage Media (owner of the “Journal de Mickey”), which would be supported by Tikehau, or the Italian Mediaset and Reworld Media (which had bought the Mondadori magazines). Other players would have looked at the file, in particular Vivendi but also the production company Xilam and the German youth channel Super RTL, but it would be unlikely that they would make an offer.


The Danes, best enemies of French handball players

From the final whistle Monday, January 24, after the easy victory of the Blues against Montenegro, the eyes of the players and the cameras of broadcaster BeIN Sports were already trained on the match of this Wednesday 26 against Denmark. “It’s going to be a real mountain to climb, but we do handball to play these matches”declared the French handball player Nikola Karabatic, lucid about the state of the forces present.

Still undefeated at this stage of the competition, the Scandinavians did not show any flaw in their spectacular game, giving the impression of walking on the floors. “They are favorites because they haven’t lost a Euro match. It is for me the team that plays the best in this competition. continues the patriarch of the France team, well placed to know the state of form of the Danes via his club colleague in Paris SG Mikkel Hansen, one of the greatest players of the moment.

The Danes remain on two world titles

Coach Guillaume Gille, who will return to the bench after a few days of confinement due to a positive Covid test, has always been able to boast of Danish qualities. “This team has a relentless side, it’s a kind of machine, which, when it starts, is very difficult to stop”, he repeats each time he is asked about the Danes who have often deprived the French of gold in recent years. Except in the historic Tokyo final where the Blues won (25-23) when they were not favorites in terms of recent awards.

→ PORTRAIT. Handball Euro: Guillaume Gille guides the Blues to the heights

Olympic champions in 2016 by beating France in the final, the Danes dominate their subject and remain on two world titles, in 2021 (France 4th) and 2019 (France 3rd). After being deprived of titles in the 2000s by the French in their national sport, which they invented (read below)the Red and Whites have taken advantage of the relative decline of the Blues in recent years to regain their offensive supremacy. “They shoot all the time and from all corners of the field”, adds Guillaume Gille, boss of a French team rather known for its defensive qualities.

On the history of 61 meetings between the two countries, the French, carried by the generations of “Barjots” and “Experts”, lead slightly to the mark by 30 wins to 27 and four draws. Sharing the points would also be enough for the Blues to qualify for the semi-finals. Unless the Icelanders are beaten by Montenegro earlier on Wednesday afternoon, sending the Blues into the last four before kick-off.

Few cases of Covid

The Blues do not count on this improbable hypothesis and consider this match as a real quarter-final, a remake of the many finals between the two best teams in the world over the past twenty years. “After the final of the Olympic Games, they don’t want to give a gift and that’s normal”, continues Nikola Karabatic, aware that the Danes, very little affected by the Covid, leave with their full workforce. Unlike the French who find their coach but not their striker Kentin Mahé, best director of the Blues (behind Nikola Karabatic) with 453 goals in 140 selections.

→ PORTRAIT. Handball Euro: Valentin Porte, hardworking captain at the service of the collective

Fortunately, two major absentees during the first part of the tournament, Ludovic Fabregas and Karl Konan, will be there, in principle. On the front line against Montenegro, Karl Konan came back after a portion of Euro spent in his hotel room: “Against Denmark, it will be a final before the hour, we are aware of it. You will have to be ready from the start, until the end. The slightest mistakes will be fatal, but we are made for that. We only want to play our luck to the end. »

Against another opponent, the Danes might have let slip this last match of the table before the last four, by lining up a B team to preserve the holders for their semi-final. But this is not the kind of house, according to defender Henrik Mollgaard, former Paris SG. “If we can put France on the plane it will be an advantage for us, so we are not going to play loose”, he warned in the columns of The Team Tuesday, January 25.


A local discipline

If two countries dispute the paternity of handball, Germany and Denmark, the historians of the sport lean rather for the second. In the Middle Ages, we find traces of comparable hand games almost everywhere, in particular among the Inuit of Greenland (possession of the Danish Crown). The rules of the modern game were codified in 1898 by a Dane, Holger Nielsen. In 1919, the German Carl Schelenz created an eleven-player outdoor version, which first took precedence over the Danish version, before disappearing.



César 2022: “Lost Illusions” by Xavier Giannoli at the top of the nominations

A lively adaptation of Balzac’s great novel, an acid fresco on the press and its excesses, the film “Lost Illusions” is a favorite for the César 2022, which will have to restore the image of this institution and make people forget the pandemic.

The nominations for the most prestigious prizes in French cinema were announced this Wednesday, January 26, this film by Xavier Giannoli leading the race with 15 nominations including “best film” and “best direction”.

The sequel after the ad

Xavier Giannoli: “”Lost Illusions” is a lawless gangster film”

Its main actor, Benjamin Voisin, discovered in “Summer 85”, is named in the category “best male hope”, where he was already competing last year.

By the ceremony on February 25, the race remains open to succeed Albert Dupontel’s “Adieu les idiots”, who triumphed last year with seven statuettes.

A rock opera and then a biopic

Behind the adaptation of Balzac’s great novel on the emergence of the press, both classic and very contemporary in the themes it addresses, the members of the Academy have placed the rock opera “Annette” by Leos Carax (11 nominations), presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sparks: “The movie ‘Annette’ was not born in reaction to the #MeToo movement”

The film is worth a nomination as best actor to the American star Adam Driver, who rubs shoulders in his category with Benoît Magimel, Vincent Macaigne or Pierre Niney, but not to its main actress, Marion Cotillard.

The sequel after the ad

To complete this top three, “Aline”, Valérie Lemercier’s biopic dedicated to Céline Dion, in which this big fan of the Quebec star gives the best of herself, won ten nominations, including logically “best actress”, alongside Léa Seydoux or Laure Calamy, again named after winning the title last year.

Cannes 2021: “I would have liked to be a popular singer”, interview with Valérie Lemercier

In the queen category of “best film”, in addition to the three feature films placed in the lead, the members of the Academy also voted for “BAC Nord” by Cédric Jimenez, on police excesses in the northern districts of Marseille, “the ‘Evènement’, by Audrey Diwan, adaptation of a novel by Annie Ernaux on abortion which won the Golden Lion in Venice, ‘La Fracture’ by Catherine Corsini on the France of the ‘yellow vests’ as well as “Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Jungle” by Arthur Harari.

Three directors named

Renewed to respond to accusations of opacity, inter-self and machismo, will the Académie des César seize the opportunity to show that it has changed?

Only one filmmaker has so far received the César for best director: Tonie Marshall in 2000 for “Vénus Beauté (institut)”. Three are nominated this year (Valérie Lemercier, Audrey Diwan and Julia Ducournau, who won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for “Titanium”) for four men (Leos Carax, Cédric Jimenez, Xavier Giannoli and Arthur Harari).

The sequel after the ad

Meeting with Audrey Diwan, the one who makes “The Event”

For all these films, Caesars could act as a consolation prize after a year in which French cinema was able to shine at festivals but suffered in theaters, due to the pandemic and the closure of cinemas until May.

Beyond films, the 47and official ceremony should make people forget the shipwrecks of previous editions.

A flop in 2021

In 2020, at the height of an internal crisis, Roman Polanski, accused of rape, was crowned best director for “J’accuse”, causing the departure of actress Adèle Haenel from the ceremony. The image has become one of the symbols of the fight against sexual violence and for equality in the cinema world.

” It’s over. We wake up. We break ”: the rage of Virginie Despentes after the Cesar ceremony

Despite a profound renewal, last year’s ceremony, marked by an intermittent pro happening of the show of actress Corinne Masiero naked on stage, flopped the audience (1.6 million spectators). And aroused a torrent of criticism deploring the navel-gazing of the world of cinema in the midst of a pandemic.

The sequel after the ad

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This year, the organizers have bet on sure values, with Antoine de Caunes, a regular at the exercise, as master of ceremonies and screenwriter and director Danièle Thompson as president.

In support of Corinne Masiero, I write this naked article

But they will have a lot to do as the lack of love for major ceremonies seems to be growing, like the Golden Globes, ousted from American TV. A fate which the Césars escape: Canal+, which from this year gives up its place at the Cannes Film Festival to Brut and France Télévisions, has renewed its partnership with the Academy until 2025.

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Why are banh chung easily moldy?

During Tet, my family often packs a lot of banh chung to eat gradually, but within a few days, the cake is moldy and has a sour smell even in the refrigerator. Why are cakes easily moldy, how to properly store them? (Male, 35 years old, Hanoi)


Moldy banh chung is caused by leaves, usually moldy from the outside in due to mold present in the air. Therefore, the leaves used to wrap the cake must be washed thoroughly, then set up to dry, avoiding windy places. When wrapping the cake, you must be sure, the cake must be fresh and clean. When boiling is complete, you must wash the cake as soon as it is still hot because at this time the cake is expanding, water will not enter. If you let it cool before washing, the water will seep in and damage the cake.

Do not soak the cake in water, although soaking the cake will have a beautiful color, causing the cake to stagnate, causing mold and stale bread.

When boiled, before taking the cake, you need to remove all the foam, use a brush to clean the outside, then arrange the cakes in rows and squeeze to drain. Do not soak the rice for too long, but wash it and drain the water so that the cake is not sour. Before wrapping the cake, sprinkle all the water, mix with salt and stir well. Cakes, honey, lotus jam, pumpkin jam but wrapped with meat will keep longer than salty cakes. But when boiling sweet cakes, they must be boiled separately and the boiling time is longer than salty cakes.

Banh chung bought not immediately put in a plastic bag but hung up. If it is hot, you should put it in the refrigerator compartment. At room temperature, banh chung is used for 5 days, in the refrigerator, the shelf life is 15-20 days, but the cake is easy to solidify due to the rice.

When taking out the cake from the refrigerator, it needs to be boiled, steamed or fried before eating. However, limit frying because it increases the amount of fat (oil/fat) in the daily diet, which is not good for health.

Many people have a habit of cutting off the moldy, spoiled cake and throwing it away and eating the rest. However, all moldy foods produce aflatoxin toxins, which are harmful to health, so throw them all away.

MSc. Dr. Nguyen Van Tien
Nutrition Education and Communication Center, Institute of Nutrition